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Despite the loss, Dort locked Harden down for the overwhelming majority of the game. Born: April 19, 1999 in Montreal, Canada ca. Last year, the Utah Jazz were so scared of his step-back jumper that they had Ricky Rubio stand behind him just to take it away. Ultimately this isn't going to swing the series. No traps. Shoots: He barely made any with Dort hounding him. But Dort's future as an All-Defense-caliber stopper? Luguentz Dort is a 21-year old Canadian professional basketball player who plays at the Shooting Guard or Small Forward position for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA.He went undrafted but was signed by Oklahoma City Thunder in 2019 to give him a a chance to play in the league.. Luguentz Dort … The outcomes when he did were rarely positive. In practice, however, Dort turned into Ray Allen. Muscala is an efficient option and he is capable of knocking down this look. Luguentz Dort plays vertically and lobs the ball over the defense. That's what MVPs do. He couldn't legally drink until after the season was suspended in March. All rights reserved. 6-keys: media/spln/nba/reg/free/stories, at CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. is a registered trademark of CBS Interactive Inc. site: media | arena: nba | pageType: stories | Player stats broken down into various categories; i.e. Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. Slate is published by The Slate Group, a Graham Holdings Company. And you'll never see this message again. Watch Dort force the kick out here... On other occasions, Harden would try the drive, get denied, and then give up on the possession. Copyright © 2000-2020 Sports Reference LLC. Under normal circumstances this would be a comfortable scenario for the Rockets because Luguentz Dort is a defensive specialist. Luguentz “Lu” Dort (born April 19, 1999) is a Canadian professional basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association (NBA). @okcthunder 99@HoustonRockets 101WIN or GO HOME GAME 7 on ESPN... 3:16 to play! Over the next 22 games, Dort featured in an off-the-bench role in seven of those games. Opposite Day goes both ways, however, and Harden’s defense wound up being the difference in the end. On this drive, he not only defends Harden but gets the block off of his pass. Question, Comment, Feedback, or Correction? This is really as good as it gets. Late in the fourth quarter, Oklahoma City's desperate comeback bid required offense-centric lineups. His block helped prevent a near-disaster for the Rockets, whose recent playoff history can only be described as “Mr. Typically, a player's best defense doesn't come in their first 1,000 minutes of NBA experience. But it worked. He should be able to drive at will. If you value our work, please disable your ad blocker. It is an excellent decision by Dort. That's just getting started. Do you have a blog? Right, Born: Yes, there will be positive regression. The Thunder are already in a 2-0 hole. That should surprise nobody that watched Dort all year. In theory, it was in Houston’s best interest to leave him alone during Wednesday’s incredibly important affair. Watch our How-To Videos to Become a Stathead, Subscribe to Stathead and get access to more data than you can imagine. Arizona State, High School: He’d been glued to the Houston star all series, but there was a catch: The unheralded Dort (salary: $155,647) doesn’t really participate on offense. Luguentz Dort just locked down James Harden, and it was only the beginning of his rise to defensive stardom The Thunder lost the game, but their future got a big win on Thursday By Sam Quinn Rockets’ Mike D’Antoni after Game 7 win over Thunder: “@luguentz Dort gave me about three heart attacks.” Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. ca, College: All contents © 2020 The Slate Group LLC. Join our linker program. home/away, monthly, etc... More Luguentz Dort Basketball Reference pages, 2019-20 Thunder thanks in part to some peculiar refereeing. Shai Gilgous-Alexander scores 31 and Lu Dort returns to hold James Harden to 5/16 from the floor, still, the Thunder are in a 0-2 hole. He navigated the floor as if handcuffed to Harden. In all likelihood, he is going to be their starting shooting guard for the duration of that deal, and he's going to get better with experience. When Dort left the court for the final time, Harden had just 12 points on 2-of-13 shooting. Nick Greene is a Slate contributing writer. By joining Slate Plus you support our work and get exclusive content. luguentz, Position: We'll tell you if they can climb back into this series. ... Luguentz Dort is a problem. This season gave us the classic "what if we double-teamed him the moment he crosses half-court?". This is really as good as it gets. Shooting Guard THE ROCKETS HOLD ON TO WIN GAME 7. The final few minutes transpired like an open bar in a bounce house (thanks in part to some peculiar refereeing), but Oklahoma City’s final play was a dud and failed to live up to the drama of the game’s previous 48 minutes. 