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I second that–it would have been a great high-end companion to the Dodge Wayfarer, though that one didn’t come out until ’49. Een zakelijke bijeenkomst met veel mensen? Re the 1948 Hudson: “It is implied that it was provided by the insurance company, so perhaps that is why it wasn’t a new Chrysler or LaSalle:”. The aspirational component behind Cadillac ownership which is alluded to in much of DMD is gone, and I doubt we’ll ever see it again. Lincoln did this much better than Mercedes did in the 1970s and beyond. Paper sizes: A3 (297mm x 420mm / 16.5" x 11.7") I lived in Falls Church, Va around 1986, and my route to work passed through an older neighborhood. Hij huurt Hoke Coleburn in als haar chauffeur. Ironically when Cadillac really tried to channel Mercedes they came up with the 1980 Seville, which rather perversely had a late-1930’s thing going on at the rear end. Also mirroring real life is that at the end of the movie we see Boolie abandon Cadillacs in favor of a W109 Mercedes-Benz, specifically a circa-1971 300SEL. The car ran when it was parked back in the late 1980s, so maybe the new owner will be lucky and have little trouble getting it to run again. I recall an acquaintance owned a BMW at that time. Thanks for this – it’s one of the best car spotting movies (aside from Gone in 60 Seconds or The Fast and the Furious) I can think of – and the fastidious attention to period detail relating to cars is something which is sorely lacking in many of todays films which feature vintage cars! Up to 1976 or so, I saw very few MB’s, BMW’s, Jags, and other “foreign” luxury makes. More cars from this movie can be seen here. Up until then it was a nice collection of GM…the Caprice, Regency, and Electra’s were the sedans of choice for the commuter crowd while the wives piloted Thunderbirds, Grand Prixs, Cutluss Supreme’s, and Estate, Safari, and Vista Cruiser Wagons. When I was running a Sunoco station in Richmond in 1972-73, my upper middle class customers – physicians, lawyers and self made businessmen – drove Cadillacs, Buicks and Oldsmobiles, with plenty of Ford Country Squires thrown in. BTW, didn’t you say you had some errands you needed to run today? Or subscribe without commenting. Except among enthusiasts, I didn’t really see Mercedes and BMW making inroads until 1976 or so. I was around Beverly Hills, Hollywood, malibu a lot then. But don’t think I knew one reformed/liberal Jew who would drive a Mercedes to Temple on a Saturday. I was very fortunate to see the car used in the Driving Miss Daisy Movie. No German car or brown dress/suit was EVER seen in their homes! I’ve seen soccer moms w/ CUV’s in 2000 square foot houses. Tot afgrijzen van zijn moeder die helemaal niet zit te wachten op iemand die niet alleen van geloof en afkomst anders is, maar ook van huidskleur. My Lord. The W116 was in my opinion one of the finest cars ever built but my buddy’s new S550 does not a thing for me. All beautiful cars. One my clients (stinking old money rich) has one on order with a six month delivery time. Pretty cool dealership, eh? Lord ha’mercy, should I jump into this? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He was seriously close to being a presidential candidate in 1924. This 1949 model is listed for sale here on Craigslist. It's a fond memory for her; we see her thinking about it in the film's final scene, driving away from us. There was a plant guard at the company I worked for in 1973, that had a similar car. More than a few of them were trading in their Cadillacs or Lincolns for a Mercedes-Benz or even a BMW Bavaria in the early 1970’s. I cant re-shoot it, or CGI the Mercedes out, so who cares, really? Driving Miss Daisy: acteerwerk van het hoogste niveau . It was in drivable condition at that time. But, instead of the cars, The Werthan house always inspired my envy. Many exterior shots of DMD were filmed around Decatur, GA, a suburb of Atlanta. Looks like he accomplished the task. My Great Aunt and Uncle, who lived around the corner, replaced their ’65 LeBaron with a ’73 (and the ’65 replaced a ’55), while the couple across the street from them had a his and her set of ’64 Cadillacs – his a sedan, hers a coupe. Tastes change, too, because people change. He purchases each one, with his own money, when Boolie upgrades the car. No Jew at that epoch would have bought a German car. Lincoln did this much better than Mercedes did in the 1970s and beyond. The point is this. That said, I have never felt that way about any vehicle that I have bought. I recall it had huge headlights adorning a massive grille. But the scene where Dan drives the Brougham up the driveway is still my favorite. Ultimately, he was unwilling to pay more money for what he saw as less luxury. Here’s the money shot from the movie, DRIVING MISS DAISY. His next car was an Oldsmobile, then a Jeep Grand Cherokee. “… why jump from a 55 Sixty Special (high end) to a 65 Calais (low end) then back to another Sixty Special for 1970? re-read your response: it’s aggressive, as in spoiling for a fight. Besides, real old money tended to drive Buicks….seen as less vulgar. I’ve been meaning to write about that and other finds at the same little show, Tom was clearly trying to subliminally get me off my duff. Like many people of that era – particularly farmers – he viewed the finance sector as being heavily influenced by Jewish people. But still, I love it. They barely go over 35 mph. Hard to find and neither ran very well. One of my favorite movies as well. I also like all of these cars, but I’m sooooo into the fastback Caddy, which is in the perfect color for that model. Must have been something appealing about that Mercedes, in the heart of the conservative South(west)! Milestone year for Cadillac. The ’55 model may be the best, though, with its chrome side strip that turns 90 degrees into the quarter panel instead of ’54’s faux air scoop. All Rights Reserved. I have no problem with anyone making a buck but it drives me nuts that nobody wants to do a little work for it. zzzzz…. I owned the ‘47 Chrysler Royal after the show and worked the picture cars every day on set. One thing I can say from personal experience, switching to a Merc back then required a re-think on what constituted luxury. A crew of people in transportation located cars which were ultimately approved by the director, Bruce Beresford. EXCELLENT movie all around! Cadillacs were not crap in 1971 (although they had certainly been cheapened), but they were increasingly common and people who want exclusivity went elsewhere. As the movie is about Daisy Werthan, an elderly lady being forced to use a chauffeur after wrecking her 1946-48 Chrysler (and in spectacular fashion), cars play a prominent role. I think, in the 40’s and 50’s you could order “export” models in many makes which had tougher components, suspensions, and sometimes batteries, generators, and different rear axel ratios. Hey, I sat in Miss Daisy’s Chrysler at a show In October! That may not have been quite the common case in Atlanta, but the ice was well broken in Hollywood by then, if not earlier. © 2020 Driving Miss Daisy. To the comment about chauffeurs driving Cadillacs: in a 1953 (I think) movie titled “The Caddy,” starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, the two pals are seen walking through the parking lot of an exclusive golf country club, whose aisles of cars are practically all late-model tail-finned Cadillacs.

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