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So, I create these small projects to keep me occupied.". Well, that just raises questions, doesn't it? Daniel Wu is a 45 year old Hong Konger Actor born on 30th September, 1974 in San Francisco, California. He has become even more conscious of his health since his mother passed away in 2014 from cancer. If you don’t like our faces, listen to our fortnightly podcast E-Junkies where we lepak one corner with famous people, Your daily good stuff - AsiaOne stories delivered straight to your inbox, AsiaOne Online Pte Ltd. Company Registration No. It also helps that the lucrative Chinese box office market has given Asian actors a boost in Hollywood films. Born in Berkeley, California, to Shanghainese parents Diana and George Wu, the American got into acting quite by chance. Yet, Hong Kong-American actor Daniel Wu dropped a bombshell on Instagram with some juicy deets about his sex life — or lack thereof. "No, I wouldn't say that," he replies. Daniel's photo was accompanied with the caption: "Hand sanitiser has become a rare commodity these days. For the role, Wu lost 5kg to make himself less muscular, to contrast Vikander who bulked up to play Lara Croft. Wu, who is married to model-actress Lisa Selesner (better known as Lisa S.), shares that becoming a father has changed him incredibly. Lisa Selesner is a Channel V veejay and an international model based in Hong Kong.. She was born in Monaco to a French-Chinese father and Jewish American mother, but grew up in New York where she was talent-scouted to be a model at age 14. The actor has been married to international model Lisa S for 10 years and they are both really gorgeous people. Drive in Switzerland with Singapore Driving License, Jennifer Lawrence: A Shinning Star Despite of Nude Photos Leaking, Singapore Actress Scandal: Nadia Fazlini (Photos), How to Convert Driving License in Singapore, Singapore Circle Line Guide: Maps, Facts, First- Last Train. Next up is a role in the Lara Croft movie, Tomb Raider headlined by Alicia Vikander. So, I look from that perspective," explains the 43-year-old, who is based in Hong Kong. In Tomb Raider, for instance, Wu has left all the action to leading lady Vikander. "So, I haven't experienced that, although I have many Asian-American actor-friends who have stuff like that happen, where they didn't get a part because they are the wrong skin colour or people didn't see an Asian playing a certain type of role. In the Chinese language film industry, Wu is known as a “flexible and distinctive” leading actor. Definitely that does happen, but it hasn't happened to me yet.". Inquisitive minds want to know, and thankfully, one commenter went to dig up the hard truth and asked how marriage equates to genital cleanliness. While it's easy to stamp him as an action star, Wu admits to being happy working on a small drama just as much as he enjoys making a big movie like Tomb Raider. According to Wu, he goes where interesting work takes him, be it in Asia or in Hollywood. If I am not working on a film, I am working on something else. "But honestly being married for almost 10 years, I would say my genitals are probably the cleanest part of my body so why would I need to sanitise after touching them?". The couple has since been living in the United States with their 6-year-old daughter Raven. If there is one thing Wu has made sure from the start of his career is that, he wants to play a wide variety of characters. You can make as much money as you want, but if you are not healthy, it's worthless," Wu declares. He went to Hong Kong in 1997 to witness the handover of the island to China. 1 priority and work has taken second place to that. Psst! Your email address will not be published. Lisa Selesner Biography. Wu also rebuilt a vintage car which was displayed at last year's automotive speciality products trade event in Las Vegas. Clearly netizens had a field day because they could not. His zodiac sign is Libra. So it's an organic natural progression, I think.". Check out the most popular tourists spots before you travel! We are giving away movie passes here. Daniel Wu Biography. That's not all. He states: "(Now) you have to find ways to preserve your energy and also just take care of yourself. When he ran out of money, the 1.82m-tall Wu started to model, which caught the attention of film director Yonfan, who then cast him in Bishonen. We are giving away movie passes here. Then, 'thirsty' commenters appeared — like bees drawn to honey — and turned up the heat with their abundant desire. The 45-year-old actor thanked his supermodel wife for 18 years of love and companionship. "Badlands came about because I was asked to be an executive producer, and eventually asked to play the lead role in it. "I wasn't going to LA all the time to audition and trying out for parts. Only Lisa does, and we're sure she ain't kissing and telling. (For Dream House) we redesigned homes in rural villages. [embed][/embed]. Wu, who has two children aged 12 and 10 with ex-wife and former actress Wong Li-Lin, is dating Miss Malaysia World 2012 and model-emcee Yvonne Lee, 29, who came in second in The Amazing Race Asia 5. Lisa Selesner wed Daniel Wu in South Africa! Wu is proof that leading a full life - one that is balanced between the pursuits of passion and family time - is not impossible. I have a small collection of vintage cars and wanted to redesign a car from the ground up. "In the past year, I have been able to go back to what I studied in school. Daniel is still a married man after all and he's also a father to Raven, his six-year-old daughter. "Geostorm happened