1999 (44-28, 5th place in NBA Western Conference), Every Sports Reference Social Media Account, Site Last Updated: Saturday, October 17, 4:29AM. Dort is built like an industrial copier and has a knack for defending the league’s best scorer. And then there were the plays the Dort blew up entirely. Most rookies are terrible on defense, but he's done things as a 21-year-old that most veterans never even approach. You can cancel anytime. Join Slate Plus to continue reading, and you’ll get unlimited access to all our work—and support Slate’s independent journalism. So tough. He’s very stalky, strong core (never seen Harden bounce off someone) he has long arms and is so laterally quick. Alone. Luguentz Dort shoots over James Harden in the Western Conference first round during the 2020 NBA playoffs at the Field House at ESPN Wide World Of Sports Complex on Saturday in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Every year brings a new gimmick. Do you have a sports website? They rarely worked because Dort didn't allow them to work. But what stands out are the shots Harden didn't take. Or, more specifically, he’s a James Harden specialist. ▪ Maybe get the ball to Lu Dort next time? Twitter: He's built like an actual iceberg, utterly immovable. College: Arizona State You’ve run out of free articles. Players with careers of similar quality and shape (thru 2019-20). Harden makes plenty of contested shots. Luguentz Dort is doing an exceptional job guarding James Harden. HARDEN STRAPS WITH THE GAME ON THE LINE Just Dort, all by his lonesome, tasked with playing the iceberg to Harden's Titanic in his playoff debut. - Luguentz Dort On Dec. 6, Dort got his first call-up against Minnesota, where he played 7:21 minutes. In the immortal words of the Bard, ’Tis better to have Dorted and lost than never to have Dorted at all. Lu Dort’s defense on James Harden is some of the best defense I have ever seen on James Harden. All rights reserved. Luguentz Dort picked up LeBron James full court, showing the kind of defensive confidence an undrafted rookie shouldn’t have against an all-time great. Listen to an episode of Slate’s sports podcast, Hang Up and Listen, below, or subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, or wherever you get your podcasts. Luguentz Dort signed a 4 year / $5,386,930 contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder, including $2,298,628 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $1,346,733. We present them here for purely educational purposes. April 19, That vaunted step-back jumper? Slate relies on advertising to support our journalism. Bean sticking his head in that dang turkey over and over again.” The whole thing was enough to almost kill Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni. the official stats partner of the NBA. The Houston Rockets are headed to the second round of the NBA playoffs after their 104–102 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, and they did it in true Houston Rockets fashion: a clutch Game 7 victory thanks to James Harden’s defense. Oklahoma City's season is likely going to end in a week or so. Data Provided By If this is what he can do on defense now, just imagine what he's going to be when the Thunder are ready to contend for real in a few years. Thursday was the 37th NBA game he ever participated in. in Montreal, Canada Houston tried desperately to use those screens to free Harden from Dort's grip. But Dort’s early defense on James set the tone Wednesday night as the Thunder clamped down on the Lakers in a 105-86 win at HP Field House in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. “That was just the game plan,” Dort said of his pressure defense. No gimmicks. Shot location data available for the 1996-97 through 2019-20 seasons. 9:21 pm ET, Pelicans, Saints owner victim of carjacking attempt, Clippers to hire Lue as new head coach, per report, Report: Rockets search down to three candidates, Report: Melo may 'want to follow' CP3 to Knicks. Only two days after Harden roasted them for 37 points on 12-of-22 shooting, the Thunder made the bold decision to put Luguentz Dort on him. Luguentz Dort tallied 10 points and 8 rebounds, though his defense against James Harden might have been most crucial. He has the attributes to really get in his shot as well. We bring sports news that matters to your inbox, to help you stay informed and get a winning edge. Athlete Institute Basketball Academy in Mono, Canada, More Luguentz Dort pages at Sports Reference. Luguentz Dort up to SIX THREES! ▪ Oklahoma City locked Dort into a now-unfathomable four-year, $5.4 million contract during the hiatus. Covering the impact of coronavirus on the sports world, NBA teams defend James Harden like he's playing an entirely different sport. Subscribe to our Free Newsletter, This Month in Sports ReferenceFind out when we add a feature or make a change. In 2020-1, Dort will earn a base salary of $1,517,981, while carrying a cap hit of $1,517,981 and a dead cap value of $1,517,981. Dort contested it. Harden, meanwhile, only managed 17 points. That doesn't even do Dort's inexperience justice. Now, some context: Houston was hanging onto a 1-point lead when the ball trickled into the hands of Thunder rookie Lu Dort. All Rights Reserved. Westbrook is going to return. We have tools and resources that can help you use sports data. Luguentz Dort. Luguentz Dort is doing an exceptional job guarding James Harden. Play-by-play data available for the 1996-97 through 2019-20 seasons. Click Season link for player's season game log, College Basketball at, Scores from any date in BAA/NBA or ABA history. Harden barely tried to drive.

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