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In other words, he phoned it in. As a disabled veteran from the Midwest who has friends in Detroit, I totally empathized with Clint’s character and the realistic depiction of urban blight and street thugs. Gran Torino is an amazing movie. Many also picked the film as a Best Picture candidate. For weeks, as the road to Oscars’ Feb. 22 ceremony in Hollywood has laid out in front of award watchers, critics and industry groups have continually turned their heads as “Gran Torino” drove by — no Golden Globes or Broadcast Critics Choice awards, no nominations by producers, directors, actors or writers guilds. (For a slideshow of nominees, click here, and for a list of nominees, click here.). But “Gran Torino” isn’t politically correct and since most Academy voters are extremely liberal and PC it is no wonder he was left out. I am still shocked and sickened by it’s complete lack of nominations. This was a Typical Hollywood F… Up. I have seen a lot of movies in my life time and I must say that I have good taste in movies. the “oscars” will eventually be a thing of the past and they will owe it all to their own stupidity in regards to choosing movies that the general public feel hollywood is for some reason way off track on. But when I heard that Gran Torino did not get any nominations, I was in disbelief! The barbershop scene alone was a winner. i just read all the other blogs and there is a common unanimous theme…..that gran torino has been snubbed, that it is a complete travesty and miscarriage of justice and that everyone was moved and loved this film. UN General Assembly President Accuses Israel of "G... NY Times Shocking Expose: Bush Justice Dep't Hired... #dontgo: Oppose the Generational Theft Act of 2009, Palestinian Thugs Attack & Injure 7 NYPD Officers. I have always enjoyed his movies but this has to be the best. They no longer saw them as the “enemy” but their neighbor, friend or just a good person. I can’t Believe Clint Eastwood got Snubbed. but benny buttons makes it? It only grossed $1,889 off each one for $861,000, a take that moved its needle up to $531.7 million domestically. I’ve never agreed with the Oscarss much, but they have always been fun to watch, and I usually like about 60% of the nominations. This work is truly a magnificent vehicle of film entertainment. Winslet did, however, land in the best actress race for “The Reader.”. I'm sure they'll give him a Lifetime Achievement Award next year to make up for this year's snub. It represents what is going on in the United States and is very real. Please! Gran Torino was one of the best movies I have ever seen. Your neighbors, my neighbors, finding real connection. Gran Torino was an awesome movie on many levels. For more information on our comment policy, see My wife and I saw Gran Torino last month after my son recommended we see it. It made me just think about life and after that effect wore off I thought about the movie. The Academy needs to get their heads out of their PC ass. 1 for a second weekend. These are bought and sold, rarely earned.Now hold a viewers’ choice and this touching, sadly beautiful film would win. Of the movies that have been nominated for the Oscar, I have only seen two as of right now. Not because it was a BETTER story, or better told through his calculated mind’s eye, as Million Dollar Baby was a phenominal piece, expertly unfolded. What a joke! January 22, 2009 It was perhaps the biggest snub of the Oscar nominations, actor/director Clint Eastwood’s “Gran Torino” was overlooked by voters at … Being left-wing does NOT mean being politically correct. “Button” obviously addresses the age issue, but I haven’t seen it so I can’t speak to its other social significances. We should all get together and send a message to the Oscar nomination boards that they’ve made a massive mistake. all woven together in a plot driven by character development, convicting in ways but NEVER preachy. My husband and I viewed this movie together and were filled with many emotions. There is no talent in acting crazy, when you are crazy on drugs… You go Clint! It seemed as if film’s editors didn’t know what to cut, so they simply left everything in. This may be Mr Eastwood’s last picture, too. When I heard Gran Torino didn’t receive any Oscar nominations – not one, I couldn’t help but feel that Clint had the bad luck of being involved with something made in Detroit and got kicked in the teeth like everything else around here. As for the ones chosed over it for an Oscar… 4 of them have some liberal political message… All of them arguably are flops or disappointments at the box office. this will show in the oscars viewer ratings. Gran Torino sucked. Go back aways. He also directed the fact-based corruption drama “Changeling,” which earned three nominations, including best actress for Angelina Jolie. “These are historically low staffing levels.”, “This race is far closer than some of the punditry we’re seeing on Twitter and on TV would suggest.”, “Yeah, this is a valid email, I was involved in the communication…”, “It’s not a great feeling when you get the sense the campaign manager doesn’t deep down think we’re going to win.”, More on the PA mayor that fired her police Chief over wife’s pro-Trump FB posts, Saudi foreign minister: *Now* would be a very good time for serious negotiations on Palestine, Denver shooter of Trump supporter to be charged with 2nd degree murder, On the campaign trail: A reporter did his job and Joe Biden lost his mind. However, other “Dark Knight” nods were in technical categories such as visual effects, art direction and cinematography. Two years later, a conversation reminds me of Clint Eastwood and I feel compelled to call