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The fore arms are then moved back and forth while maintaining the right angle. Swimmers compete individually during figures, and then as a team during the routine. See the International Swimming Hall of Fame as a reference. Synchronised swimming (in American English, synchronized swimming) or artistic swimming is a hybrid form of swimming, dance, and gymnastics, consisting of swimmers performing a synchronised routine (either solo, duet, trio, mixed duet, free team, free combination, and highlight) of elaborate moves in the water, accompanied by music. In the 1940s and 1950s, Bert Hubbard and Donn Squire were among the top US male competitors. Artistic swimming is governed internationally by FINA, and has been part of the Summer Olympics programme since 1984. [2] Charlotte Davis coached Tracie Ruiz and Candy Costie, who won the gold medal in duet synchronised swimming at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. She was the Director of Travel in post-war Europe until 1962. “She is an extremely intelligent young woman and has a passion for the sport,” Vargo-Brown said. In 1924, the first competition in North America was in Montreal, with Peg Seller as the first champion. [12] FINA justified the change by stating that it would help to clarify the nature of the sport (with the new name being similar to artistic gymnastics), and would help "enhance its popularity". When asked for justifications after this perplexing decision, FINA gave very vague and woolly answers: “While diving events are synchronized, we felt that artistic is a more appropriate name for this event,” FINA vice-president Sam Ramsamy told insidethegames afterwards. Some swimmers wear ear-plugs to keep the water out of their ears. Each swimmer may compete in up to four of the following routine events: solo, duet, combo (consisting of four to ten swimmers), and team (consisting of four to eight swimmers). [19] It will also be used at the 2020 Summer Olympics[20] and the 2020 European Aquatics Championships.[21]. Pseudonyms will no longer be permitted. Sculls (hand movements used to propel the body) are some of the most essential part to synchronised swimming. There are many variations on lifts and these can include partner lifts, float patterns or other areas of unique, artistic choreography intended to exceptionally impress the judges and audience. However, international, national and regional competitions may allow men to compete, and FINA introduced a new mixed duet competition at the 2015 World Aquatics Championships. [4] The Town Club 'C' team were the first national champions. Football: Three Buckeyes earn Big Ten preseason honors, Ohio State professor and author hosts celebration for women and girls in Columbus, Students protest construction of natural gas plant on campus, Ohio State launches task force to improve campus-area safety, Mitchell did not enter plea to murder of Chase Meola, Ohio State to transition COVID-19 test processing to on-campus lab, Local bed and breakfast fights to survive COVID-19, Football: Day and Fields develop deeper relationship ahead of highly anticipated season, McConnell Arts Center presents art crimes through time, Football: Baron Browning to flash versatility in the second level, Student organizations now allowed to host in-person events indoors. [11], In July 2017, following a request by the IOC, FINA approved changes to its constitution that renamed synchronised swimming to artistic swimming. In 2015, the mixed duet (technical and free) were added to the competition program. They are quite common in routines of older age groups and higher skill levels. Seasons range in length, and some swimmers participate year-round in competitions. Curtis died in 1980, but synchronised swimming did not become an official Olympic sport until the 1984 Summer Olympic Games. Common joint injuries include the rotator cuff and the knees. Holly-Vargo Brown, head coach of the Ohio State synchronized swimming team, said she enjoys how Dzurko brings both maturity and a sense of joy when she is training. During a routine swimmers can never use the bottom of the pool for support, but rather depend on sculling motions with the arms, and eggbeater kick to keep afloat. Going forward, synchronized swimming will be known as artistic swimming, while Russia continued to dominate at the FINA aquatic world championships in Budapest, Hungary. Russian synchronised swimming team, May 2007, The examples and perspective in this section. [3], The first Official National Team Championships were held in Chicago at Riis Pool on August 11, 1946. They're in the pool eight hours a day. Synchronised swimming (in American English, synchronized swimming) or artistic swimming is a hybrid form of swimming, dance, and gymnastics, consisting of swimmers performing a synchronised routine (either solo, duet, trio, mixed duet, free team, free combination, and highlight) of elaborate moves in the water, accompanied by music. The first recorded competition was in 1891 in Berlin, Germany. Artistic gymnastics moved away from the system that used the 10.0 score to indicate a perfect routine in 2006, and figure skating changed from its … In the Spring of 2017, there was much discussion about changing the name of our sport of Synchronized Swimming to 'Artistic Swimming'. In 1907, Australian Annette Kellerman popularised the sport when she performed in a glass tank as an underwater ballerina (the first water ballet in a glass tank) in the New York Hippodrome. Eggbeater is used in all "arm" sections, a piece of choreography in which the swimmer is upright, often with one or both arms in the air. Dr. Moreau said that during a two-week training session in Colorado Springs, the female athletes suffered a 50% concussion rate. Curtis persuaded the AAU to make synchronised swimming an officially recognised sport in December 1941, but she herself transferred overseas in 1943. She served as the Recreation Director of the Red Cross under Generals Patton and Eisenhower, during which time she produced the first international aquacade in Caserta, Italy. “I knew she would do well, and to see her make the team is very exciting for her individually, and of course for Ohio State as a program as well.”. Grades as of now range from Level one to Level five, and will soon go to Level ten. In addition to the technical routine, the swimmers will perform a longer "free" routine, which has no requirements and is a chance for the swimmers to get creative and innovative with their choreography. Last season, Dzurko went undefeated in her duet with her partner Laila Huric until the season’s abrupt end. List of Olympic medalists in synchronized swimming, List of World Aquatics Championships medalists in synchronised swimming, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Synchronised Swimming Has a History That Dates Back to Ancient Rome", "Kay Curtis (USA) – 1979 Honour Synchronised Swimming Coach". In 2007, solo, duet and team events were split between technical and free routines. “It was a tough decision for her to consider pursuing a different path right at this moment. The announcer, Norman Ross, introduced the sport as "synchronised swimming" for the first time. Artistic Swimming/ Synchro Skills! Occasionally, swimmers wear custom-made swimming caps in place of their hair in buns. An average eggbeater height is usually around collarbone level. In the 12 & under and 13-15 age groups, figure scores are combined with routines to determine the final rankings. A lift or highlight is when members of the team propel another teammate relatively high out of the water. “I fell in love with the sport when I competed at higher level meets like nationals and I started going internationally,” Dzurko said. The Lantern is the independent, award-winning student voice of Ohio State, covering sports, campus, politics, and arts and life. All swimmers must compete wearing the standard black swimsuit and white swimcap, as well as goggles and a noseclip.

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