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What’s the difference between personality and behavior? © Copyright Fruitful 01527 888946 2020. When in a relationship with another conscientious personality, it is important for them to try to consider new ideas and avoid being overly critical of one another. Feedback should be direct, critical, and delivered with logical reasoning. Creating specific policies and rules for others to follow. How well or how strongly this matches your own CS style will depend on how close your dot is to the edge. Questioners tend to thrive in environments that are more autonomous and value accuracy, logic, and pragmatism. John Wiley & Sons, Inc or its associated companies, are the authorized users or owners of DiSC and 2 EVERYTHING DiSC and associated trademarks within this document. A high-ranking Conscientiousness style is associated with being self-reliant and ambitious. How About You? Avoid showing your frustration in your face; take a moment to step outside and breathe before expressing how your expectations aren’t being met and offering potential solutions. The DiSC model can be further divided into 12 different regions where a person’s dot may be located. CD: Clear, thought out, and logical style. They enjoy directing others by setting clear expectations. The C is conscientious and even-tempered. Greater insight. So, you may show behaviours from each of the other quadrants and are able to adapt your styles accordingly, although some may be easier to adapt to than others. Click through the slides below to learn more about CD types: Select the word that most describes you and the word that least describes you. The S style is motivated by support, stability and collaboration. Focusing on the primary reasons for a problem rather than the symptoms. When communicating with the S style, be polite, personal and clarify your expectations. They have to consider the feelings of others. Questioners can help more emotional, enthusiastic coworkers analyze and question new ideas. ©2020 Personality Profile Solutions, LLC. Why I chose this art piece for the CS style Other Everything DiSC profiles are available for Management, Sales, Productive Conflict, Agile EQ, and Work of Leaders. SC: A progress-based style with a focus on a calm work environment, CS: A humble work style with a preference for stability, C: Focus on clear communication, accurate results, and an analytical style. Listen to the podcast here to learn more about the ‘D’ style. The prefer support and are slow to adjust to change. Learn how your comment data is processed. When we talk […] They are asked to give performance feedback to others. Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales, © 2020 Respect, Inc Copyright 2019 All Rights Reserved, What are the DiSC® Personality Types? Because C Personality Types take great pride in being accurate and correct, they fear criticism. When communicating with the i style, don’t overload them with details, be upbeat and focus on the positives, allow them time to talk and discuss their opinions. C styles are instinctive organizers, who can both create and maintain systems. A high Influence ranking is associated with being sociable, communicative, and a need for acceptance by others. Marigolds and Tangerines, by Felix Vallotton, Traits associated with this personality: Perfectionist, cautious, reflective, stable, reliable, orderly, even-tempered, fair-minded, precise, well-prepared, careful, patient, conventional, self-controlled, Fears: Emotionally charged situations, ambiguity, Influences others through: Practicality, attention to detail, Overuses: Traditional methods, sense of caution, In conflict: Encourages a calm demeanor, avoids emotional situations, Would increase effectiveness through: Showing flexibility, being decisive, showing urgency. Having ownership over the quality of their work.,, Everything DiSC Marrying Agile EQ (Emotional Intelligence). Showing people how to do things the correct way. The C does desire reassurance from others and fears being criticized. Although you may show a strong inclination for one/two styles, everyone is a blend of all four DiSC styles. While many professionals are familiar with the main four dimensions…. Questioners thrive in positions where they can be hyper-efficient, achieving results with minimal waste and distraction. When working with a C Personality Style, it's best to be prepared when possible. Curious about your own style? Other Everything DiSC profiles are available for Management, Sales, Productive Conflict, Agile EQ, and Work of Leaders. Displaying frustration when standards for performance are not met. If you want a quick review of your own style, or if you’re looking for help working with a CS-style person, we hope this short summary will help you out. This makes them well-suited for environments that are more autonomous and value accuracy, logic, and pragmatism. Appearing cold, detached or uninvolved when interacting with others. Human behavior is not cut and dry, or black and white, which is why DISC theory consists of a combination of four DISC personality styles. Be patient, persistent and diplomatic, and remember that they fear criticism. In truth, however, it’s actually measuring your natural behavioral style, specifically how you “default-behave” in varying contexts/situations (in other words, your default temperament). JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Staying aware of the personal and emotional needs of other people. Checking in frequently to make sure people are on the same page. Their direct reports are continually distracted. They will avoid conflict rather than argue, and it is difficult to get them to verbalize their feelings. Listen to the podcast here to find out more about the ‘S’ style. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. They have to consider the feelings of others. They do not need to be social at work and would be fine working alone. I am in business to fuel a more empathetic and compassionate workplace and world. Free DISC Personality Test. Confidence and performing well in stressful situations are common of someone ranking high in dominance. DiSC C style. Meetings should be minimal, formally scheduled, and with a prepared agenda. Their analytical perception of life brings unique qualities to … DiSC Value Profiles offers a wide range of Wiley Authorized DiSC® products that help determine behavioral tendencies and workplace styles. CD: Clear, thought out, and logical style. The C style brings perspective to groups and tend to be the "anchor of reality" in team thought. Do not speak in broad generalizations with no specifics; use details and explanations when possible. The C may need to focus more on people in order to build strong relationships, as they may have a tendency to focus on tasks more than people and want to work alone. Listen to the podcast here to find out more about the ‘i’ style. Simply call or contact us today to get started! They are usually more reserved in their interactions and relating to others in a more distant and detached manner, building trust slowly. | Registered in England and Wales company registration number 7526998. Di: convincing and daring iD: animated and inspiring iS: upbeat and lighthearted Si: supportive and agreeable SC: modest and unassuming CS: quiet and self-controlled CD: unsentimental and matter-of-fact DC: resolute and strong-willed. Making changes quickly and decisively, potentially disrupting the work of others. If you have any questions at all- please get in touch. Emails should be clear, business-like, and factual. Many people think DiSC is a measure of personality. Everything DiSC®, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™, and PXT Select™ are registered trademarks of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. All rights reserved. Therefore, it’s important to know what kinds of activities energize each personality type and what activities drain them. Your DiSC profile will detail more about your particular style and your stressors and motivators. The Everything DiSC® assessment will provide you with a clearer picture of the degree to which you prefer your personal style. This, in turn, leads to more productive relationships. They are hesitant to join social groups and take longer to become comfortable with others. Humble leaders: DiSC SC or CS style leadership. A Deeper Look At 12 Styles, Dominance: An assertive and decisive personality, Influence: An outgoing and social personality, Steadiness: A calm, routine-based, and reserved personality, Conscientiousness: An analytical and systematic personality.

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