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If youd hired a decent lawyer that specializes in these cases You mean that ambulance chas That oughta really piss Casper off good.”. Anyway, back to Reba, she sang a song with Brooks and Dunn called Cowgirls Don't Cry, which Ronnie and Kix (country talk for Brooks and Dunn) wrote about Reba. It ain’t enough that she made your brother miserable, and that misery got him killed?”, He retorted, “She had nothin’ to do with Luke’s car accident. Besides, Landon belongs with his mother.” Brandt glanced at his mom, but she was busy studying the floral pattern on the placemat. I also had goosebumps when Reba sang the very end!!! I’m kidding. “To hear Dad talk, I’ve all but abandoned the ranch. Cowgirls dont cry Thursday, February 17, 2011. I’ve been studying DVDs and scoring the rides. Lexie barked inside and Jessie shushed her as the door swung inward. At that moment his dislike for his father bloomed into full-blown hatred. Good luck with calving season and everything else that it takes to run this ranch, since you haven’t done a goddamned thing for close to ten years. Big f**kin’ deal. I’ll bet you’ve never hit another person in your life.”, Jessie released a fast, hard uppercut to his solar plexus that immediately had him falling back to clutch his gut. Your name ain’t on the papers, boy, mine is.”, Before Brandt could say a word, his mother stood. Every bit of color drained from Jessie’s face. “I honestly don’t think she did.”, “But she knew Luke was a married man when she slept with him?”, “Yes. Screw it. If you’d hired a decent lawyer that specializes in these cases—”. Most of the show was pretty good, I absoletly loved when Lady Antebellum won best new artist. He stared at her with that wordless threat. She hid out as long as she could—or at least until all the wedding guests were occupied with the tossing of the bouquet. He vaguely heard his mother say, “Brandt, stop,” but the rage had overtaken him. There’s no way to prove…” Jessie’s sharp gaze pierced right through him. Don’t do this.”, The mean glint intensified. Inside, he absentmindedly patted Lexie’s head and watched Jessie grab two beers out of the fridge. Amazing. “Last month a woman called me. Don’t be too long. “I know you are.” Tell smiled. You never have.”, Copyrights by their respective owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law. “Apparently.”, “It’s pretty damn convenient, if you ask me. Don’t mean you gotta tie yourself—and us—to her again. You forced her out. General CommentI don't realy feel this song has any particular meaning other than the obvious.There is a certain glamour to the "cowboy" life; I remember working at a Ford dealership and we had a great pickup truck -an F-350 six-pack with the "King Ranch" package. Why that thought heated his blood just proved how twisted he was when it came to his conflicted feelings about his former sister-in-law. Too bad Reba won nothing--but then she's probably already won every single award anyway--so she needs a down year. I’m doin’ this all wrong.” He chugged another drink of beer. I’m done puttin’ up with your bullshit excuses for why you haven’t turned the ranch over to your sons. She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him through the screen door. Which was the shittiest thing you’ve ever done.”, He shrugged. A knock, which she’d ignored for the fifth time. Chapter Three. Contact Us - [email protected], Cowgirls Don't Cry (Rough Riders #10)(94), Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Chris, Library of Souls (Miss Peregrine’s Peculi. Brandt and Dalton ain’t complaining. I wasn’t the one who made initial contact… Ah hell. No. Sounds like you’re not putting her in the past where she belongs.”, “That’s because she belongs with me. Halfway down the hall, she felt a hand on her shoulder. “You mean that ambulance chasin’ bozo from Cheyenne? I don't spend my time with horses because they are amazing creatures, I spend time with them, so when I am done doing whatever with them, I can watch them be themselves in the green grass, and be free. When she discovered she was pregnant…somehow she’d heard you got kicked off the ranch. Reba wasnt nominated last night at the CMAs (thats country talk for country music awards) but she was in the audience and preformed with Brooks and Dunn. “Tell. I'm sure no one else is like this, but basically if someone pays respect to Reba in their speech (everyone should) then they are good on my list. Fifteen minutes after she’d socked him a good one, he’d noticed she hadn’t returned to the reception. The drive to her place had been little more than a blur. That was an accident?”, “Umm. “I’m so f**kin’ sick and tired of you running off at the mouth about her. For those of you who dont know, Linda Davis sang Does he love you with Reba and actually won the best vocal collaboration at the CMAs. You go on out there in the bitter f**kin’ cold and deal with feeding twice a goddamn day. Terry McBride and I were on the bus, and I started talking about it… and we started talking about Reba and hearing her talk about how she grew up, how rough she thought her dad was on her in her rodeo days. I’ve watched you destroy any chance of a relationship with me, Tell and Dalton, because you’re pissed off at God and the universe that we’re here and Luke isn’t.”, “But he did. He really couldn’t believe she’d sucker punched him. Then I just forgot to watch it. “Why are you here?”, “Because I need to tell you something.” At her uncomfortable look, he held up his hand. So she spread her legs for you. She’d had enough of his tough guy attitude. She remembered Luke saying that Tell could’ve gone pro in saddle bronc or bareback riding, but Casper wouldn’t allow it. Mark my words.”, Brandt shoved him again, hard. Jessie already thought he was heavy handed, so he used that heavy hand to beat on the aluminum siding. By the time she faced him, he’d managed a bland expression. “She said she broke it off with him a week before his accident. “She said she knew Luke intimately, so intimately in fact, that he’d knocked her up.”, “This woman claimed she’d been sleepin’ with Luke and didn’t know she was pregnant until after he died.”. You don’t know a thing about Jessie. Sweet Jessie? Everything you’ve got, except that pitiful chunk of land you and your brothers bought, comes from me. I’m about to throw the bouquet.”. He explained: “I saw it – the title – on a T-shirt at the Iowa State Fair. And you ain’t exactly unbiased, are you?”, “I’m marryin’ her and there’s nothin’ you can do about it.”, His dad moved closer, a sidewinder about to strike.

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