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Me and a friend are planning on walking c2c in 7 days over Christmas/News years for charity, we intend to camp every night. Anyone who does it in less time is a Cyborg. I carried maps and I bought a Garmin Oregon 450 t which takes double A batteries. Cycling UK is a trading name of Cyclists’ Touring Club (CTC) a company limited by guarantee, registered in England no: 25185. 17 Uhr) und wir vorher noch im Stau standen, wurde es am Schluss echt knapp und wir haben gerade noch einen Mitarbeiter antreffen können, um den Ausflug am nächsten Tag zu starten. Wir blieben hier zunächst nur 2 Nächte, da wir im weiteren Verlauf der Route noch einmal für 4 weitere Nächte her kommen wollten. Should we be okay with our OS maps, a guidebook, and the ability to find N, S, E, and W with a compass or do you think we need more advance compass skills? – An der mexikanischen Grenze (2-3 Nächte), USA Coast to Coast – Quer durch New Mexico (ca. Well the Coast to Coast is an amazingly varied route, and no two days are the same. What looks like it should be straightforward on paper, can be amazingly difficult! The reason I’ve picked those is that you’ll be able to find local taxis reasonably easy for those, and they are probably the least interesting sections. That was the age I was when I did the walk a few years back. What sort of training would you suggest for 2 reasonably fit 64yr Los woen (cycling, swimming and walking regularly). Chances are you will find some accommodation at the last minute in May however inevitably it can’t be guaranteed, especially as the trail goes through several popular tourists areas. bzw. Navigation? Using the controls you can scroll around, zoom in and explore the route. There are quite a few muddy/boggy places where boots were essential. We didn’t find out. Presented by Eric Robson, Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Walk was released on DVD in 2004, giving you insights to the trail from its creator. I did it in a week, plus an extra day at the end to do Ben Nevis. And it’s popular. And Barrow to Jarrow – from officially England’s most working-class town to the home of the Marches – mixed awesome scenery with everyday northern culture. If you or anyone else can give us any advice at all, this would be greatly appreciated. However, we would like t know: had 3 heart attacks in the past if I pace myself will I be ok. got the mrs coming with me as well.olso going for the 3 peaks this year all being well. Hello Alex Trust this helps! Based on previous experience we recommend Aurum Press’s The Coast to Coast Walk (Recreational Path Guide) by Martin Wainwright (who is no relation). The good news is that most of the hostels can be booked online, and all those run by the YHA can be booked through their website pretty quickly, so it should hopefully be not too painful. Maud. It really does seem to cover everything you could ever possibly want in a long distance walk. i take it you are still available for Q/A between now and then. The 12 day version includes some very long distances and is recommended only for fit and experienced walkers. What do you think of these “packhorse” type deals where they move all your kit for you? What you could do is the West Highland Way and then follow the Great Glen Way or East Highland Way from Fort William. Want to watch the Coast to Coast and see what it’s like from the comfort of your living room? Here’s the plan (and yes, Stewart, I am 60+, but we regularly hike and will have just returned from a month in the Swiss Alps): Arrive by train, do the coastal bit in the afternoon, stay in St. We split the itinerarie in 17 days. They run a minibus from Richmond where you can park your car. noch ein Zwischenstopp bei Albuquerque, während schließlich unser nächstes große Ziel, der Grand Canyon allmählich auf dem Plan stand. Travelling through some of the finest country in the world requires time to appreciate it. < 10 days. Parks of the Lake District, Yorkshire Bring the challenge, if we don’t do it some French man will…. Therefore the aspect of having time to take everything in is important but not as important as speed. Thanks! didn't expect walkers on the route to stick Hi Haris. Eleanor – best advice is just to make sure you can do a 15 mile walk without problems! Neben den typischen Sehenswürdigkeiten (Capitol, Weißes Haus, usw.) Not to say there isn’t any but I don’t know of them. Amy. So, I kept the dog on the lead and tried to slow down the cows and prevent them from building up speed. Bees to Kirkby Stephen is eighty miles. What is behaviour change and how does it apply to cycling? I had 2 litres of water each day but if doing it over longer period I would say take more than you think you need just in case. Really looking forward to it having done Hadrian’s Wall a few years ago. Bei der Anmietung des Leihwagens hatten wir das Glück, bei Alamo einen Ford Mustang Convertible (Cabrio) zu erhalten, welcher perfekt