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“It had to be a group, because the souls of Freddy’s victims have made Freddy stronger.” Both Craven’s original script as well as the film featured the return of Nancy Thompson, the mental hospital, and the Freddy snake. 2. EXT. And I went back and looked at all of the sequels and, after a while, I had a problem following any sort of story line or consistency to build a story on. Whatever you want to call it. It is the first installment in the A Nightmare on Elm Street film series and stars Heather Langenkamp, John Saxon, Ronee Blakley, Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger, and Johnny Depp in his film debut. CLOSER ON BLADES — gleaming, dangerously long. LOS ANGELES. As the quake’s last RUMBLES shake the room, then fall away. INT. Distant insane LAUGHTER. CAMERA RACKS INTO FOCUS on a, HIGH PANORAMA of the San Fernando Valley, its night sky lit from. Queer Film Fest, Gibson Guitar Interviews Nightmare Composer Charles Bernstein in New Series. XCU TWO SHOT and he drives down hard, but as he does, the bed suddenly twists up and over at the same instant, and the AFTERSHOCK HITS! He was known for his pioneering work in the genre of horror films, particularly slasher films, where his impact on the genre was considered prolific and influential. It’s old, very old, and it’s taken different forms in different times. Write your screenplay and focus on the story with many helpful features. “Robert Englund was always known as Freddy, and Heather and Nancy were inextricable. Wes Craven never intended A Nightmare On Elm Street to become a franchise: His original ending for the 1984 horror classic simply revealed that the entire film was a bad dream. She looks back to her bedside table. Robert Englund’s Freddy hadn’t yet developed his trademark brand of humor, displaying just a sign of things to come in Freddy’s Revenge as he taunts teenage Jesse, explaining “You’ve got the body and I’ve got the brain” before pulling off part of his own skull. “I think in some ways the stories became more strained,” asserted Craven. I proposed that to New Line and they went for it surprisingly quickly, so I wrote and directed New Nightmare.” (Screams & Nightmares: The Films of Wes Craven), A Nightmare on Elm Street 7: The Ascension more…, All Wes Craven scripts | Wes Craven Scripts. 18 Oct. 2020. MUSIC DROPS AWAY to a hushed, RUSHING OF WIND and DISTANT SIRENS. Even though Craven’s script does foretell the sillier side of Freddy when the villain exclaims “Screw you!” as he offs one of the Dream Warriors—who turns into a gargoyle—with power tools and drill bits. We truly appreciate your support. When I came away from that conversation [with Heather] I called up Bob Shaye and said, ‘I think I want to do a movie about the phenomenon of A Nightmare on Elm Street and use that to jump outside the stories entirely.’ And also try to deal with this idea of censorship and if horror films are good or bad and whether they cause people to do [bad] things. reach INTO FRAME and pick up a piece of METAL. Exciting News: Like Freddy from the Ashes, the Nightmare on Elm Street Forum Lives Again! (2nd Unit) 1. Shaking herself back to consciousness. of linkage -- a splayed, spidery sort of apparatus, against a background light of FIRE, and a deep. He is best known for creating A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream, featuring the characters of Freddy Krueger and Ghostface respectively. When I realized it would be the tenth anniversary and the seventh film, it was attractive to come back from a position of strength and do it. Freddy Krueger isn’t chock-full of one-liners as in the final film; his dialogue is perverse and menacing. The original script for Dream Warriors is available online and provides a “darker and actually profane” tale according to eventual director, Chuck Russell. We can HEAR the MAN's, wheezing BREATHING, but we still haven't seen, his face. Recent Posts. The blades slashing past her throat and hitting her up-thrust arm, a split second before she careens out of bed entirely. Their blades are thin, -- MORE ANGLES, EVEN CLOSER. “Why me?” Phillip pleads to which Freddy responds “Because I like you.” as Krueger licks the boys face. I think [the story] gets stretched thinner and thinner where it becomes unrecognizable and less germane to the original idea. The rest she can guess, but what the hell was in the closet? out of a filthy bag. NIGHTMARE MUSIC THEME begins as we FADE UP on a SERIES OF SHOTS, -- A man's FEET, in shabby work shoes, stalking, through a junk bin in a dark, fire-lit, ash-, dusted place. The long curved fingerblades suddenly, punch through, flashing in the firelight, and begin ripping. Then we SEE a MAN'S HAND, dirty and nail-bitten. INT. A Nightmare on Elm Street is a 1984 American slasher film written and directed by Wes Craven, and produced by Robert Shaye. So, I left that meeting thinking I would love to work with Heather again. Only her bed seems affected, so askew half the mattress touches the floor. She looks. That was, ironically, the propulsion for jumping out of the film entirely.” (The Nightmare Series Encyclopedia), “I decided if I were to do it, I would want Heather to star in it,” Craven added. Suddenly the HAND arches and STRIKES, FORWARD, SLASHING THROUGH a DARK CANVAS, tearing. “Shaye listened carefully and in the subsequent month made good on all the things I felt had been left unattended, so that was the first half of why I came back to work for New Line. “I think the problem with making sequels—and I think every sequel suffers from this—is that if you continue with the villain as the center of the story then you have to introduce a new set of victims every time. He is best known for creating A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream, featuring the characters of Freddy Krueger and Ghostface respectively. Script by Wes Craven, A STEEL HAND, shining dully in the dark shadows of a filthy boiler room — being assembled slowly over —, METAL FINGERS — COMPOSITE SINEW — the SPARK of hammer on metal — then — the thing suddenly flexes as if alive —, CLOSE ON REMOTE CONTROL DEVICE — clean hands manipulating levers —, THE STEEL HAND — forms into a heavy fist — thumps on table — then the GRIMY HANDS of the CREATOR thrust in again — begin affixing long, shining blades to the end of the steel fingers. Then he asked me if I’d be interested in bringing Freddy back again, one more time. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. BOILER ROOM. I realized that things that happened in real life are just as dramatic as things that happened in fiction.” (Screams & Nightmares: The Films of Wes Craven), “Everyone in [the original] film had somehow been touched by the phenomenon that was A Nightmare on Elm Street,” explained Craven. New Line Cinema, wanting to work with original Nightmare creator Wes Craven again, reached out to the director to resolve lingering animosities that had developed over the past ten years. CUTAWAYS TO FURNACES — belching FIRE and SMOKE. New Line Home Video included this script on the original DVD release in 2000.

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