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You can find Erica on IG at @ericachidicohen and LOOM at @thisisloom. Russell Brand, a brilliant astral phoenix of a man who needs no introduction, joins the DTFH!This episode is brought to you by:BLUECHEW ( - Use offer code: DUNCAN at checkout and get your first shipment FREE with just $5 shipping.Feals ( - Visit ( and get 50% off and FREE shipping on your first order.Shudder ( - Use promo code DUNCAN for a FREE 30 Day Trial. Together they talk about Atma's Craniosacral Therapy & Energy Medicine practice, the limitless potential of the quantum field, crystal bio mats, auras, purpose, boundaries, friendships, reparenting and reprogramming yourself, detoxing, human potential, end-of-life transitionin…, Alexi talks to magician, musician, actor, and author: Rob Zabrecky! Find Janelle at and Instagram at @jncounseling. If you haven't already, definitely listen to Lacy's first time on the podcast here: Alexi talks to actress, writer, director, musician Nora Kirkpatrick! Aya Cash (star of FXx's You're The Worst) sits down with Alexi to discuss ex boyfriends, auditioning, psychedelics, her foray into producing & MORE. It's been nearly 4 years!This episode is brought to you by:DHM Detox ( - Use offer code: DUNCAN at checkout and save 20% on your first order!BetterHelp ( - Visit ( to find a great counselor and get 10% off of your first month of counseling! Plus a long intro about foot fetish's, trash tv, and cheating scandals. This week Alexi is joined by multi-hyphenate, Kent Osborne to talk feet, cartoons and the F word! Tickets and information on how to donate can be found at: Writer/Director/EP Kitao Sakurai (The Eric Andre Show, Aardvark, The Passage) joins Alexi to talk moms, monks, dating, psychedelics, making stuff, meditating, and living life. I can’t think of a better conversation to share with you today than this cozy, girly, tangential romp of a chat with writer, director Sarah-Violet Bliss (Fort Tilden, Search Party). Check out The Discovery available now on Netflix. For moreJackie Johnson, find her on Snapchat @JackiemicheleJ, Insta @jackiemichelejohnson, and Twitter @Jackie_Michele. Caroline works with clients virtually from all over the country - either one on one, as couples, or in small groups. Alexi Wasser Holy smokes! Don't be fooled into thinking the show is over; it's just Chris listening to his guides and Alexi miraculously being quiet for the first time in her life!For more Chris Medina, go to and social media @psychicchrism. This week Alexi talks to the writer/director of Disney’s upcoming Pete’s Dragon, David Lowery! She is also throwing a retreat in Joshua Tree April 4-7 (full weekend and day passes available at Retreat gram: @forageandwander. Alexi & Zarna talk dating apps, cultural appropriation, Alexi's failed attempt at speaking to a man one time, shitty Coachella style, Zarna's PERFECT boyfriend, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, aging, blackhead removal videos on instagram, bathroom stuff, hair removal, and SO MUCH MORE! For more Wendy, follow her on instagram and facebook @ Wendy Suzuki and visit her website: OK Go will also be on tour this year and next at performance art centers around the country with their Live Video Retrospective Tour. Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles is planning a Youth Activist Camp, 6/12-6/16 from 10am-4pm. BOYCRAZY RADIO (gettin' pranked. Salazar is Alexi's FAVE Mexican restaurant ever! Follow Lauren on Instagram @LaurenLapkus. Today’s episode is brought to you by Natalie McMillan Jewelry: fine, handmade, effortlessly chic, simple, highbrow jewelry you can wear for any & all occasions. Plus Alexi is gifted a jade "yoni egg" and gives us the details on her yoni egg ritual experience aka putting a jade egg in her private. Lara teaches reiki as well! Instagram's Most Influential Family: Katie, Kaitlin, Mila and Emma Stauffer. Alexi talks to actor Kevin Zegers! Alexi reflects on the devastating result of the 2016 presidential election; plays clips; and reads your emails. Use the code LOVEALEXI for a 15% discount on any of her upcoming classes. Alexi Wasser is one of those multi-hyphenates that are very specific