geeignet war, um den Sunshine State zu erkunden. The Aurum Press guidebook by Martin Wainwright has OS maps in it, and there’s also the A-Z Adventure Series map book for the Coast to Coast, which also uses the OS maps. Im Folgenden möchte ich daher insbesondere von der Reiseroute berichten, die dem ein oder anderen bei der Planung eines ähnlichen Unterfangens helfen oder inspirieren kann. Is it necessary to book ahead when we are starting so early in season This is especially true in the Lake District. The weather has been rather dry so not that much boggy areas, the route between Richmond and Ingleby Cross was the wettest because farmers have not cleared paths. $250 Sticker – A ticket to a private catered Meet Up in one of the aforementioned cities on the tour. If there are so many people walking the trail. Wie diese 2-wöchige Route im Detail aussieht, habe ich bereits in diesem Artikel beschrieben, in dem du auch genauere Details zu den einzelnen Zielen auf dieser Route erhältst. By the way, we’ve read some of your Coast to Coast blog and it’s a riot! Die Hotels in der Innenstadt sind in Washington D.C. ziemlich teuer. AND MOST IMPORTANT, if you want to do this route for pleasure dont try to do it quickly (especially the part in The Lakes) and/or do it lightweight i.e. Cows can run faster than us but need to build up speed. Sorry for my strange English (we are Germans) sehen kann, habe ich bereits in diesem Artikel beschrieben, auf den ich für weitere Informationen somit verweise. I have gained so much valuable info from you. Clay Bank Top is simply a road pass and there are no buildings here. Minus points I was in decent shape but not great. Points/Advice I recently completed the C2C I intended to do it in 5 days however had to take 6 days. I would regard myself as a fit 60 year old woman but just wonder how I would go doing C2C on my own . The plus side is that more people on the trail can provided guidance in directions and there is safety in numbers. Zu viel Spontanität kann in der Hauptsaison in dieser Hinsicht daher ein wenig zum Verhängnis werden. The official advice is to let your dog go and get out of the field ASAP before calling your dog to you. Obviously you wouldn’t get it on an independent hostel. I regularly power walk ( 10 miles in 2 hours on flat terrain)here in Australia and at the age of 71 consider myself fit but like many of the correspondents i am apprehensive of this forthcoming walk.. Is this possible in a lot of places on the route ? I do regular exercise and walking / hillwalking from time to time but generally only up to about 8 or 9 miles or less. Because the route takes you from one side of the UK to the other, the most sensible way to arrive and depart is by public transport. Regarding women walking alone? Thanks for the tip. Thanks for reading my Road Trip USA – Coast to Coast in 3-4 Weeks post. The towns and villages listed in the itinerary below have been selected as they all have facilities – every one has a pub, and most have shops too. For anyone who wishes to part walk and part bus ride the length of the C2C, Sherpa now run a bus service across the entire C2C route. The Coast to Coast goes from St Bees in Cumbria to Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire. I want to stay at Glaisdale but am concerned that from there to RHB might be just a bit too much after all that has gone before. Hi, The Coast to Coast Walk is considered as one of the top hikes you can do in the UK. Released in 2014, Downhill describes itself as a “road movie on foot”. Returned from Scotch Corner with cheap Megabus by taking local bus to SC services to catch coach. :) Do you think The Coast to Coast is much harder to navigate than The Pennine Way? Dianne – the weather is likely to be at its best during July to September, but it should also be good in June as well. Ingleby Arncliffe to Robin Hoods bay. Using Sherpa Van to transfer baggage but also get us to the start and return from the end. All train-accessible, but bike spaces limited: book well ahead. We are preparing know for this great walk. Didn’t see many other walkers at all, but it was end of August – very surprised how quiet it was. Please enable JavaScript or upgrade your browser. as the route you select snaps to the ROWs and roads (applies to routes in national parks only). So what do you need to know to plan your trip walking from one side of the west of England, to the east? Thanks for the website. You can stay in Brompton-on-Swale, or you can get the bus back to Richmond. I will step in for Andrew. Make sure you have a good map and compass, and know how to use them. There’s a whole world between virtually any two shores. Am zweiten Tag sahen wir einmal vom typischen Sightseeing ab und vergnügten uns im Six Flags Texas Freizeitpark. More strenuous than the C2C, this mostly lanes-and-quiet-roads route climaxes at the iconic Pennines pub the Tan Hill Inn, Britain’s highest.

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