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Furthermore, a lot of science does exist, it’s just suppressed. There is a mountain of research out there that proves there is something very wrong with the body of a person with ME’s ability to produce energy at a cellular level (mitochondria), but we still don’t know where or how it starts. I had a hell of a time watching this movie. I empathize w Bekah. There is plenty of current (and older) research out there that proves the physiological abnormalities in people with ME. I have chronic migraines and even knowing the diagnosis, it is hard to deal with. The below is hardly a “crazy echo chamber.”, The National Academy of Medicine: You claim these people are a charade taking from those who are really suffering. Don’t worry, it won’t take long. Luckily I found an immunologist that has helped me get back on my feet and I can function about 40% normal again and I also have a full 1200 calorie diet again. Your support and belief are paramount. These people to the one had mental issues. I didn’t even know there was a stigma around it until I started going down the rabbit hole of seeking information online. You need to get her to a reputable hospital that is willing to read her test results and ramp it up. What if YOU are? Laying in bed all day, definitely will result in circulation issues. I feel really bad for Pilars husband. Costly treatments. One woman was consulting a faith healer over the phone at $7 per minute not very scientific to me Why are all these treatments that are prescribed to these people so expensive that it’s taking their life savings seems like someone is being fleeced I became bedridden, unable to feed myself, barely able to toilet, couldn’t speak properly or figure out what was wrong. But it helps that these two guys are actually friends, and have been friends for over a decade, even showing home video footage of Clif and Derek goofing around in their 20s, it makes the transition to their on-screen pairing that much more natural. Although "Afflicted" is light on truly frightening moments, it compensates with plenty of personality and chill. I respect your reply and the way you phrased your sentences to not come across as condescending but informative and positive. Proper testing is where the failure is here. I have not had a single panic attack in almost a year. Psych meds are very powerful and it is unethical to push them on patients because you’re too lazy to keep up with the current research. This feels more like an accident and not something that some maniac planned because he's sick and tired of foreigners coming into his country Or something like Hostel. They all seem to have a fear of a mental health diagnosis and I believe that all of them use the word “crazy” to describe mental health. They were however very quick to promote the psychosomatic angle time and again; clearly their preferred narrative. I understand the skepticism (whether it’s yours or the painted narrative of the series), but there are some key facts that create a fuller picture of why that was not at all absurd.

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