to L.A: She writes, she acts, she blogs, and obviously hosts her own podcast. It was life changing for me." She's one of the first to create these combination flower remedy formulas and has helped spread the word and made it a fashionable thing in the wellness world. You WON'T regret it! Comedian Chris Thayer (Comedy Central’s Adam DeVine’s House Party, Viceland’s Flophouse, TBS’s Pete Holmes Show) and Alexi talk dating, depression, comedy, meditation, and so much MORE! Alexi is joined by brave, luminary, badass Rose McGowan. Alexi is joined by Andi Eaton, founder of the holistic living and travel blog “Oui, We” and author of “Wanderful: The Modern Bohemians Guide to Traveling in style”. Human Design expert Jenna Zoe joins Alexi to talk ALL ABOUT Human Design! Rae Rose is a genius when it comes to crafting your purpose-driven mission and brand voice to generate abundance through a personalized strategy that works for YOU. call in and ask alexi your love, dating, and sex questions! The "Alexi Reads ALL Your Emails" Episode!!! Brian Koppelman is the co-creator, showrunner, and executive producer of Showtime's Billions; he is the co writer of Rounders, Oceans 13, The Girlfriend Experience; the writer and co director of Solitary Man; the host of Alexi's fave podcast (second to her own) The Moment; and Alexi's internet spirit guide / podcasting and writing guru. My name is Alexi Wasser. Wendy received her undergraduate degree in physiology and human anatomy at the University of California, Berkeley in 1987 studying with Prof. Marion C. Diamond, a leader in the field of brain plasticity. Alexi is joined by Wendy Suzuki, a Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the New York University Center for Neural Science. Prepare to laugh and please, don’t let our sexual tension get in the way of YOU having a crush on him! Find her on: Instagram: @verdidaily, Facebook:, her website, or email her direct @ Video (directed by Tim Nordwind himself!) Watch them ALL: Eat, Gregory Go Boom, Pauline Alone, Woman Of The Year, Hard World For Small Things, The New Yorker Presents, Woman in Deep, Man Rots From The Head. Writer, producer, performer, comedic genius, rival podcaster (Skull Juice), & LEGEND: Dino Stamatopoulos (Mr. Show, Conan, Community, Lettermen, The Ben Stiller Show, TV Funhouse, Moral Orel, Mad TV, The Dana Carvey Show, Starburns Productions, Anomalisa) discuss why they wouldn't work out as a couple, his career path, fetishes, drugs, alcohol, sexuality, Andy Dick, getting fired, his band (Sorry About Everything) and so much more! Part 1 of 2! If you're wondering how to manifest, check out her Formula & Magnetism workshop. It’s a fun romp that goes from a giggling giddy Alexi, to a really deep/fun/lovely conversation! Play free podcast episodes on-demand with iHeartRadio. If I could do a session with her everyday, I would. Writer/Director/Actor Charles Rogers (Search Party, Fort Tilden) and Comedian/Writer/Actress/Multi Media Artist Casey Jane Ellison join Alexi to talk self help, self love, and self care; instagram, their new podcast "The Problem With Charles and Casey" (available on iTunes, your preferred podcast app, and wherever podcasts are found), and so much more! This week Alexi is joined by the handsome Morgan Krantz to talk relationships, acting and Instagram! You can catch her in the Between Two Ferns movie, available on Netflix this September. Bring a friend or a date! He is ALSO the Director of DIRECTOR'S CUT written by and co-starring iconic magician Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller. And NOW Tabitha's curated a film festival! She is the author of "Healthy Brain, Happy Life: A Personal Program to Activate Your Brain and Do Everything Better" as well as "Good Anxiety, Bad Anxiety: Harness Your Fears and Make Them Work For You". Actor, writer Ingrid Haas (Comedy Bang Bang, Chelsea Lately) joins Alexi to talk career, sex, love, dating, relationships, the complexities of female friendships, love addiction, body insecurities, breaking bad habits, being an example for other girls, self worth, modern feminism with it's shades of gray and contradictions, & so much more!

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