majesty queen of venus

The Trojans pities, and protects their cause. And Vestal fires in hallow'd temples burn; Than her own Argos, or the Samian shore. Dispers'd and dash'd the rest upon the rocky shore. If acts of mercy touch their heav'nly mind, So sad an object, and so well express'd, Or great Sarpedon, in those bloody fields And would to Heav'n, the Storm, you felt, would bring In Libyan deserts wander thus alone. Above the rest, Aeneas mourns the fate See there, where old unhappy Priam stands! (A horrid sight!) Or see the streamers of Caicus fly. Are all the presents of your bounteous hand: And, more than all the gods, your gen'rous heart. Impos'd a king, with arbitrary sway, An upper vest, once Helen's rich attire, Her Thracian courser and outstripp'd the rapid flood. Some tale, some new pretence, he daily coin'd, I mean to plunge the boy in pleasing sleep, All to the life, and ev'ry leader known. Nor can the shiv'ring oars sustain the blow; The Trojan chief appear'd in open sight, A land there is, Hesperia nam'd of old; Conceal'd in clouds (prodigious to relate) Before I hold you in my arms (hold you close, in my arms) The winter banish'd, and the spring renew'd.". Straight greens, no visit hog pen His pompous ensigns, and his Indian crew. Imprison'd Fury, bound in brazen chains; Was next her side; in order sate the rest. From stem to stern by waves was overborne: That we to good Acestes may return, Yet she had heard an ancient rumour fly, to your lord my royal mandate bear, Beneath a ledge of rocks his fleet he hides: Achilles, and unequal combat tried; She, for the fault of one offending foe, And for their vanquish'd gods design new temples there. In fear of this, the Father of the Gods Jove will soon dispose To drive the country, force the swains away: The rising city, which from far you see, Character ยป Majesty appears in 3 issues. His finny coursers and in triumph rides, Confin'd their fury to those dark abodes, His mother goddess, with her hands divine, Of holy senates, and elect by voice. In borrow'd shapes, and his embrace to shun; Of branching heads: the more ignoble throng And purple buskins o'er their ankles wear. The monarch, blinded with desire of wealth, To persecute so brave, so just a man; For conqu'ring Greece against the Trojan state. And offer'd victims at your altars fall." The God of Love obeys, and sets aside The gods, if gods to goodness are inclin'd; The Tyrian hugs and fonds thee on her breast, And lock'd 'em safe within, oppress'd with mountain loads; To ruin Troy and set the world on flame; Don't you know, you are my queen (majesty) And make thee father of a happy line. Where, in a spacious cave of living stone, Unkind and cruel! the causes and the crimes relate; Approach, and on the painted couches rest. He said, and sent Cyllenius with command Alone shall bound; whom, fraught with eastern spoils, With bolts and iron bars: within remains At length aton'd, her friendly pow'r shall join, And, fed with stronger food, invade the skies. Did Juno's temple build, and consecrate, Of so renown'd and so desir'd a guest.". "From whence, O goddess-born, this long delay? A painted quiver at her back she bore; Antheus, Sergestus grave, Cloanthus strong, We want not cities, nor Sicilian coasts, And thus the tenor of her suit express'd: "O Aeolus! They march, obscure; for Venus kindly shrouds

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