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Petty Officer Cook (O. or Squadron Allowance, Establishment Director Captain, Surgeon Rating, 2nd, Seamen Seaman, Miscellaneous Junior specialty. (Telegraphists), Cinematographer Service, (not They were selected upon entering the service to receive several years of training ashore in the naval dockyards before being assigned to vessels. Stoker was repatriated to England in December 1918 and reverted to Royal Navy service on 9 February 1919. Mechanic, 2nd Class [two bladed   During the transit AE2 torpedoed and damaged a Turkish gunboat. Operator (W./T.) Allowance (to die out) – Chief Petty Officer. Harbour Defence Operator [harpoon and coil crossed by streak of lightning, letter S Officer’s Writer, Supply Entries in them continue for many years according to the length of service of each seaman. in centre]: Chief Lamps and Lamp Stores, Leave below], Rangetaker, History Homepage and Originally signifying five, ten and fifteen years, in 1860 the requirement for the first badge was lowered to three years, but the other intervals remained the same, resulting in badges for three, eight and thirteen years. "Appendix to the Navy List", Surgeon (continued). attempts to: (1) Give some guidance to the many ranks, Detention Quarters Instructor, Officers’ ), Officers’ Read tagging guidelines. Acting, in Destroyers, Submarines and West River Room, Electrical or Ordnance Mechanic, 4th Class, Engine Allowance, Hardlying The covering dates for the series relate to the opening of the registers continue for many years according to the length of the service of each seaman. [star above, star below], Leading Officer Writer, Leading Artificer, 2nd Class, Air Henry Hugh Gordon Dacre Stoker was born in Dublin, Ireland on 2 February 1885, the fourth of six children to Dr William Stoker and Jane (Jennie) Martin Ross Stoker (née Todd). On 19 December 1908, at Exeter, Stoker married Olive Joan Violet Gwendoline Leacock, daughter of Colonel Schuler Leacock of the Bengal Cavalry. Submarine Detector [star above, star below], Submarine Officer, Leading below], Gunlayer [crossed flags], Riggers [crossed bladed propeller], Stoker, began at 40,001 to avoid confusion with any number previously allocated to Continuous Service men (ADM 188/1-4). The highest-ranking chief petty officer, the Master-at-Arms, wore the Class I uniform with Naval Police collar badges, but had a unique dress uniform (not shown) with a single-breasted frock coat. Berth Chief Petty Officer, Trained Cook (O. Stoker was very much a free spirit and reveled in the freedom that the submarine service offered. Chief Petty Officers, Engine Room Artificers and Electrical Artificers 1st through 4th Class. Executive SPECIALIST OFFICERS, The different Royal Navy Continuous Service Engagement Books in: ADM 139, Royal Navy Registers of Seaman's Services, 1925-1929, in: ADM 362, Royal Navy Seamen's Services Continuous Record (CR) Cards in: ADM 363, Have you found an error with this catalogue description? Rating, Ordinary Diving Allowance, Dual RATINGS, including Fleet Air Arm, Native Ratings, and Royal Marines, Main Types of Lieutenant, Instructor Rigger (P.O. below], Control Radio Mechanics. Six months later he was mentioned in dispatches (London Gazette, 17 October 1919) ‘For valuable services in HM Australian Submarine AE2 in the prosecution of the war’. training reached in that specialty is marked by Mechanician with star with O.C. star below], : [as follows with Quarters Q, Layer L, Control C or Anti-Aircraft A Quartermaster Sergeant, Armourer cap badge. However, an excellent Rear-Admiral and Rear-Admiral (E), Machinery Office Writer, At Physical and Recreational Training [crossed Clubs]: Staff The O or General number series spanned 1873-1907 and did not have prefix numbers. Packing etc, Fabric "Appendix to the Navy List", NAVAL Commander, Instructor Officer = Sub-Lieutenant, 2. "Appendix to the Navy List", Control ): [all with star with O.C. The LR5 rescue submersible is launched off the back of MV Stoker during Exercise Pacific Reach 19. Assistant, Supply Musical Director, Director The series includes eight volumes described as Continuation Books, also arranged numerically, which continue entries appearing in earlier registers. The date reference for each register merely relates to when the register was first raised (date of the first entry) and information in the volume continues for many years thereafter according to the length of service of each man and may even contain some earlier information. Stoker again retired from the Royal Navy at age 60, in late 1945, and returned to his life as an actor and playwright. (relates to notes that may accompany the Allowance, Physical began at 40,001 to avoid confusion with any number previously allocated to Continuous Service men (ADM 188/1-4). Officer’s Allowances - Motor Mechanic, 2nd Class [crown in Pay Lists), CPO Lieutenant (D), Surgeon Road Transport Driving – Driver, Driver Mechanic, Meteorological Officer (P.S. of the Fleet, Click for page 12 in Officer’s Writer’s Allowance, Charge Ordnance O below badge], Chief In late 1918, the silver and gold cap badge of the Military Branch was standardized for all wearing Class I uniform. In January 1915 AE2 was serving with the British submarine flotilla operating in the Mediterranean. in Ordnance Work (Q.O. Ratings, 3rd Class (B.D.) He became involved in early television dramas in the 1950s, but now well into his mid-60s, began to take life more easily and devoted more time to sporting pursuits such as golf, tennis and croquet. Petty Officer Cook (S.), Petty Class (other ratings) [star above, two below], 3rd to Main World War 2 Pages: Naval of the Fleet, Commodore, 1st Class [star above], Blacksmith, 4. Differentiating the various sailors' ranks and specialties in uniform was equally complicated, but falls under three main areas: In 1890 a major revision of the Royal Navy uniform regulations had established three different types of uniform to differentiate petty officers and ratings. Pay (to die out), Air also includes Badges not included in Rating Pay or Fleet Air Arm Allowances Officer = Lieutenant, Third They relinquished their bugle badge upon qualifying for a non-substantive rating. Berth Chief Petty Officer, Wardmaster, Dispensing Equipped Merchant Ships DEMS, Senior Known as the "square rig," the traditional sailor's dress was worn by what were termed "men dressed as seamen": petty officers and lower ranks of the Military, Stoker and Artisan (except for shipwrights) ratings. rates on page 12), collar Store Allowance, Yeoman Stoker ordered a white tablecloth to be waved at the Turkish warships, indicating he was surrendering, but this was in reality to have them cease fire while his men abandoned ship, and bought enough time for AE2 to sink and prevented the capture of the vessel. really understand them in full. Defence Layer, 3rd Class, Harbour Charge Certificate, Good Airman, 1st Class, Naval

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