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Leader Winston Peters said on Sunday he was feeling confident despite the results, but political commentator Grant Duncan says voters are jumping ship. [113], New Zealand's military services—the Defence Force—comprise the New Zealand Army, the Royal New Zealand Air Force and the Royal New Zealand Navy. [98] The influence of the United States on New Zealand weakened following protests over the Vietnam War,[99] the refusal of the United States to admonish France after the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior,[100] disagreements over environmental and agricultural trade issues and New Zealand's nuclear-free policy. [18] Māori had several traditional names for the two main islands, including Te Ika-a-Māui (the fish of Māui) for the North Island and Te Waipounamu (the waters of greenstone) or Te Waka o Aoraki (the canoe of Aoraki) for the South Island. [205] In 1973, New Zealand's export market was reduced when the United Kingdom joined the European Economic Community[206] and other compounding factors, such as the 1973 oil and 1979 energy crises, led to a severe economic depression. Credits: Video - Newshub; Image - Getty. Media lawyer Robert Stewart said the district court had erred in three ways; finding the grounds of extreme hardship had been satisfied, exercising discretion to grant interim name suppression and both taking into account irrelevant considerations and failing to take into account relevant considerations. [75], The New Zealand Parliament holds legislative power and consists of the queen and the House of Representatives. "There's been quite a lot of migration of support from New Zealand First to the ACT Party, so I think that is largely where ACT is picking up that extra support from," Duncan told Newshub on Sunday. [287], As recorded in the 2018 census,[3] Samoan is the most widely spoken non-official language (2.2%), followed by "Northern Chinese" (including Mandarin, 2.0%), Hindi (1.5%), and French (1.2%). [12][14] This name was later anglicised to "New Zealand". [76] The supremacy of parliament over the Crown and other government institutions was established in England by the Bill of Rights 1689 and has been ratified as law in New Zealand. [320] New Zealand art and craft has gradually achieved an international audience, with exhibitions in the Venice Biennale in 2001 and the "Paradise Now" exhibition in New York in 2004. Jacinda Ardern's first term as New Zealand's prime minister – in pictures Jacinda Ardern campaigns in Christchurch. [282] In the 1960s, as tertiary education became more available and cities expanded[308] urban culture began to dominate. [40] The Māori population declined to around 40% of its pre-contact level during the 19th century; introduced diseases were the major factor. [211][212], Unemployment peaked above 10% in 1991 and 1992,[214] following the 1987 share market crash, but eventually fell to a record low (since 1986) of 3.7% in 2007 (ranking third from twenty-seven comparable OECD nations). [238] The majority of the country's electricity supply is generated from hydroelectric power, with major schemes on the Waikato, Waitaki and Clutha rivers, as well as at Manapouri. [157], New Zealand is part of a region known as Australasia, together with Australia. [268] The Māori loanword Pākehā has been used to refer to New Zealanders of European descent, although some reject this name. [101][102] Despite the United States' suspension of ANZUS obligations the treaty remained in effect between New Zealand and Australia, whose foreign policy has followed a similar historical trend. [37] The introduction of the potato and the musket transformed Māori agriculture and warfare. They say the pair used deception to obtain control over $677,885 deposited into the bank account of the New Zealand First Foundation account between 21 April 2017 and 14 February 2020. [319] During the 1960s and 1970s many artists combined traditional Māori and Western techniques, creating unique art forms. [69] The Cook Islands and Niue are self-governing states in free association with New Zealand. [118] The Gallipoli campaign played an important part in fostering New Zealand's national identity[119][120] and strengthened the ANZAC tradition it shares with Australia. In 1840, representatives of the United Kingdom and Māori chiefs signed the Treaty of Waitangi, which declared British sovereignty over the islands. [248] A large-scale rollout of gigabit-capable fibre to the premises, branded as Ultra-Fast Broadband, began in 2009 with a target of being available to 87% of the population by 2022. Photograph: Kai Schwörer/Getty Images [260], Life expectancy for New Zealanders in 2012 was 84 years for females, and 80.2 years for males. [263] By 2050 the median age is projected to rise to 43 years and the percentage of people 60 years of age and older to rise from 18% to 29%. