frightened sentence

Suddenly several men came running up the avenue with frightened faces. The possessor of the One Ring, Frodo is frightened by Gandalf's warnings. I began to feel frightened. 5. And the excited, alien face of that man, his bayonet hanging down, holding his breath, and running so lightly, frightened Rostov. He was frightened and cold. asked Natasha in a frightened tone. ), when all other foreign merchants were frightened away. What sportsmen! When I found out Shipton had fallen, it frightened me to death. Pregnant teens often feel frightened and uncertain. frightened to take my trombone out of its case. If he was frightened, he gave no indication. The warriors range from ninjas to swordsmen to odd guys dressed to frighten you. They utter a sharp whistling sound not unlike that of the chamois, but when greatly irritated or frightened make a peculiar snorting noise. How had he managed to drive all the frightened little animals into this place of safety? The Word "Frighten" in Example Sentences. "Natasha, Natasha!" I recognize that many parents are overwhelmed and even frightened by the information they may hear about teen drug and alcohol use but I always like to say, "Don't be afraid, be informed!". I added, "They were frightened after what happened to me at Howie Abbott's house.". The noise from the machine that circulated the oxygen frightened her. said Pierre in answer to a frightened gesture of Anatole's. The rustle of the battle of Tarutino frightened the beast, and it rushed forward onto the hunter's gun, reached him, turned back, and finally--like any wild beast--ran back along the most disadvantageous and dangerous path, where the old scent was familiar. The encounter had frightened him more than he would admit. The satisfaction and well-being he garnered frightened him. Franklin, appealed to by the governor, raised a troop sufficient to frighten away the " Paxton boys," and for the moment there seemed a possibility of an understanding between Franklin and the proprietors. It was very beautiful; but the idle fairies were too much frightened at the mischief their disobedience had caused, to admire the beauty of the forest, and at once tried to hide themselves among the bushes, lest King Frost should come and punish them. If Charles had lived to see the beginning of the French Revolution he would probably have been frightened into reaction. The prince looked at his daughter's frightened face and snorted. Frightened and confused… Questioning everything about him…Thinking him a monster. The grin faded and he started to look frightened. 2. All Rights Reserved. "Now, why frighten them?" I left it all in flames, replied Michaud in a decided tone, but glancing at the Emperor he was frightened by what he had done. I often felt too frightened to take my trombone out of its case. came a frightened cry from a soldier and, like a bird whirring in rapid flight and alighting on the ground, a shell dropped with little noise within two steps of Prince Andrew and close to the battalion commander's horse. Sentiments of limited independence of the British government had been developing since the very beginning of the settlement (see Massachusetts), and their strength in 1689 had been strikingly exhibited in the local revolution of that year, when the royal governor, Sir Edmund Andros, and other high officials, were frightened into surrender and were imprisoned. but he really meant, "Are you frightened here?" Brandishing spears, swords, or stolen swords, their skin patterned with blue woad to frighten thei enemy. In 1831 Governor Victoria was deposed; in 1835 Governor Mariano Chico was frightened out of the province; in 1836 Governor Nicolas Gutierrez and in 1844-1845 Governor Manuel Micheltorena were driven out of office. Most of them had shown very little political or military skill, and several were ready to betray each other. 5 He would never frighten anyone or cause them any harm . For a moment he looked frightened, and then he nodded. The family are too frightened to fight for their own rights or the rights of their children. Pierre replied, looking at Prince Andrew with frightened, compassionate eyes. A woman raped, or a person screaming for mercy or a child frightened to death, helpless and pleading for their mother? CK 1 … The children were inclined to be frightened by the sight of the small animal, which reminded them of the bears; but Dorothy reassured them by explaining that Eureka was a pet and could do no harm even if she wished to. Jennifer asked "Probably to frighten us off," Dean answered. By this time both Joel & I were yelling at the top of our lungs too, which frightened her even further. "Why not?" One desperate, frightened yell from the first French soldier who saw the Cossacks, and all who were in the camp, undressed and only just waking up, ran off in all directions, abandoning cannons, muskets, and horses. She was frightened out of her wits, like the rest of us but it's not like her to just drop out of sight, unless Quinn talked her into it. They have been left very frightened by what's happened. James at first relaxed the penalties under which the Roman Catholics suffered, then he grew frightened by the increase of their numbers and reimposed the penalties. "I ain't got no money," Dean said, trying to sound frightened, which somehow came very easily. whispered their frightened voices. Sleep disruptions throughout childhood also cause disruptions for the entire family, particularly parents who must attend to the frightened child and soothe the child back to sleep. repeated listenings - so don't be frightened off by the first play. Pale, frightened people were doing something around the workman. Confucius was frightened by what he saw, - and he undertook the work of reformation.". I didn't want to come right out and say Betsy was frightened to stay alone so I just shrugged. Frodo and Sam have left the band, frightened at the influence the Ring they carry is having on their fellows, and resolved to complete the quest alone. 2. ST: " New things frighten some people; you can notice that even in children, they feel afraid, insecure " .

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