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Toronto was kind enough to hand deliver it to my peeps in California. There are stories everywhere. Well, he's probably got an idea of what to expect. Finally got my @raptors championship ring to Beijing and this things fatttt!! The ring literally takes over my hand...taking all suggestions on how to make it a lil more lowkey or should I just flex it everywhere I go lol.". Lin plans to show that thing off everywhere he goes, so don't mind him if you catch him in the grocery store wearing it. Jeremy Lin finally had his hands on his NBA championship ring after revealing on his Q&A session that he will have it delivered to China. The wait was definitely worth it, and the ring is "Linsane." Jeremy Lin Finally Gets His Championship Ring From the Raptors Sorry, but there was no way this article could happen without a "Linsanity" reference. The talks on whether the 31-year old Lin will ever get his championship ring have come to an end after he shared a video on his TikTok account that was also shared by a Twitter user, pretending to be performing a magic trick with the championship ring. In a recent Instagram Q&A session, the current Beijing Ducks star shared with his fans that he hasn't even been willing to look at photos of his ring because he wants to be surprised by seeing it in person. He then posted an emotional goodbye message to Toronto on his Instagram account in August as he announced his plans to head to Beijing. Lin’s ring reportedly has over 660 diamonds in it. CBA News: No Jeremy Lin for Beijing For A Month, CBA News: Yi Jianlian, Jeremy Lin Tops CBA All-Star Voting, Jeremy Lin Shares Godfrey Gao Photo Album To Reminisce Best Friend’s Life, 'SNL' Roasts Dueling Town Halls In Cold Open, China's Millennials Stimulate $15 Bn Sex Toy Market, US To Execute First Woman Inmate In 70 Years, 'Hello You': Israeli-UAE Joint Song A YouTube Hit, Paris Under Curfew As Europe Battles Soaring Virus Caseload, The Possibilities AND the Pitfalls of Remote Work, 10 Of America's Top CEOs Talk with IBT's Social Capital About How To Be Authentic, Jeremy Lin played 23 games for the Toronto Raptors, He played nine seasons in the NBA before moving to China, The Championship Ring is made of over 600 diamonds. Thank you to Toronto and all the fans who made last year so memorable. Jeremy Shu-How Lin (born August 23, 1988) is a Taiwanese-American professional basketball player for the Beijing Ducks of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). All Rights Reserved. 11:44 am ET, Pelicans, Saints owner victim of carjacking attempt, Clippers to hire Lue as new head coach, per report, Report: Rockets search down to three candidates, Report: Melo may 'want to follow' CP3 to Knicks. "I'm actually having it brought to China in a week. Although some Raptors fans were sad to see Lin leave the 6ix, China welcomed "Linsanity" with open arms. Ex-Raptor Jeremy Lin will soon be finally getting his hands on his own bling and it seems he just can't wait. I'm happy for Jeremy that he's been able to reach his final goal of winning an NBA ring. After his exit from the Raptors had been confirmed, Lin notably said that he felt he had hit "rock bottom.". Register this device to receive push notifications. Uhhhh lollll. He only played eight games during the post-season. "I heard it's fatttt but I refuse to look at pictures [because] I wanna see it live first #diamondsareforever," he said. FAT! "At this point, all I can say is I'm open to both down the road, but really not thinking about it.

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