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1 Lakh for a year. You hit the roads with your latest possession. You cannot ride a bike or scooter in India without insurance. Now that you know all about life insurance policies read on to understand the various facets of other general insurance policies. The insurance company promises to pay you a sum assured to cover damages to your vehicle, medical treatments to cure health problems, losses due to theft or fire, or even financial problems during travel. Trade logo displayed above belongs to Acko Technology & Services Pvt Ltd and used by Acko General insurance Limited under License. Fill in the application and pay the premium. You miss the second flight and get stuck. Your policy may not cover liabilities in certain situations. No. Digit. Liability insurance (Haftpflichtversicherung) Health insurance (Krankenversicherung) Car insurance (Kfz-Versicherung) Disability insurance (Berufsunfähigkeitsversicherung) Life insurance (Lebensversicherung) How to get International Driving License in India, List of Two Wheeler Insurance Companies in India, List of Health Insurance Companies in India. But there are five key types available: This type of general insurance covers the cost of medical care. Loss or damage caused to the property due to: Life insurance not only ensures the well-being of your family, it also brings tax benefits. You have a stop-over at Abu Dhabi. The property, goods, machine, Furniture, automobiles, valuable articles, etc. The insurer firsts value the property and then undertakes to pay compensation up to that value in the case of loss or damage. You can get almost anything and everything insured. Sign up for it. Speed of claims of the insurer - Claims is the reason you buy an insurance. 2 lakh for your treatment immediately. I agree to the  You didn’t face a dilemma of choosing one over the other and compromise your daughter’s future. This type of general insurance covers the cost of medical care. Drop us your details, Meanwhile you can check out our benefits of porting your policy to A general insurance compensates you for financial loss due to liabilities related to your house, car, bike, health, travel, etc. A Rs. You can also opt for add-on benefits like: Your health insurance can also help you save tax. 2nd Floor, #36/5, Hustlehub One East,Somasandrapalya, 27th Main Rd, Sector 2,HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102. In such an event, your death would financially devastate the whole family. This insurance is seen in the form of fidelity insurance, automobile insurance, and machine insurance, etc. The party must be a party to the contract. In comparison, the sum insured is significant. 25,000 (Rs. And Rs. Motor, Theft, Fidelity and Machine Insurances include the extent of liability insurance to a certain extent. Another example is insurance cover for specific diseases. There are different forms of insurances for each type of the said property whereby not only property insurance exists but liability insurance and personal injuries are also the insurer. Any building or immovable structure can be insured through property insurance plans. Accident cover: Your health insurance can pay for the medical treatment of injuries caused due to accidents and mishaps. Related: 4 Difference between Insurance and Assurance. You catch a cold. Types of Insurance Automobile Homeowner/Residential Life And Annuity Long-Term Care Medicare Supplement Pet TNC Ridesharing Workers' Compensation Compare Premiums Information Guides Health Insurance Information You can also get motor insurance for your commercial vehicles. Mobile insurance allows you to reclaim money that you spend on repairing your phone in the event of accidental damage. For health insurance, check whether you need insurance for self or the entire family. Bottomline: You need the security of insurance. Home insurance is a cover that pays or compensates you for damage to your home due to natural calamities, man-made disasters or other threats. Insurance is categorized based on risk, type, and hazards. You should check coverage, accessibility, quality of customer service and support, number of cashless service providers associated and other smaller details, besides claim settlement ratio and reputation. Read informative General Insurance Articles at Acko. Life insurance policies ensure that such a thing does not happen by providing financial assistance to your family in the event of your passing. It covers the replacement, reconstruction or repair expenses of the insured property as well as the surrounding structures. As you can see, General Insurance can be the answer to life’s various problems. While you cannot plan ahead for contingencies arising from such incidents, insurance policies offer a semblance of support to minimise financial liability from unforeseen occurrences. However, before proceeding with your purchase, consider the various types of health insurance plans available in India. It will then pay the bill or reimburse you for your loss. The insurance is not only a protection but is a sort of investment because a certain sum is returnable to the