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has ever witnessed. “The first time we got together was [Monday], to be quite frank. In each of the past two seasons, four players have sustained a torn Achilles' tendon, which has historically been the hardest injury to recover from for N.B.A. — Mike Chamernik (Chicago). I am not there yet, but I also think A) We can save that discourse for another Tuesday and B) None of that talk should influence Durant’s thinking on this unhappy anniversary or any other occasion this summer. It couldn’t have hurt that KD knew another friend of his, Taurean Prince, was joining the Nets in a trade. Staff . Any measure that widens the gap between how the N.B.A. — @chewbaka1963 from Twitter. It gives me more time to get ready for next season and the rest of my career.". hobbling to the sideline with a torn Achilles’ tendon, who also tested positive for the coronavirus. For Kevin Durant, a Rush to Return Had No Upside The Nets star might be healthy enough to play this summer, but his decision to focus on being … Durant initially injured his right calf in the 2019 Western Conference semifinals, forcing him to sit for the entirety of the Western Conference finals. “He will be evaluated with the performance team and so forth,” said Marks. “Whether it’s Kyrie or DeAndre Jordan or anybody, we don’t pre-judge from other situations,” Atkinson said. Talks on broad relief are stuck as time runs short, Pelosi says, while Senate Republicans plan narrow bills. Durant, though, is in no hurry — not in his struggle to conquer the injury N.B.A. I can’t forget what Kobe Bryant told me after Tim Duncan announced his retirement in July 2016. You ask; I answer. The point guard underwent season-ending shoulder surgery March 3. We weren’t even sure if we were getting a meeting that night or if it was going to be a telephone conversation,” said Marks, adding he hadn’t even spoken with Durant’s business partner Rich Kleiman at that point. Duncan was “more cutthroat than people give him credit for,” Bryant said. There is no upside to Durant altering his timetable. "I don’t plan on playing at all. Wednesday marks a full, wild year since Kevin Durant went, in an instant, from unleashing a crossover dribble on the right wing against Serge Ibaka in the N.B.A. Q: The sad part is I’ve been conditioned to be more excited about the Knicks’ off-seasons than anything they’ve done in-season for some years now. [RUNNIN' PLAYS PODCAST: Listen to the latest episode], Kerr issues message to Warriors fans about his lineups, couldn't envision the superstar returning. Brooklyn general manager Bobby Marks called the status of Durant's return "a $110 million question" last month, but Marks left the door open for his return. They saw it as an acceptable risk. Copyright © 2020 NBA Media Ventures, LLC. All of that works against concepts like yours gaining support, because the league is already sensitive to the notion that this postseason will look too untraditional. Bottom line: Nets aren’t saying and won’t comment on the possibility that he might miss the season. But apologies are unnecessary. Here’s some highlights from the press conference... "I use the word 'humbled' when guys of that caliber choose to play with us." The NBA suspended its season on March 11 due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, Kyrie Irving said he may travel to Florida to support his teammates, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. Not long after, KD joined the team at the HSS Training Center for a celebratory toast and conversations about his game and the Nets. victim, with the notable exception of Dominique Wilkins in the early 1990s, from returning to their past form. Kevin Durant confirmed The Post’s report he’s not planning to return to the Nets this summer in Orlando. “I do think with the talent we brought in. Historically, there’s not a lot of data to support the prospect of a full return, but every injury is different, as is every surgery and rehab ... and the Nets have great faith in their medical/performance team. If Durant's able to come back, he has the NBA's blessing to do so. Support seems to be growing among my peers for the idea that whatever team emerges with the title after the mentally grueling isolation of a three-month stay in the N.B.A.’s tightly controlled bubble, even without so many of the usual hallmarks of playoff basketball, will be lauded for its strength, resolve and adaptability, and branded a worthy champion. Moving on as quickly as possible is an inevitable wish for a fan base that has mostly known misery since the team’s defeat to San Antonio in the 1999 N.B.A. Now, with the Knicks’ exclusion from the 22-team field official, Rose is poised to begin a coaching search that is widely expected to install Tom Thibodeau as Fizdale’s full-time replacement — with Mike Miller, the interim coach, likely to be handed a new role in the organization. Atlanta’s exclusion from the 22-team field at Disney World could mean that the Hawks’ Vince Carter has played his last N.B.A. But to see everybody support us in their own way is cool.". Carter, 43, has appeared in 1,541 regular-season games, which puts him third on the career list behind Robert Parish’s 1,611 and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s 1,560. Rich Kleiman, Durant's agent, couldn't envision the superstar returning when he was asked about the possibility in March. “I don’t know what it looked like for him from a motivation standpoint,” said Atkinson, apparently referring to his half season on the Knicks’ bench. As the old saw goes, only time will tell. 'This is about our culture.' “I could really take my time and focus on myself each and every day.”. Why place so much importance on a season that will surely be labeled by some within the league, as well as historians on the outside, as not being a true continuation of the 2019-20 campaign that was suddenly halted on March 11 by the coronavirus outbreak? “Honestly, not very realistic from my standpoint, and not even spoken about," Kleiman said on ESPN Radio, also adding, “It feels like (Durant playing in the 2019-20 season) clearly was not something that was in the cards prior to all this. With no fans allowed in the stands, no travel involved and the longest layoff from full-speed basketball that most N.B.A. I think the strategy is how can we fit this player the best possible way into our culture. Asked if he had the urge to play, Durant replied: "It's just best for me to wait. It wasn’t like they were asking him all the time, ‘What’s going on?’ But they knew his relationship with Kyrie.”. finals to hobbling to the sideline with a torn Achilles’ tendon in his right leg. The Nets, mind you, aren’t a title contender as currently constituted — even if Kyrie Irving were healthy. This season, abbreviated or not, is bound to be remembered for another extended stretch of dysfunction for the James L. Dolan-owned fallen giants, including the curiously timed ousters of Coach David Fizdale and the team president Steve Mills, Dolan’s dispute with Spike Lee and multiple instances in which the sad state of the franchise inspired loud “Sell The Team” chants at Madison Square Garden.

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