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The mixed results of this scene illustrate the fatal flaw of “Kajillionaire”: its failure to give any meaning to the relationship between Old Dolio and her parents. Copyright © 2020 The Daily Californian, The Independent Berkeley Student Publishing Co., Inc. 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All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Contact Matthew DuMont at [email protected]. One of Old Dolio’s cons is filling in for a woman at a court-mandated positive parenting seminar, where she begins to suspect her parents didn’t give her the kind of love and attention other kids receive. The sight of her and her family limboing past a low wall to avoid the watchful eye of her landlord is an early contender for one of 2020’s most interesting images. Your support is essential to maintaining this coverage. Kajillionaire is these four actors’ sandbox to play around in, and they have a singular chemistry that sells even the broadest of July’s conceits. Mobile site. It feels like the entire film in microcosm — July dutifully pulling apart the components that make a healthy family to see what they’re made of. Jenkins and Winger run every single reaction through the con man’s calculus of ‘what does this get me?’, right down to the way they estimate the value of a stolen tie. English [] Etymology []. We're an independent, student-run newsroom. One of the only bright spots of the film is Rodriguez, who brings a dynamism and energy that is severely lacking prior to her arrival. At the second house, they encounter a dying old man whose final wish is for the group to fill the house with sounds of a happy family. One having an immense, incalculable amount of wealth. The Dynes are a bundle of neurotic affectations; Robert and Theresa are old-school conspiracy theorists, terrified of flying and LA’s intermittent tremors (Robert keeps warning about “the big one” that’ll come to take them all, which just so happens to come during the film’s emotional climax). They barely scrape by an existence in the streets of LA, living in a vacant office space behind a bubble factory(?) All rights reserved. Veteran actor Richard Jenkins is known for making supporting roles memorable and continues to do so in Sundance darling 'Kajillionaire.' It’s an interesting scene, and the music and soft lighting telegraphs that it’s meant to be a tender moment inspiring bittersweet feelings for Old Dolio. The main byproduct of this storyline is not the money, but their acquaintance with Melanie, who immediately sets them on a new mission: stealing antiques from the customers at the glasses store where she works.Â, They only make it to two houses before the plan loses steam. Her films are often noted for being surreal, precious; her biggest detractors break out that most dreaded of terms, “twee.” Kajillionaire‘s no exception, but it might be her most coherent and story-driven effort to date, affectations and all. The Pitch: Meet the Dynes: parents Robert (Richard Jenkins) and Theresa (Debra Winger) with daughter Old Dolio (Evan Rachel Wood). kajillionaire (plural kajillionaires) Someone who is immensely wealthy Filmmaker Miranda July and star Evan Rachel Wood explain how it happens. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. The Family That Parlays Together Stays Together: July’s heightened world also applies to its characters. Early on in the film, Old Dolio’s father tells her that small, manageable goals are the key to success and that people who aim big tend to come up short. Rodriguez’s Melanie is the ‘normal one’ in the dynamic, which helps funnel July’s character quirks through a more normalized perspective. The ending of 'Kajillionaire' reframes the story from grifter comedy to vulnerable romance. Their domestic cosplay is forced at first, but they quickly settle into the roles and find the exercise as cathartic as the old man does.Â. Their landlord is a whimpering, anxious wallflower, one unsuspecting mark (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) a masseuse who seems mostly befuddled at their anxiety-driven grift. From kajillion, based on millionaire.. Noun []. The Verdict: Whether a treatise on the complexities of family dynamics, or the transformative power of love, or a dollhouse exploration of weird, broken people flailing for meaning in an uncertain universe, Kajillionaire carries plenty of rewards for those who are willing to succumb to July’s particular set of skills. “Kajillionaire” does have echoes of some of the lesser “Ocean’s” movies, though — it too attempts to patch over its purposelessness with a shallow payoff at the end. The central character is Old Dolio (Evan Rachel Wood), a closed-off young woman who cares more about earning her parents’ (Richard Jenkins and Debra Winger) affection than ripping off strangers. She’s a foil to Old Dolio, someone who can show her the way out of her abusive relationship with her parents. Kajillionaire is a remarkable film, simply beautiful and heart-warming. They’re con artists, in the most small-time sense of the word; their grifts include sneaking into post offices to steal stuff out of the PO Box next to theirs, trying (and failing) to return gift certificates or cash items, and so on. Enter Melanie (Gina Rodriguez), an extroverted, deeply curious woman who gets roped into their latest scheme and decides to stick around. The LA of Kajillionaire is one of droll, quirky folks who seem to largely take the Dynes’ shenanigans in stride. Privacy Policy. that leaks every day; not only that, they’re $1500 behind on rent and facing eviction. A woman's life is turned upside down when her criminal parents invite an outsider to join them on a major heist they're planning. The dissolution of their bond is the driving force behind the events of the film, so the lack of emotional resonance makes an already directionless plot feel utterly torpid at times. We don’t choose our family, but we can choose what we do with them; even through the emotionally-stunted eyes of such an affected character as Old Dolio, some surprising insights into that subject can be found. Your support is essential to maintaining this coverage. The audience is dropped right into the middle of this dynamic, which has clearly existed for years and is finally reaching its breaking point.Â. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Use desktop site by default. Old Dolio — named after a homeless man who won the lottery and erroneously promised he’d write her into her will if they did so — is a monotone mess of long, straight, sandy-blonde hair draped over a figure-masking tracksuit. Kajillionaire‘s no exception, but it might be her most coherent and story-driven effort to date, affectations and all. “You can’t see it because you’re not of gentle birth.” But Wood’s the clear standout; her Old Dolio is all shrugged shoulders and deep, monotone gruffness, with bursts of surprising aerobatics. Family is Kajillionaire‘s chief concern, as noted in an especially poignant setpiece where the clan tries to rob a dying man’s house, only for him to ask them to pantomime the everyday rhythms of a family (the clinking of silverware, conversations about work and school) so he doesn’t feel alone in his final moments. Is it an unexplainable attraction to Old Dolio, a twentysomething emotionally stunted by her neglectful, emotionally abusive parents? “Put on more clothes!’ grunts Old Dolio at Melanie, who spends most of the movie in a crop-top that used to be a dress before she cut the rest of it off to make a blouse. Directed by Miranda July. Unfortunately, the combination of Wood’s vague performance and the bare-bones writing provides little depth to this familial relationship, which is clearly meant to be sad but ultimately rings hollow. This review is part of our Sundance 2020 coverage. And that’s where Melanie comes in, all smiles and excitement and sex appeal, which ends up turning Kajillionaire into a decidedly unconventional queer love story in its final act. The film has an intriguing premise and is often stylishly executed, but its middling performances, amorphous plot and lack of thematic development make it a disappointing viewing experience overall.Â. And yet, the ultimate impact of the film proves that Robert was wrong: Sometimes weak ambitions yield weak results. However, without enough context for us to fully understand the evolution of Old Dolio’s painful relationship with her parents, the stylish construction of the scene can only do so much to support the relatively lifeless plot.

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