my dad and ask him if he’s seen this movie, and if not, to get out there and watch it! My husband and I saw Grand Traino,we thought it was a wonderful film. The politics of the movie run counter to Hollywood’s taste for the most part, although the theme of the futility of vigilante justice should have gained it some notice. And, how the values of a generation past were actually more productive. All Rights Reserved. In other surprises, Leonardo DiCaprio was shut out of the best actor category after turning in a strong performance in dark drama “Revolutionary Road,” and that film, which also starred Kate Winslet, also failed to make it in the best film and best director category with its filmmaker Sam Mendes (Winslet’s husband). I loved Gran Torino. By James Hirsen I don’t care what the Academy says, this movie is a masterpiece. In third place, Gran Torino outgrossed and outranked the Best Picture gang: Slumdog Millionaire ($10.6 million), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ($6 million), Frost/Nixon ($3 million), The Reader ($1.4 million) and Milk ($864,342). I can only think that such a political system is why a masterpiece like this failed to be nominated. Eastwood’s performance was riviting, his direction was very fluid and entertaining, and his theme song was hauntingly melodic. I can’t be more disgusted by the ignorance of the “Academy” for not recognizing this brilliant, real life and touching film. 3. One last emergency for “ER”s Clooney and Margulies? © 2020 E! We all know it deserved an Oscar and so does Clint for Best Actor. I saw Gran Torino over the weekend – like others, I could not leave my seat to go to the restroom or the snack bar. I must say that I don’t follow the Oscar’s much at all and after seeing Gran Torino I was 100% certain that I would not miss watching the Oscar’s this year. I think maybe the Academy finds poetic justice uncool. Nancy Pelosi giving Trump 48 hours to agree to her pork demands in COVID relief or ELSE goes hilariously wrong, CCPA - Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Gran Torino, Dark Knight shut out at the Oscars. “The Dark Knight,” with eight nominations, and “WALL-E” with six, clearly scored with Oscar voters, but that was small consolation for Travers. • If Warners was vexed by The Dark Knight's Best Picture snub and Gran Torino's everything snub (it received zero nominations), its mood likely wasn't improved by Inkheart's audience snub. He deserves to be nominated for best picture and best actor…what a shame. I don’t know if the Oscars are even worth watching if those who make the decisions can overlook this film. And they're both very popular—except among Academy voters. With that said, I just saw Grand Torino for the first time tonight and I have to say, “Wow, what a movie!” This movie was spectacular and I cannot believe it was snubbed at the Oscars. The tale launches with Walt refusing to fulfill his wife’s deathbed request that he confess his sins to a “27-year-old, over-educated, virgin priest.”. Blacks and hispanics in the movie are thugs, which is not politically correct. This is a great American movie, with a powerful message of the possibility of American redemption. WHAT? I’ve seen most of the movies nominated, and while they are all great, Gran Torino rates among the top 3. I'm sure they'll give him a Lifetime Achievement Award next year to make up for this year's snub. America loves your movies, and the box office proves it. How the Academy could ignore this film is beyond me. 4. There were plenty of snubs in this year’s Oscar nominations.Although the blockbuster “The Dark Knight” picked up eight nominations, tying “Milk” for the third-highest total, the Batman sequel failed to snag either a Best Picture or a Best Director nomination. Gran Torino, you won the Oscar in my book. Hollywood is full of the left wing, “Hate America” crowd so I guess I should have expected Gran Torino to get snubbed. Thank you Mr. Eastwood and the many actors who contributed to such an amazing film. 11:45 PM PST 2/22/2009 by Steven Zeitchik , AP FACEBOOK; TWITTER; EMAIL ME; Empty It could have been the year of the studios. It’s a crime that the Academy snubbed it. I saw “Gran Torino” last Friday night and absolutely loved it. Has gotten to the point that I don’t even bother with critics choice. My husband and I searched for a movie to catch this evening and decided on Gran Torino because we are Clint Eastwood fans. Benjamin Button by all rights should have the least nominations. I have loved all of Clint Eastwood’s directorial excursions, but to me Gran Torino was every bit as good as Million Dollar Baby, my favorite from the actor/director. It has so much to say. My dad plays that “grumpy old man” bit to a tee every day, whether he realizes it or not. And we’d do it all over again. Perhaps she less than I liked Dirty Harry but so what? The academy really dropped the ball on this one. Amazing film thank you. A 2009 SCOTUS ruling may require Barrett to recuse herself from 2020 election cases, Seattle: At least 118 police officer have left the department this year, mayor receiving a stream of threats, Memo from Biden campaign manager: Our polling shows Trump is neck and neck with us in the battlegrounds, The Associated Press finally talks about the Hunter Biden emails, but…. Truly touching and I was pleasantly surprised at the well placed humor as well. After the nominations were announced, my wife and I went to see, “Benjamin Button: Meet Joe Black.” Or, perhaps an even more apropos title would be, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, In Which Nobody Ever Asks the Title Character Anything Regarding His ‘Reverse Aging’ Thing.”.

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