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Log specifies the agent access logKong? Don't forget to define network and volume at bottom or top part of docker-compose, Before run we need to set required environment by postgres and kong, Let's add more stuff, this time we add services called kong. Easy to use. }', 'http://localhost:8001/services/{service_id|service_name}/routes', 'custom_id=cebd360d-3de6-4f8f-81b2-31575fe9846a', Default (Not Recommended): Konga would access the Kong Admin API directly. "port": 8001 trigger(s) associated with a view or a table in PostgreSQL ; Docker Swarm Cluster Kong and Konga Cluster (Centos/8) We … Let's do the first step, add konga to our docker-compose.yml Tl;dr is because kong is open-source, has good community thanks to Kong Hub and it can be easily run using Docker because they have prebuilt image. The settings page, provides a simple way to configure Konga and set up a basic ACL for user accounts. Proxy? First, initialize relevant data of konga, mainly account and some basic setting information saving "host": "localhost", Currently Kong Admin API is publicly accessible for those anyone who has access to the url which is dangerous for production environment. Linux Bare in mind, that user permissions are set globally and refer to … Works great on desktop browsers, as well as mobile devices and tablets. Admin? Remember in picture above, because Kong and Konga are in the same network they can simply reach each other by using container name. How hard would it be to have this docker-compose file add a Letsencrypt container to spin up as well? We strive for transparency and don't collect excess data. Before we run the actual kong we need to run kong migrations command first. Error? In order to protect Kong Admin API we need to enable key auth plugin at service level by doing this commands. Note: this will start the :next version of konga. Konga basically done this, they provide GUI for interacting with Kong Admin API. *Introduction DB specifies the library name-v mount data volume, Briefly start kong's database initialization image, Kong? Database First let's configure Postgres services. Set KONGA_HOOK_TIMEOUT to … PasswordDB? To setup Konga with Kong we need few more step, first we need to add Konga in our docker-compose and later we need to configure Kong Admin LoopBack. Been very busy this couple months. Start konga konga is an unofficial gui, but compared with dashboard, it has rich functions and beautiful pages, which is the best choice in the current open source projects. Install Konga with PostgreSQL in docker. konga will handle it locally.

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