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There is already plenty of booze, snacks, and stress around holiday time. Party at the Office. To give your loyal staff an extra reason to get into the holiday spirit, consider having your party... 3. Put the final touches on your office space with a Christmas tree and a twinkling string of colored lights – a simple way to spruce up the office, boost employee morale and spread good cheer with minimal effort or cost. To ensure your party planning runs smoothly, hire an. A great way to save money on catering is to opt-out of desserts from the menu and incorporate a bake-off at the party. Best jewelry. Not a problem. Whoever finishes in the fastest time can win a treat from the company too. (Ideas to get you started: Best desk/office decor. If a black-tie party is a bit too stuffy (or pricey) for your organization, there are so many other directions you can go – and as a side bonus, they’re usually a lot more enjoyable! 25. Streaming music at the very beginning or end of the event, while you don’t have a full crowd, is a great way to save money. 2. When is the Right Time to Move From Zoom to an Actual Event Platform? The remaining budget may be used for event entertainment or corporate gift bags to add more value. Have you been tasked with throwing your offices next par-tayyy? Everyone once in awhile, someone from our bright and talented team will have enough time to put out an article related to technology, software, eCommerce or just living life on the web. In the weeks leading up to the holiday party, employees can take a tag off the Wish Tree and then put unwrapped presents (with the tags taped on) underneath the tree. This is a blindfolded test that just requires a lot of bite-size candy. 6. Focus on your business, let us do the rest. Whether it requires dressing up (or down – see ‘ugly sweater’), a white elephant gift exchange, or bringing a favorite covered dish to the office pot-luck style, there are plenty of budget-friendly themes to keep your party focused and fun. An Elite CafeMedia Publisher - Update Privacy Preferences. But parties, especially around the holidays, can be expensive. Use Work Time . If the budget allows, raffle off gift cards or small prizes. Not only do you have to provide a party that caters to all needs, you must come up with something different to last year’s boring do. Fortunately, there are literally dozens of ways you can plan an amazing corporate party – without breaking the bank! Mid-Week Pick Me Up: If you’re considering a restaurant or venue buyout, make sure to look at their weekday pricing. Spare the trees – and the environment – and go paperless for holiday party invitations. You’ll just need to think outside the box and plan a cheap office party instead of the traditional costly affair. Get creative. Encourage staff to bring picnics for after the exercise. Take your office to a movie and have a little lunch afterwards. Catering costs can be steep but there are ways around it! This allows you to save money but keep the party going. You know that it’ll be the talk of the town for a few weeks, even years if it’s a legendary party. They are more than a vendor, they are a creative partner. Before polling, narrow down your request for input and clarify that the sky is NOT the limit. You could have some belly dancing scarves and encourage the professionals to get the ladies up and moving their hips too! Games Galore: The holidays bring out the inner kid in all of us – so why not incorporate games into your party planning equation? Or make it a potluck. A little decor can go a long way, and all elements of the party—food, activities, and guest outfits—can support the decor. Leave the booth up in your break room for the whole month of December. Some are high-priced, high-demand while others are just starting or struggling to make ends meet. Here are three ways you can throw the perfect virtual party just in time for the holidays so you and your team can still have fun from a distance. : For businesses with a little bit of budgeting wiggle-room, planning the holiday party a bit off-season – either before the December rush (think mid-November) or early January (right after the New Year) – can really add up in corporate savings. The holidays bring out the inner kid in all of us – so why not incorporate games into your party planning equation? Instead of competing for party space during the traditional December rush, try a November or January holiday work party. You can offer a wide variety of treatments, including, speed manicures, pedicures, head and shoulder massages and general feel-good activities. Get your team together and arrange an extended lunch so the whole team can mingle, it’ll make them feel appreciated and they will surely tell their friends and family about their tasty lunch. Just head to your local party supply store, and your party room will have a tropical flavor in no time. Jingle Bell Rock: From low-key office parties to fancier events, nothing gets the party started like … If you’re hosting the party at a venue with a dance floor, it’s easy to crank up the fun another notch with a karaoke DJ that can double as your music and entertainment. Holiday Games – A bit of healthy competition is good for the soul and can be mixed with holiday spirit, if done right. Remember that if one type of food is providing both sustenance and activity, it’s extra important to make sure that there are options that will work for everyone. Office socials can do wonders for internal business. 3. And parties build teamwork, making workers feel invested in the firm AND their contribution to it. Make the party super dreamy with fake snow, white draping, fairy lights, ice sculptures, glittering snowflakes, and cuddly polar bears. And because it’s mid-afternoon, people will likely have smaller portions than they would need if they were combining breakfast and lunch. Most interesting hobbies outside of work. Instead of a lavish sit-down dinner or buffet, you may want to opt for lighter fare, such as passed-around appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, and crudités. You can arrange a glam station that will offer some funky jewels and face-paint then have a bar and a food van, some live entertainment and if you can afford it, a small pop-up tent with a DJ. Holiday Hint: Allow for a late start on the day after the event so that your employees don’t feel like they need to leave the party early. BYOB and (depending on the rules) snacks, and go on a tour of holiday lights. To give your loyal staff an extra reason to get into the holiday spirit, consider having your party during a workday, maybe Friday afternoon, and providing them lunch, and a half day off. You can host this event in a Mexican restaurant; have a dancefloor and a good limbo going on. Get all the support you want for your events because we know hospitality matters. We are a team of experts, problem solvers, and industry leaders. ‘Experiences’ are the new ‘things.’ The options below land at a range of price points, but once again, specific planning to fall outside peak holiday season can give the higher-priced items a more approachable cost. It’ll be good if the CEO could also make an appearance and give a short, motivational speech to show his appreciation to the staff. There are numerous ways to keep the costs down when it comes to office holiday party planning, but one of the most obvious ways to do so is to utilize what you’ve got – and that includes real estate. A local massage certificate or a gift card to a local book store would work well for this. Create a mashup of the above two ideas. Then include gluten-free, cheese-free pizza in the order, as well as salads minus the croutons and cheese that often gets tossed in with the greens. 4. Think outside the box when considering the location – with some beautiful lighting and some holiday decorations, you can affordably transform your existing space in no time. Have all staff travel to one location (arrange mini-buses and accommodation) and throw an extravagant do. You could even give them a small gift card that fits into your budget. Please comment on it! However, there are just as many unique and festive options to consider; you simply have to get a bit more creative when planning your event. If the company is large, with many offices in different cities, an annual ball would be the ideal way to end the year. If you really want to please your staff, arrange a posh dinner in a fancy hotel function room. Divide the room between tropical island and snow, or suggest that people to dress for a ski party, but decorate for a luau. Most venues and vendors have a lower rate if you throw the party on a weekday rather than over the weekend – which means you don’t have to skimp out on the open bar! If free food is involved, you’re already onto a winner. This event was a success in a large part because of them and their professionalism.

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