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Josh Smith is listed at 6’9”, Harrison Barnes at 6’8” and Tyrus Thomas at 6’10” are all much taller than the average high jumping NBA player. Ah, good times. Stephens and Kenny Gregory leading the list. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Also the NBA Max vertical isn't a running vertical. observed isn't unavoidably a horror, it is a secret. It seemed like he jumped over the entire team on this At 30 years old, it's unlikely New York Knicks forward James White can reach 46" on his vertical anymore.However, 38 or 40 inches isn't too shabby, and it was good enough to earn him a spot in the 2013 Slam Dunk Contest. He However, I wouldn't be surprised if he flirted with or exceeded 40" on some of his in-game dunks, when there's incentive to rise over a defender.Smith has crammed some of the most super-charged dunks in the NBA, as his body control and ball skills are exceptional when he's airborne.One of the most exhilarating young pilots in the Association is He doesn't see much playing time for Dwane Casey's Toronto Raptors, but his brief stints on the court are met with much anticipation from fans.Will he ever become anything other than a high-flier?Only a select few players can match the versatility of in-game and non-game leaping that DeMar DeRozan displays.He was the first Raptor to bring back a sense of "Air Canada" to the Toronto Raptors since Vince Carter's departure, and his flights have been stunning.If you fancy in-game dunks rather than exhibitions, enjoy DeRozan's If you want dunk contest material, feast your eyes on his sky-scraping There isn't an NBA team that hasn't endured the wrath of Russell Westbrook's athleticism.He has a nightly routine of hopping over everyone en route to the rim. Here a video we collect from YouTube. Unlike the days of past when the best dunkers like Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins would year-in and year-out compete to give the fans the best possible entertainment, many stars today opt not to include themselves in the NBA Slam Dunk competition anymore.Robinson’s 43.5 inch vertical also helped him win the NBA Slam Dunk trophy 3 times, something that only he has done. He crams alley-oops, put-backs and transition slams as if he gets paid by the dunk.He was outshined during the 2013 Slam Dunk Contest, but his off-backboard between-the-legs flush was still impressive for a big guy.For this in-game slam against the Los Angeles Lakers, his elevator goes a If this was a 2007 list, Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith would be much higher.The eight-year veteran is still just 27 years young, but he's not quite as freakishly-athletic Smith's magnificent hangtime helps him throw down over any challenger and block both small forwards and power forwards.In January, Rudy Gay took his talents from the U.S. to Canada as he joined the high-flying Toronto Raptors.He's been soaring past NBA foes for six years now, and he still has plenty of juice in his step.Coming out of college, we were unsure of whether he'd become more than a slasher and open-floor player. We’ve all seen them make highlight reels and plays that make our jaws drop. Se vuoi saperne di più o negare il consenso a tutti o ad alcuni cookie, Biblical Meaning Of Crossing A River In A Dream, High Acceptance Rate Universities In Europe, Is Italian Seasoning The Same As Italian Dressing Mix, King Baboon Tarantula Vs Goliath Birdeater.

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