before that … and Tomb Raider came up after we were finishing up Badlands. It is worth noting that there's a possibility Daniel was being facetious as he did preface his caption by admitting that he was "trying to find some humour in all of this coronavirus craziness". Daniel Wu has been in a relationship with Maggie Q.. About. And we've got three words in response: Can you believe? If you don’t like our faces, listen to our fortnightly podcast E-Junkies where we lepak one corner with famous people, Your daily good stuff - AsiaOne stories delivered straight to your inbox, AsiaOne Online Pte Ltd. Company Registration No. One of his designs on that show received a nomination in the Royal Institute of British Architects' International Prize 2018. Because in the 40s you can't skip days; if you do then you start to fall apart.". In his desire to live a good life, he has expanded his work spec beyond acting. Psst! Last year, he put the degree to use by participating in a Chinese reality show called Dream House, which saw him travelling to different parts of China to give make-overs to old buildings. In an Instagram post last month, the 45-year-old posted a picture of a hand sanitiser with a label that strangely read "Maybe you touched your genitals". It should work right? Daniel Wu Age : 201815023K. "And as for the car thing, I always had a passion for vintage cars. "Before, I would just take on jobs just to keep busy. Just three words, and he left it at that. Now, family is my No. "These are like creative passion things that I like to do. Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu with his wife, Hong Kong-based American model-host Lisa Selesner (more commonly known as Lisa S), and their first child, a daughter they named Raven in 2013. Which is true, I guess," he adds with a laugh. That led to another movie, and another and so forth. "I asked her the other day if she knows what my job is and she said, 'Yeah. Like what Madonna once sang, “Everybody goes to Hollywood” and doing just that probably cost Hongkong actor Daniel Wu, 45, millions.. Relationships. The comments started rather innocuous, with some lamenting that it was a pity while others pointed out that such was the reality of marriage. To date, Wu has worked on some 70 movies and TV series including Young & Dangerous: The Prequel, Gen-X Cops, 2000 AD, New Police Story, The Banquet, Shinjuku Incident, as well as recent Hollywood productions: Warcraft: The Beginning, Geostorm and Into The Badlands. Most of the parts I am doing, the productions come and approach me - to see if I am interested in working with them. Sleep well, work out on a regular basis, be disciplined about it. Wu offers: "She trained really, really, hard for the role. You would think one of Asia's celebrity sex symbols would have no problem getting some lovin' from his It was enough to make us blush just a tad. Having been an active person since young - among his favourite activities are basketball, boxing and wushu - Wu realises, the endless energy he had when he was in his 20s is somewhat diminished now that he is in his 40s. Not to mention, since #OscarsSoWhite, Hollywood has made an effort to make its productions more diverse. : 201815023K. Ong is seeing local make-up artist Linda Lee. Daniel Wu is a member of the following lists: American film … We don't know why someone would put that on a hand sanitiser but maybe the company thought it was a cheeky way to get people to disinfect their hands regularly. We were able to find this on Amazon. "And so, when I look at work, I see how that affects my family, or how it can enrich my family - by going to Ireland for eight months (to shoot TV series Into The Badlands), my daughter gets to see a whole different world for a long period of time. "I'm not 100 per cent sure if my daughter is aware of what I do for a living," says actor Daniel Wu over the phone about his four-year-old daughter, Raven. So, I bought a 45-year-old car, took it apart and re-imagined it as if it was something new. Wu had graduated from University Of Oregon's College of Design with a bachelor's degree in architecture in 1997. Photo: Weibo Since his film debut in 1998, Wu has been featured in over 60 films. I was surprised her small frame could take on that much muscle … To see her transform physically was kind of amazing, she became more powerful as she got stronger, more confident … she became like this warrior.". Tomb Raider, he says, offers him an opportunity to enter a well-accepted franchise, rebooted in a fresh way. "Nothing is more important than your health. "But I'm not consciously making a rush into Hollywood," he mentions. Daniel Wu (吳彥祖) celebrated his 10-year wedding anniversary with Lisa S when he posted a never-before-seen wedding photo from South Africa. Yikes! Keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something Wu is familiar with. But has being an Asian ever cost him any roles in the past? His character, Lu Ren, is a ship captain who helps Lara as she journeys to the ends of the world to find the truth behind her father's disappearance. Down, boy. But, this is something we'll never be certain about. I am kind of a workaholic. [embed][/embed]. Daniel Wu Yan-Zu is an American-born Hong Kong actor, director and producer who stars in the AMC martial arts drama series Into the Badlands. One even cheekily suggested lotion instead of hand gel — and that is pretty self-explanatory. You are working (to pay) for my college.' Privacy. You would think one of Asia's celebrity sex symbols would have no problem getting some lovin' from his wife.

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