Time Mastery Series

90 Minutes | $25/seat

Presented Live by Andy Springer

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Time Mastery 1.0:

Winning the battle between your ears is strongly connected to your ability to value and manage your time. You’ve heard it said, “Attitude is everything.” This is true about you, your priorities, and your calendar.

Discover the secret to mastering your time beginning with you mind.

How to embrace prosperity

Unclutter your mind

Accomplish what is important

Activate your time and energy for priorities everyday

Time Mastery 2.0:

Bridging the gap between the battle for the mind and time mastery begins here.

Discover how to arrange your calendar to accomplish your objectives and success goals.

Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be

“Map out” proper steps and actions

Take the steps that keep you on the path to your prosperity

Time Mastery 3.0:

Learn to do the right things at the right time.

Your ability to establish proper boundaries and habits will make it possible for you to control your important and urgent things.

Strategies for executing daily and weekly routines

Align your activities with your goals

Time Mastery 4.0:

Discover what it takes to refine your skill, shift your schedule and adjust your activities as you master your time.

Join us as we create processes and practices that reinforce your prosperity.

Steps for realigning, engaging and refocusing your time, energy and resources

Accomplishing precise objectives

Time Mastery 5.0:

Now that you’ve found the multiple moving parts in need of management, this final of five workshops will help you uncover and open spaces, allowing you to accomplish your Big DREAM.

Customized coaching and collaborative interaction

What you should do, and not do, will be challenged

Establishing your pursuit of time mastery

Leading your business to live your life successfully