horde council

Now going forward I am very curious as to how future race inclusions will be handled. Same for them. Does the average Horde player know that they are aligned? They’re also jungle trolls, which fall under the Darkspear. Trolls are not one of those races. Unfortunately Blizzard can’t be arsed to remember non-playable races even exist. Only too late did I realize how little I knew. I still think that they won’t bother to include the “lore” races in there. This post was from a user who has deleted their account. You know the more i think about it the stupider the alliance plan to make horde NOT ally with the Zandalari gets. They aren’t allies, they are members in the same sense as Darkspear are. More than that though, I feel it helps encourage the idea that the Horde is trying something new, and trying to make sure that no one voice rules above the others or that any voice in the Horde is forgotten, even if they are from ‘smaller’ groups. The Horde Council. So far, it just seems like every playable race and allied race’s leader is a council member. "Calia: "Oh hello let me just insert myself even harder into the narrative, you see I actually had a role in the meeting in Arathi. I personally think including smaller races (in terms of power / projection) help to make the Horde feel more broad, and varied which fit into their themes of a large group of misfits a bit better. I find it weird too OP but I think the case is that Blizzard doesn’t want to use too many leaders in that scene and likely for distance not everyone is called(Like for example Lilian Voss wasn’t even expected to show up at all). The difference is that the vulpera actively helped the Horde in a significant way - they were a major part in stopping Mythrax yadda yadda , whereas Taunka just qq’d about nerubians. For the Tauren: Magatha Grimmtotem. Potato registered to The Elder Council. And when its all said and done, the player character becomes the Warchief (regardless of horde//alliance affiliation) WoW’s final expansion is you becoming corrupt and Anduin’s son, Varian Jr., comes to slay you before you can say “I didn’t care for the Horde anyways” and escape into a portal. do you also want to subscribe to her OnlyFans? Upon learning that the Alliance was aware of the unrest in Zandalar, their belief that Talanji was working with Sylvanas, and that they had requested to speak with the council, another meeting was held. Liked this . They’ve been part of the Horde since Wrath. I didn't actually just ask Anduin if I could attend, I helped organise it... despite hiding my identity and being snuck into the Gathering and no one knowing I was going to be there until I revealed my identity at the worst possible moment and ruined it all. though i suppose they gotta keep that card for 10.0. Translation:Aggra: "I don't know why I'm here or why Thrall came back but here we are. Seems like they may be shipping Baine and Mayla in the future if her comment isn't simply a "consider him the closest friend I've ever had" kind of thing. I know, right? They could be building a small empire in the Hinterlands right now and we’d be none the wiser. Who I could trust... and who I could not. If I had to headcanon it, their relatively small size and influence means they don’t get a seat.

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