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“Nicky Barnes’s lifestyle and his value system is extinct,” he went on, ... One was his ex-wife, Thelma Grant, who pleaded guilty to federal drug charges and served 10 years in prison. Barnes' dream of creating a huge drug empire was interrupted in 1965. He was born as Leroy Nicholas Barnes in 1933 to the parents belonging to Afro-American ethnicity. His fame and public image angered President Jimmy Carter, so he pressured his people to put great efforts into his investigation. The three women say they understand how much death and destruction their fathers inflicted. [1] The Justice Department prosecuted Barnes for his drug-related crimes and sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole on January 19, 1978. "When I went to the joint, I gave Guy Fisher a woman of mine and told him to look out for her, take care of her," Barnes said. Login Top Answer. Barnes was often followed by law enforcement surveillance teams and enjoyed leading them on wild goose chases. Their mothers were, too. The officers on the scene discovered more than $130,000 in cash in his car, and claimed that Barnes tried to bribe them—a claim he disputed. Her father, Frank Lucas, is the subject of “American Gangster.”. There he converted to Islam, and studied law journals. Barnes eventually decided to testify against some of his former associates, including Guy Fisher, in an attempt to shorten his sentence. Leroy Nicholas Barnes (October 15, 1933 – June 18, 2012) was an American crime boss, active in New York City during the 1970s. Leroy Nicholas ‘Nicky’ Barnes is a Harlem, New York City-born former notorious criminal, later government informant, initially best known for leading “The Council”, the New York-based criminal organization. Barnes, who hated mug shots, agreed and took the shot. In 1998, he was released from prison. The following year, Barnes was found not guilty in the bribery case, and acquitted in the murder case. According to the case presented by United States attorney Robert B. Fiske Jr., the defendants had been selling roughly $1 million worth of heroin a month from a Harlem garage. See In 1966, Barnes received a 15-to-20-year sentence, and went back to Green Haven State Prison. The U. S. Justice Department and the Attorney General prosecuted him for his drug trafficking. The world learned the answer in June, when the enterprising and intrepid Sam Roberts of the New York Times wrote an obit headlined, “Nicky Barnes, ‘Mr. Stanley Tookie Williams is best known for founding the violent Crips gang. He was forty-eight when he decided to cooperate, and sixty-six when he finally walked out of prison, a not exactly free man. They controlled dozens of mid-level distributors and hundreds of street dealers. He was released from prison in 1998 and entered the U. S. Federal Witness Protection Program. He left home in his teens to get away from his abusive alcoholic father. Gangster Dutch Schultz built up a criminal network that included bootlegging, illegal gambling and murder. Asked by Wiki User. She was murdered by the mob. Lorenzo Nichols was one of the top drug lords in New York City in the 1980s. He says he was young, he just wanted to make money and that’s the only way he thought he could. Cuba Gooding Jr. portrayed him in the 2007 film American Gangster. In 1978, Nicky Barnes was sentenced to life in prison with no parole and sent to the Marion Federal Penitentiary in Illinois. His biggest enemies were Legs Diamond and the IRS. It is believed while under surveillance, Barnes would often make pointless stops and go on high-speed chases with little purpose other than to aggravate those following him. Untouchable' of Heroin Dealers, Is Dead at 78",,, Federal Bureau of Investigation informants, People who entered the United States Federal Witness Protection Program, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 15:45. Nicky Barnes' wife was Thelma Grant. In fact, Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes, now being portrayed in separate films — “American Gangster,” starring Denzel Washington as Mr. Lucas, and the documentary “Mr. And second, they will be your children’s spouses, their neighbors or, God forbid, the person carjacking you 10 years from now.”. In 1965, the police sent him back to prison for possession of narcotics. The group's motto, according to Barnes, was "treat my brother as I treat myself.". Barnes, who hated mug shots, agreed and took the shot. On June 5, 1977, The New York Times Magazine released an article titled "Mr. Untouchable", featuring Barnes posing on the front cover. Leroy Nicholas “Nicky” Barnes was born in Harlem, New York, on October 15, 1933. “Yeah, I would have to put myself out there, but because there’s a good reason to do it, it was worth it. Mr. Untouchable is an English-language documentary film for HDNet Films, directed by Marc Levin, and produced by Mary-Jane Robinson. [4] The Council also employed contract killers, such as Robert Young aka Willie Sanchez.[6][7][8]. Later he became addicted to drugs like heroin. “I was searching the Internet about Frank Lucas, not knowing he even had a daughter,” Nicole Barnes recalled. It consisted of him and six other gangsters, including Wallace Rice, Guy Fisher, Ishmael Muhammed, Joseph Hayden, Thomas Foreman, and Frank James. After leaving prison, he expanded his drug business to The Bronx and employed more than 50 people. According to Barnes's autobiography, Haynes was killed in attempt to get information from him about his sister's whereabouts. Untouchable,” about Mr. Barnes — were archrivals three decades ago in Harlem’s cutthroat heroin trade. just for Nicky. Nicole and Ebony Barnes remember a lot of cash around their house, but were not sure exactly what their father did. He got nabbed by the police on a drug charge in 1959 and was sentenced to five years at Green Haven State Prison. We strive for accuracy and fairness. He felt betrayed by his associates, so he gave the authorities information about them. [2] The film includes first-hand testimony from Barnes himself and was produced by New York-based Blowback Productions. What if her own children, when they are old enough and learn the truth about their grandfather, decided to emulate him? He ran with a street gang for a time and developed a taste for heroin, which quickly became an addiction. Barnes, however, maintained veto power over the group's decisions. In 1977, Nicky Barnes posed for the cover of The New York Times Magazine. I'm not looking in the rear view mirror to see if anyone is tailing me anymore," he explained.

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