how to use get and got in a sentence

The two young men got down their bows and arrows, and all were busy making plans for the next day. They'd like to search the LeBlanc's place on the off chance our boy broke in there too and maybe got careless. Giving him a few minutes to traverse the drive, she got up and went into the kitchen. a woman answered excitedly and we moved in a wave to a different monitor. It's the same key that got you into Hell. That got me wondering about Annie too; she wasn't found for some time and the papers said she wasn't dead that long. "Martha," Dean said, "you've got to trust in someone sometime. or "Yeah, I got a box in the mail, but it was full of rocks.". Both got and gotten existed as far back as Middle English. "You got a problem with me?" Here are some examples. The sooner they got started, the sooner they would reach Ashley. he said, grabbing her arm. "You got blood all over my floors," he told her, his golden eyes taking her in. We've got 'em on the run now, sure enough. three Rolls Royces and a Bentley. I've got a black and blue mark on my ribs from his version of Saturday night fever. It looks like he'd just come out of the shower and got it from behind, with something heavy. Merrill Cooms new project, After, got off to a start the week we first met Julie. I'm getting a new suit made specially for my wedding. They got wind there might be someone out there in the nether world with incredible abilities they could commandeer. he announced. No more Fish 'n' chips ? Britain's He got us moved to a nicer place; a safer location. It was a hoot at first, reading that stuff, but it got boring in a hurry. All of them are correct. Considering her own feelings about Alex, and the fact that he was a lot like his father, it wasn't hard to imagine that his mother never got over Señor Medena. Have got to + verb phrase means “must.” Both American and British speakers use this phrasing, especially when they want to add emphasis. This is a nice scrape you've got me into, isn't it? "I've got them!" (weather) " The winner will get his prize tomorrow. You've got a better summer job, if you'll accept. I went downstairs and got some cake (she is very fond of sweets). "How is it," she began, as usual in French, settling down briskly and fussily in the easy chair, "how is it Annette never got married? I've got some checking to do before I whip out the bible and swear to it. All this business with her got me thinking about them years— courts and jail and stuff like that. "You've got the bastard part right," Dean muttered. got example sentences. she demanded. And why had he dumped her the minute they got to town? If one wagon got stuck, the rest would have to stop while one of the other teams was unhitched and added to pull the wagon out. Washington, America's first president. If you've got a lick of real ability—even a chance—shit, you'd be stupid not to grab it! I've got the name of a sex offender who bought a Volt Wheel electric bike in Oxnard, California. Tone vs. You've got your big auction on Wednesday. It's just that I got derailed and I need to get on track. Pat McCrory. Besides, you've got too much on your minds— running for sheriff, little Martha leaving and all—you don't need to hear about the ghosts in my closet. You've got a good job as a middle man, but don't let it go to your head. I suppose you wonder what I've got in this box. "I've got a list of people I probably should," he said with gentle humor. But he's absent minded 'cause he forgets he's got a full refrigerator of stuff that's going to rot and stink up the place. Some sources say gotten is the past participle of get, but is that correct?. And the guy from California who got himself killed; him too. "Well, boy, what have you got?" Maybe if you'd all got to know each other better, you'd have become bosom buddies. He got down on his hands and knees and crawled into the cave. He got Petya transferred from Obolenski's regiment to Bezukhov's, which was in training near Moscow. English speakers in North America preserved gotten as the past participle of got. Pure reaction but it got you in the door in a hurry. She waited a moment and then curiosity got the better of her. While Martha is my kindred spirit, Quinn and I always got along fairly well the few times we're all gotten together. He was merely a man of the world who had got on and to whom getting on had become a habit. I thought she was here with you but when I got here, I didn't see her. I cannot make out anything written in my hand, so you see, Ragnhild has got ahead of me in some things. Example sentences with the word got. The car slid off the cliff before I got back. He's got so much going for him—a girl who loves him, a great family, smarts, education, good looks, and you said he's a jock. I've got to tell you, this guy wasn't looking to rip of a TV and the family silver. We got a war to fight and women waiting for us. I skipped the big stuff 'cause I've got no room in my cart, but these threads are something else, ain't they? By the time she got back to the barn, little Adora was already scrambling to her feet. He told me he got on a ship in Galveston and sailed for three years. I've got a contact for you but protect this like your girlfriend at a drunken frat party. If he'd knocked me up I'd have got an abortion. All Rights Reserved. Right. We've got a few thousand kids in real danger of immediate, physical harm. But if it was some guy who took advantage of a high school kid, maybe he got what he deserved. "We've got competition," Betsy announced as I stepped out of the shower. The still air became more charged the closer they got to the center of the storm, the sky darker. Just then his eye fell upon the lanterns and the can of kerosene oil which Zeb had brought from the car of his balloon, and he got a clever idea from those commonplace things. A few minutes later they came in and got Destiny to take her for more x-rays. He'd been in a grumpy mood since he got up. “This storm is still impacting people in a big way,” said Gov. They've got mules to eat now, why would they want to follow us? cookies to provide the best online experience. Pierre got up and, having told them to harness and overtake him, went on foot through the town. He gets very cross when you ask him personal He's dreamy, runs his own um, business, and he's got, like, Superman powers. Past tense: I got my groceries yesterday from the shop down the road. You've got something planned this weekend, but what about Wednesday night? You could sit up as late as you pleased, and, whenever you got up, go abroad without any landlord or house-lord dogging you for rent. It took us two hours to come ten miles from the airport and Julie had to direct him the last mile and she just got here herself. "If they got any sleep," Quinn quipped as he poured pancake batter into the sizzling pan. That got me pissed off and Quinn accused me of always taking Howie's side. Sorry I'm late, the train got (was)  delayed. I tried to get him to visit Woodstock but he just got pissed. He didn't come back, even when it got dark and it was time for them to go inside. "I got special permission to spend some time at the library tonight," he said. She even made my reservations and got me a discount. Sentence Examples. Boss, you had so much malware I don't know how you got anything done. expected. "You've got a rat," he said, reviewing the past hundred years of battles depicted on the map. You've got to put it behind you and get on with your life. After the second day's march Pierre, having examined his feet by the campfire, thought it would be impossible to walk on them; but when everybody got up he went along, limping, and, when he had warmed up, walked without feeling the pain, though at night his feet were more terrible to look at than before.

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