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These issues affect most of the five senses from sound intolerances like chalk on a chalkboard, to visual problems such as aversion to bright lights, to tactile intolerances like itchy fabrics or hot and cold foods. He would conceive an unintelligible aversion to a particular alley, and perform a great circuit rather than see the hateful place. , Jason has an aversion to air travel that prevents him from doing company business overseas. Older people who are unfamiliar with computer technology often have an aversion to it. The sense of the gap between theory and fact gives to the religious element of Stoicism a new force; the soul, conscious of its weakness, leans on the thought of God, and in the philosopher's attitude towards external events, pious resignation preponderates over self-poised indifference; the old self-reliance of the reason, looking down on man's natural life as a mere field for its exercise, makes room for a positive aversion to the flesh as an alien element imprisoning the spirit; the body has come to be a " corpse which the soul sustains," 1 and life a " sojourn in a strange land "; 2 in short, the ethical idealism of Zeno has begun to borrow from the metaphysical idealism of Plato. He left it in consequence of aversion to the strange religious ideas developed by its "Supreme Father," Enfantin, and began to elaborate what he regarded as a Christian socialism. 74. Klaus claimed he was a German noble, and he certainly had a nobleman 's aversion to work. To observe the clinical expression of the furazolidone. Vegetarians have a strong aversion to eating meat. Aversion in a sentence up(4) down(5) Sentence count:109+5Posted:2016-10-11Updated:2016-12-13. An interesting feature of fructose intolerance is that children affected by the disorder develop a powerful protective aversion (feeling of intense dislike) to sweet-tasting foods and beverages. The aversion to Athens best serves to explain the unpatriotic attitude which Thebes displayed during the great Persian invasion. Have you any aversion to killing your own kind? The inhabitants of Pelusium in lower Egypt, who worshipped the onion, are said to have held both it and garlic in aversion as food. This page will teach you synonyms of the English word aversion and show you how to use aversion in a sentence.. Synonyms for aversion. Many people have a natural and emotional, 24. And so, when we pass from the ontology to the ethics of Platonism, we find that, though the highest life is only to be realized by turning away from concrete human affairs and their material environment, still the sensible world is not yet an object of positive moral aversion; it is rather something which the philosopher is seriously concerned to make as harmonious, good and beautiful as possible. He was in the fullness of his powers, his studies had fed his natural aversion to the principles of authority and ecclesiasticism, and at a moment when the revived activity of the Jesuits caused some real and more pretended alarm he was appointed to the chair of history at the College de France. Some woman may also have a heightened sense of smell, which causes an aversion to certain foods. Napoleon's chief aversion, the tribunate, was also divided into three sections, dealing with legislation, home affairs and finance - a division which preluded its entire suppression in 1807. When the first storm of opposition from smaller men had begun to die down, thinkers of real weight, beginning with Cumberland and Cudworth, were moved by their aversion to his analysis of the moral nature of man to probe anew the question of the natural springs and the rational grounds of human action; and thus it may be said that Hobbes gave the first impulse to the whole of that movement of ethical speculation that, in modern times, has been carried on with such remarkable continuity in England. I underwent aversion therapy for my addiction to smoking. _A broad cultural aversion to frank discussion of unpleasant matters. Mental pictures were helpful to Charlene, a social worker whose talents and passions were obscured by her. He early showed a remarkable aptitude for learning, but had a pronounced aversion for pure rhetoric. As kids get closer to the teen years, many develop an aversion to school. We cannot wonder that the whole nation was stirred to the very depths, or that they strengthened the aversion of the king, of Windham and other important personages in the government against the plans of Pitt. They can be useful if you enjoy completing your practice outdoors or simply have an aversion to showing your bare feet.Yoga shoes are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and prices. In 1756, by the special desire of the young prince, he was appointed groom of the stole at Leicester House, in spite of the king's pronounced aversion to him. He is typically English in his reverence for facts, whether facts of sense or of living consciousness, in his aversion from abstract speculation and verbal reasoning, in his suspicion of mysticism, in his calm reasonableness, and in his ready submission to truth, even when truth was incapable of being fully reduced to system by man. Such ritual use of oil as a o payls or seal may have been suggested in old religions by the practice of keeping wine fresh in jars and amphorae by pouring on a top layer of oil; for the spoiling of wine was attributed to the action of demons of corruption, against whom many ancient formulae of aversion or exorcism still exist. Foods with a strong odor or flavor are usually the main items linked to food aversion, but any food can be involved. O'Connell, having long before attained an undisputed and easy ascendancy, stood at the head of this great national movement; but it will be observed that, having been controlled from first to last by himself and the priesthood, it had little in common with the mob rule and violence which he had never ceased to regard with aversion. Medication is especially helpful for social phobia, where it can help the child overcome her aversion to social interaction sufficiently to work with a therapist. outside the New Testament of aversion to receiving back into Church fellowship those who, after confessing Christ, had been guilty of grave sins. The aversion to them which he expressed showed thus early an innate disposition to rebel against empty verbal reasoning. Show More Sentences You could, but the food aversion therapy bills would far outweigh any short-term nutritional value. aversion in a sentence - Use "aversion" in a sentence 1. All Rights Reserved. By and by he conceived an aversion to his eldest son, and wished to supplant him by Motazz, the son of his favourite wife Qabiha. In web sites same answers in traditionally reflexive aversion. The prominent features of his character seem to have been cunning, ambition and avarice, combined with want of courage and aversion from effort.

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