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Mera, often referred to as Aquawoman by the public, joined her husband, Arthur, when Deputy Wilson asked Aquaman to come to Beachrock and help them against The Trench. They set sail and then dived through the Kingdom of the Trench and escaped through a one way portal that led to the Hidden Sea. However, Arthur refused and left Mera as he drove home with his father Thomas Curry. The child lapsed into a coma and Mera embarked upon an ambitious crusade to save him. Their marriage dissolved, Aquaman left Atlantis, but Mera stayed behind. Cargo Pilot … Mera was in the royal box during the Duel in the Ring of Fire between Arthur and King Orm. It was her belief that had her son been born of a man from her dimension, then he would have been strong enough to survive Black Manta's attack. As Atlantean royalty, Mera was raised with a strong sense of duty to her people and country, and as such will honor her duty above her own emotions if her position requires it. Manta Temuera Morrison. Jesse (Manta's Father) Randall Park . [1] While her parents were fighting in the wars of Xebel Mera was taken in by Queen Atlanna, training her as the Queen's protégée. Outside of combat, she is also shown to be inventive in tight situations, such as when she thought to use Arthur's sweat to reactivate ancient Atlantean technology and manipulated wine with her hydrokinetic powers and was even smart enough to memorize and destroy an encoded message so that it wouldn't fall into the wrong hands, with Arthur not thinking that far ahead. Above all, however, she believes in doing what is right and ultimately best for Atlantis, which initially is why she begrudgingly works with Arthur Curry in order to prevent the harm that will come from Orm's proposed war. Exiled from her kingdom, Mera fled Dimension Aqua for the Earth dimension whereupon she met the Atlantean sea-king, Aquaman. Brightest Day began with Mera and Aquaman rekindling their love at the lighthouse on Amnesty Bay. Aquaman demanded that his love stand by his side so their deceased child could also be with them. Heard first appeared as Mera in Aquaman’s first outing back in 2018. Aquaman Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Mera admits to Aquaman that she knew this day would come, confessing that she was originally sent to kill him. Dr. Stephen Shin Graham McTavish. Arthur then joined the battle, but was unable to prevent Steppenwolf from taking the Mother Box. This template will automatically categorize articles that include it into the " Aquaman Supporting Cast " category. Atlantis was sent back in time by Tempest during the Imperiex war. Once through the portal, they met Atlanna, which to their shock, had survived her "execution" to the Trench. This ultimately led Mera to suffer a nervous breakdown. Mera (Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths), Mera (Justice League: Throne of Atlantis),,, Mera appeared in the 2001 Justice League Animated Series voiced by. Aquaman and his sidekick, Aqualad, vowed to assist Mera in any way possible. DC Extended Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Mera unleashed two serpent dragon constructs made from the water and shouted that "Anyone who hurts children will feel my rage!" Dedicated and compassionate, Mera has a somewhat intimidating exterior but is still understanding (compared to other Atlanteans) and caring once she can trust someone. Upon their arrival in Sicily, the used the bottle to discover the way to the trident, but were attacked by Black Manta, Murk and the Men-of-War. This small group was determined to rebuild Atlantis after it had been destroyed by The Spectre. Before long, Mera gave birth to Aquaman's son, whom they named Arthur Curry, Jr., aka, Aquababy. Mera Willem Dafoe. She saved Arthur using her ship after Orm destroyed Arthur's trident. Mera was initially somewhat abrasive towards Arthur, notably chastising the Atlantean when he disparaged his mother Atlanna, attributing to the fact that Mera bears lingering affection for the Queen, due to the latter raising and mentoring her akin to a daughter. See also: Aquaman Villains. [2], A year after the defeat of Steppenwolf, Mera left Atlantis to find Arthur Curry|Arthur to tell him to come with her to Atlantis to stop Arthur's half-brother Orm from declaring war on the surface world. King Orm Nicole Kidman. Several years ago, a criminal named Leron seized control of the kingdom and deposed Queen Mera. This aspect of her personality eventually drew her ever closer to the fun-seeking Arthur, with the pair almost meeting lips before being attacked by Black Manta. The DC movie raked in … She found the means to return to Dimension Aqua and fought against the tyrant Leron in order to learn the location of a special healing device. As Mera continued to share in adventures with the sea-king, the two began to fall in love. When Arthur stated that his mother abandoned him on his father's doorstep when he was a baby, Mera tells him that Atlanna would have stayed, but she left to spare Arthur's life. She later met up with The Flash (Barry Allen) and The Atom, helping them to fight off more Black Lanterns. Aquaman's nemesis Black Manta kidnapped Arthur Curry, Jr. and confined inside of a translucent tank filled with poison. Mera is capable to turn liquid substances into solid weapons, Variant cover of the June 2018 edition of American magazine, Cover of the June 2018 edition of American magazine, Subscriber cover of the October 2018 edition of British magazine, Cover of the October 2018 edition of British magazine. Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), Warner Bros. Pictures Presents Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, General Mills Presents Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Man of Steel: The Official Movie Novelization, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Cross Fire, Suicide Squad: The Official Movie Novelization, Wonder Woman: The Official Movie Novelization, The cast for Aquaman 2. With Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson. She led the Atlantean forces protecting their Mother Box during Steppenwolf's invasion of Earth, and also outwitted several Atlantean Men of War after being attacked in Sicily. This character is or was a member of the Justice League of America, or the Justice League in any of its various incarnations, sworn by a duty to act as guardians of America and the world by using their skills and/or superpowers to protect Earth from both interstellar and domestic threats.This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Justice League of America members" category. While her parents were fighting in the wars of Xebel Mera was taken in by Queen Atlanna, training her as the Queen's protégée. As the New God recovered, he charged at Mera, slamming her against a nearby wall before throwing her below, knocking her unconscious. Jason Mamoa will be portrayed as the character Arthur Curry also known as Aquaman followed by William Dafoe as Vulko, … Not knowing what they are, Mera seems to enjoy eating roses. Less than two years later, Mera suffered the greatest tragedy in her life. After successfully locating the lost kingdom and locating the ancient piece of tech, Mera activated it once more by using her hydrokinetic powers. King Nereus Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. Once they were safe, Aquaman asked Mera about the woman. Though she tried to get Aquaman to enter the water, he was fearful since he had yet to return to it since his return from being a Black Lantern. Mera was born in 1986 as daughter of King Nereus of Xebel. Mera then told Arthur that he was no longer a child who couldn't defend himself, and that Steppenwolf would've been his mother's responsibility to defeat, but now the mantle passed to him. This underlying romantic liaison would eventually culminate in her passionately kissing Arthur, before he was to engage Orm in combat. After the events of One Year Later, Mera regained her water breathing abilities, if not her full strength, and became the leader of a small rebel army, taking under her protection some refugees from the lost Atlantis, and the new Aquaman. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Exiled from her kingdom, Mera fled Dimension Aqua for the Earth dimension whereupon she met the Atlantean sea-king, Aquaman. Sometime later, Mera and Aquaman attempted to stop an oil spill, but were attacked by a woman who not only looked like Mera, but used similar powers as well. Leron pursued Mera to Earth, and managed to capture her along with Aquaman. Several years ago, a criminal named Leron seized control of the kingdom and deposed Queen Mera. Arthur was then laid unconscious and captured by Orm's men.[3]. As a result of this quick-thinking, however, she can also be a bit impulsive, such as when she jumped out of a plane without a parachute, intervened during the Duel in the Ring of Fire, and stole a boat from an Italian marina. He was soon joined by Tula and Dolphin, who were bent on the group's destruction. As Steppenwolf neared the podium where the Mother Box sat, Mera displaced the water around him, causing him to fall to the surface below, before collapsing the water back onto him. Together, they went to the Sahara desert to try to find the dead Kingdom of the Deserters in order to read the ancient artifact that held the location of the trident. After he deposed Ocean Master and shattered his trident, she was by his side as he was hailed as king. During the Blackest Night, Mera, Tempest, and a few Atlanteans attempted to relocate the body of Aquaman and return it to the royal tomb in Atlantis. However, as Mera is not native to this dimension, her vital organs are not located in the same position as a normal human's. She explained that Atlanna wanted to stay, and leaving Arthur and his father cost her more than he could imagine. When the Red Power Ring leaves her, Mera immediately went into cardiac arrest since the power ring acts as the heart of a Red Lantern. Mera was able to seemingly murder Dolphin, only for the zombie to regenerate. He brought them back to Dimension Alpha where they were imprisoned. As war with the Black Lanterns continued, Mera was driven into a rage, allowing her to become a deputy Red Lantern when a power ring latched onto her finger. Atlanna Dolph Lundgren. She also retains a playful and light-hearted side in contrast to her usually standoffish disposition, notably creating water-based dolphins from a fountain and manipulating them much to the delight of a little girl. The Navy also came to rescue the children but as more pirates sailed in to protect them, Aquaman ended up summoning a zombie Giant Squid which killed everyone on board the new ship. [3], Arthur, Mera and Nuidis Vulko talking about the Trident of Atlan, Mera and Arthur went to Atlantis to meet with Nuidis Vulko, Arthur's mentor, who told them the history of Atlantis and explained to them that they needed to find the Trident of Atlan in order for Arthur claim his rightful place as king. Jason Momoa’s Aquaman 2 is one of the most anticipated movies of the DC Extended Universe.In the first Aquaman film, Amber Heard was seen in the role of Mera.But due to the ongoing legal battle of her and Johnny Depp, fans are unhappy with Amber Heard and want her out of the Aquaman 2.It was reported that Emilia Clarke who was seen with Jason Momoa in Game of Thrones … However, rather than return to the throne to her kingdom, Mera elected to return to Atlantis with Aquaman.

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