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And first of all, it just, it just has no clarity. I wonder if they’ve read it. But I think the recession the economic impact is just as severe and maybe more enduring. But at the moment research is consumers are scared and confused. Mark Ritson 1:00:24 Those are markers to my dogs. Now, I get fucking a million views on a post. Joe Glover 48:41 he’s a he’s a legend in Las Vegas. I had to do that. How would you or let’s, let’s switch the question a bit. Joe Glover 1:00:27 I’ve got my dog presently sat by my feet yours. If you want to go through talking through your few bits and pieces, I can see it one question has already started to come through so people can start. And in the company, it’s we’ve studied market orientation for 40 years. Yeah. Unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem. And then Peter field guard Peter field, Peter fields data for the LinkedIn b2b Institute looking at the GFC 10 years ago, companies that either maintained or reduced their ESOP their excess share voice, they do grow a bit because a lot of people go out of business. by joeglover | Aug 14, 2020 | Growing the meetup. Are I follow Elon Musk, I got a I always like musk. So. How would you personally if you’re in that situation, be spending your time right now to sort of prepare for the next sort of five years, I guess? And how would you do that with a client? There’s a lot that goes on in marketing. Mark Ritson 16:53 Yeah, it’s a good question. A lot of a lot of the marketers I to talk to want to be brand managers and they’re working in comms or they’re working in general marketing or even general management. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. I mean, look, we know recession is coming. So we start with a redundancy stuff. Richemont, owner of luxury watch brands such as Cartier, is boldly forfeiting hundreds of millions of pounds to keep stock out of the grey market, but it is a crucial step in preserving long-term brand equity. So you might not want to use it but basically, there was a massive recession between 1920 and about 19 2021. Nothing matters more. Joe Glover 52:25 Yeah. “We are covering all the core topics of marketing in an advanced and applied way, including everything from research design, to positioning, to brands, and communications.”. Mark Ritson 48:13 So yeah, keep going. You first of all need money. Or as Mark would say fucking wicked all the way from Manchester all the way through to Nairobi, which is pretty awesome. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. marketers who tend to be sub 5 million bucks. Marketing Week Mini MBA with Mark Ritson E-Learning London, London 10,719 followers 12 online lessons covering the core MBA marketing modules. “We will look at the topic and how it applies to changes in the Covid era.”. So I have no political interest at all. Joe Glover 33:32 There’s quite a few questions coming in on paying for redundancy and marketing books and that sort of stuff. Where you have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about? The intimacy and interactions work very well.”. It’s the way that a new generation of more caring and conscientious people can reconcile their ethics and aspiration with the mundane mission of selling stuff to people. Joe Glover 16:15 Awesome. Um I think LinkedIn for me and culturing a good LinkedIn feed. It’s a really hard one. Now he’s you know, he’s 50 odd. Joe Glover 55:52 Right, so we’ve got three minutes so two questions I can say One, the top one is from Maddie says should clients be spending on marketing? Right? The reason this session is relevant today is that we’ve all obviously seen a monumental shift in the world in the past few months. 7 Comments. I smell a deep recession, but my dad who’s a moron might have a better idea than me. Also, find out why Mark Ritson is getting really excited about the idea of “post-digital marketing,” and why Mark feels you are currently listening to the best marketing podcast in the world. There aren’t any a Barrett or what we call a bearing cases that contradict it. Joe? Make sure you’ve got a posh dog though yours Yours looks like it’s quite expensive. Mine above rescue dogs from Tesla. But right at the beginning base to bar side and said, we’re going to continue supporting you because not only do they believe in supporting the community and but you know that believe in everything we’re doing. We need them now. I would encourage everyone to come and do mini MBA, not just because it’s you know, fucking making me Brazilians. “Clearly there are immediate issues that every business must now respond to. I do not play well with others. That’s why no one wants to say it, but it’s true. He teaches the Marketing Week Mini MBAs in Marketing and Brand Management. So pulling your advertising because there isn’t any short term, you know, boost at the moment. The huge debate that has exploded around Protein World’s “Beach Body” campaign has made it the big branding story of the year so far. Mark my words we snapped back eventually. Joe Glover 0:10 Hello everyone and welcome to the seventh Marketing Meetup webinar and the record breaking one at that we’ve had over 1600 signups for today, which is frickin wicked. It’s all going to disappear. I think I have any knowledge of politics or crap virus. Do that early in your career, you know, an interview and then and the final point out of recommendation for careers is You can always jump sideways. How history has taught us now is the time to start investing in marketing, How to convince the board that marketing is worth the investment, How we’re all likely to bounce back into the same behaviours as what we did before Covid, Planning for a longer term recession as a result of coronavirus, rather than just the short term implications of the past twelve weeks, What books and courses people should be looking at, as well as Linkedin recommendations, How folks should be adapting in the case of redundancy or being furloughed, A Complete Guide to Creating AWESOME Optimised Landing Pages to Make People Come Back For More, The best book recommendations for marketers, How to stand the **** out – Louis Grenier, Everyone Hates Marketers, Positioning Jujitsu – How to Win Against Powerful Competitors with April Dunford, Author of Obviously Awesome, How to effectively grow and maintain strong communities on social media – Lee Wilcox and Adam Barrie, Electric House, 10 habits for a healthier brain, and how to remember them – Jordan Harry, CEO of StudyFast & Honcho at School of Marketing, How social media has changed, and what you can do to adapt – Hannah Anderson, Co-Founder of Social Chain, How to use analytics to discover hidden SEO opportunities to boost your site’s traffic – Mary Owusu, What could you learn as a marketer during COVID, working for a hospital?

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