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contract. It is also popular for treating contractures resulting from an increase in muscle tone from nerve injury. Devices known as continuous passive motion machines are very popular, especially following surgery of joints. Contractures are the chronic loss of joint motion due to structural changes in non-bony tissue. We hope you’ll consider us as your medical home-the place where you feel safe, comfortable and cared for. Permanent shortening of tissue, such as muscle, tendon or skin, as a result of disuse, injury or disease. ‘Camp Henry contracted a wildlife biologist to study the property and create a land stewardship plan.’ ‘I contracted him in November to remove my windows and replace them with French-styled steel windows.’ ‘She was contracted to work 24 hours a week on a permanent basis.’ In popular usage, though, I'd venture to suggest that contract relates more to the (scientific / medical) cause of the disease whereas catch relates more to (non-medical) blame for its onset. How to use a word that (literally) drives some pe... Name that government! (404) 633-3777., Under the rubric of "Questions about Marriages or Spousals, But when the costs of required service exceed the payment, the, Minortiy-owned firms complained they were neither notified when contracts were to be let nor were they, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Margaret Cavendish and the romance of contract, Keep the money at home: the illusory promise of contract audits, Contracted Claims Processing Organization. Contracture leads to the inability to straighten joints fully and to permanent deformity and disability. 2. X rays can be of some benefit in the diagnosis of contractures, because a visible decrease in joint space may indicate a tight, contracted joint. Or something like that. Admissions for Contracted arm Alexandra Hip Hospital (no data) Cromwell House (no data) Evelina Hospital Glasgow Children's Hospital (no data) Great Ormond Street Hospital contracted bladder. CONTINUE SCROLLING OR CLICK HERE FOR RELATED SLIDESHOW. Medical definition of contracted pelvis: a pelvis that is abnormally small in one or more principal diameters and that consequently interferes with normal childbirth. Contracted services, such as the operations of motor vehicle agencies, are also paid out of Direct State Services.Grants- In- Aid appropriations represent funding of grants made to individuals and various public and private agencies for services that are considered the overall responsibility of the State, but that are provided for by third parties. In case of force majeure, notified in accordance with Article 9.2., either Contracting party may terminate the Contract, where performance of Contracted services cannot be ensured until 31st October 2014., This was more terrible than the first; the same nervous movements were repeated, and the mouth, Every word is either current, or strange, or metaphorical, or ornamental, or newly-coined, or lengthened, or, THE PURCHASER of a black servant was persuaded that the color of his skin arose from dirt.

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