insured at the death or the expiry of a period. Your new baby on the block needs repairs worth Rs. In exchange, your insurer promises to pay an assured sum to your family in the event of death, disability or at a set time. There are primarily seven different types of insurance policies when it comes to life insurance. Sign up for it. You are driving to work like every other day. It also covers the damages caused to a third-party property due to fire. There are, however, four types of insurance that most financial experts recommend we all have: life, health, auto, and long-term disability. With the rising medical inflation in India, buying health insurance has become a necessity. It’s precious—your car. The social insurance is to provide protection to the weaker sections of the society who are unable to pay the premium for adequate insurance. This includes pre-delivery check-ups, hospitalisation during delivery, and post-natal care. We’ll need your email address to let you know when we start serving. Any risk that can be quantified can potentially be insured. Here’s a look: You can also use online calculators to check the premium amount. Instead, you must know how each of these plans work. Rs. This can be either your residence or commercial space. kids, The road from hate to happiness is simple, motor insurance policies are of three types, Comprehensive vs Third Party Bike Insurance. Your health insurance took care of your treatment costs. At present, life insurance enjoys maximum scope because life is the most important property of an individual. A travel insurance compensates you or pays for any financial liabilities arising out of medical and non-medical emergencies during your travel abroad or within the country. Some life insurance policies even offer financial compensation after retirement or a certain period of time. Also, read: Digital Insurance: Insights on Digital Trends in Insurance Industry. The property of an individual and of the society is insured against loss of fire and marine perils, the crop is insured against an unexpected decline in deduction, unexpected death of the animals engaged in business, break-down of machines and theft of the property and goods. Senior citizen = Individual aged 60 or over. You are going to Spain for the first time. 158. For example, in the case of motor insurance get details such as the manufacturing date of the vehicle, engine specifications, etc. Service benefits - You should look at Service Benefits like 24*7 Customer Support, Convenient Pick-up & Drop for your vehicle and a Wide Network of Cashless Garages. It covers liabilities due to fire, burglary, theft, flood, earthquakes, and sabotage. In the absence of fire insurance, the fire waste will increase not only to the individual but to the society as well. / What all can be insured? It’s similar to Car insurance. Owing to the rising price of mobile phones and their several applications today, it has become imperative to insure the device. The marine perils are; collision with a rock or ship, attacks by enemies, fire, and captured by pirates, etc. Bicycles are valuable properties in India as some people rely on these vehicles for their daily commute. The age of your home and the systems installed therein. plan for them. Some insurers may not allow you to buy insurance for the smartphone after a month or two passes from the purchase of the handset. - Damage caused when the policy is not active, - Damage due to war, mutiny or nuclear risk, - Hospitalisation due to war or related activities, - Travelling against the advice of the physician. In the meantime, check out these related posts: In life, unplanned expenses are a bitter truth. The individual is preferred from such losses and his property or business or industry will remain approximately in the same position in which it was before the loss. Arogya Sanjeevani Health Insurance Policy, Digital Insurance: Insights on Digital Trends in Insurance Industry, Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance vs Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance, RTO Offices in Etawah (UP-75): Helpline Phone Numbers, Motor Floater Policy: Single Insurance for Multiple Vehicles. Read on to learn all you need to know about the various insurance policies. Compensates for the damages caused to another individual, their vehicle or a third-party property. You paid lakhs of rupees to buy that beauty. Your bumper costs Rs. This initial assessment will help you get an idea about the coverage that you need. Your insurance costs depend on your premium amount. 3,500 health insurance could have ensured you paid 0 from your pocket. Terms & Conditions, {{travelCtrl.countriesList}} Edit, Great Choice! Rs. This covers the content inside the insured home. Yes, claim settlement ratio refers to the total number of claims settled by an insurance company against the total number of claims raised. Simply put, a general insurance offers financial protection for all your assets against loss, damage, theft, and other liabilities. whereby the insurer guarantees to pay a certain amount at certain events.

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