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Māori land was confiscated by the government, Programme for International Student Assessment, "Protocol for using New Zealand's National Anthems", International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Fifth Periodic Report of the Government of New Zealand, "2018 Census totals by topic – national highlights", "2018 Census totals by topic national highlights", "Household income and housing-cost statistics: Year ended June 2019", "New Zealand Daylight Time Order 2007 (SR 2007/185)", "European discovery of New Zealand – Tasman's achievement", "The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout:Volume 44. [52], Early in the 20th century, New Zealand was involved in world affairs, fighting in the First and Second World Wars[60] and suffering through the Great Depression. [129], Since 1876, various councils have administered local areas under legislation determined by the central government. [59] In 1947 the country adopted the Statute of Westminster, confirming that the British Parliament could no longer legislate for New Zealand without the consent of New Zealand. Potatoes provided a reliable food surplus, which enabled longer and more sustained military campaigns. The service sector dominates the national economy, followed by the industrial sector, and agriculture; international tourism is a significant source of revenue. The New Zealand First Foundation is the only named entity that has provided any money - in loans or donations - to the New Zealand First party since 2017. In the December 2014 quarter, the general unemployment rate was around 5.8%, while the unemployment rate for youth aged 15 to 21 was 15.6%. The High Court ruled against the party; finding there was "significant public interest in the New Zealand voting public being informed during an election campaign about criminal charges of serious fraud against people or organisations related to political parties". [107] New Zealand is involved in the Pacific Islands Forum, the Pacific Community, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Regional Forum (including the East Asia Summit). [292], Primary and secondary schooling is compulsory for children aged 6 to 16, with the majority attending from the age of 5. [3] As of October 2020, the total population has risen to an estimated 5,093,150. [339] The New Zealand Music Awards are held annually by Recorded Music NZ; the awards were first held in 1965 by Reckitt & Colman as the Loxene Golden Disc awards. [345] New Zealand television primarily broadcasts American and British programming, along with many Australian and local shows. [369], The national cuisine has been described as Pacific Rim, incorporating the native Māori cuisine and diverse culinary traditions introduced by settlers and immigrants from Europe, Polynesia and Asia. Secrecy continues in the case of the pair charged after the Serious Fraud Office's (SFO) investigation into the New Zealand First Foundation and its handling of donations after the media's urgent appeal was dismissed. [161] It also forms the southwestern extremity of the geographic and ethnographic region called Polynesia. [30] Over the centuries that followed, the Polynesian settlers developed a distinct culture now known as Māori. The media argued there was compelling public interest in knowing who the accused are before the election is over and any secrecy around the identities impinged on the public's right to be fully informed before they cast their vote. In addition, New Zealand is organised into 11 regional councils and 67 territorial authorities for local government purposes. New Zealand is a member of the United Nations, Commonwealth of Nations, ANZUS, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, ASEAN Plus Six, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, the Pacific Community and the Pacific Islands Forum. [358] New Zealand is known for its extreme sports, adventure tourism[359] and strong mountaineering tradition, as seen in the success of notable New Zealander Sir Edmund Hillary. [315], Māori decorated the white wood of buildings, canoes and cenotaphs using red (a mixture of red ochre and shark fat) and black (made from soot) paint and painted pictures of birds, reptiles and other designs on cave walls. [89], New Zealand is identified as one of the world's most stable and well-governed states. [143] Besides the North and South Islands, the five largest inhabited islands are Stewart Island (across the Foveaux Strait), Chatham Island, Great Barrier Island (in the Hauraki Gulf),[144] D'Urville Island (in the Marlborough Sounds)[145] and Waiheke Island (about 22 km (14 mi) from central Auckland). [245] The road and rail networks in the two main islands are linked by roll-on/roll-off ferries between Wellington and Picton, operated by Interislander (part of KiwiRail) and Bluebridge.

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