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[20] Mills had previously been the leader of the CLP and was Chief Minister of the Northern Territory following the Country Liberal Party's (CLP) victory at the 2012 election. [2][3] At the time it was not known if the party would claim a majority of seats, though on 24 August the ABC projected Labor had retained majority government. McConnell later announced he would not re-contest his seat at the election, though did end up running for the adjacent seat of Braitling. The economy, crime and the coronavirus pandemic have been at the forefront of this election campaign. Territory Alliance held 3 seats at the dissolution of Parliament. He was usurped for the leadership of the party by Adam Giles only six months into his Chief Ministership, defeated 11–5 in a party-room ballot. NT Legislative Assembly elections; Past elections; 2020 Territory Election; Results; Results. Northern Territory 2020 Election 13 to win Where there is possible confusion, an asterisk is used. 6 Seats in doubt. [25], Key dates in relation to the election were:[26], A boundary redistribution for electoral divisions in the Northern Territory commenced on 27 February 2019, with the boundary commission releasing its report of the final boundaries on 4 September 2019. The CLP suffered the worst defeat of a sitting government in the history of the Territory, and one of the worst defeats of a sitting government in the history of Australia. [11], Additionally, Giles lost his seat of Braitling to Labor, making him only the second Chief Minister/Majority Leader to lose their seat at an election. [24] This decision necessitated a by-election in the seat of Johnston to replace Vowles. Elections. The incumbent centre-left Labor Party (ALP) majority government, led by Chief Minister Michael Gunner, won a second consecutive four-year term of government. Northern Territory 2020 Election Results. [17] The trio were dismissed after publicly criticising the government's handling of the territory's long-term economic situation, following a report finding the budget to be in "structural deficit" with expenditure struggling to cover previous borrowings and day-to-day costs. [21] With more members in the Assembly than the CLP, Alliance sought to claim official opposition status, though they were defeated 5–3 in a secret Assembly ballot and the CLP retained opposition status, with Lia Finocchiaro remaining as Opposition Leader.[22][23]. [13][14][15], The position of Speaker of the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly had been held by former CLP-turned-independent MP Kezia Purick since 23 October 2012. LAB Labor Party. Labor's primary vote collapsed more than 21 points, making the seat a marginal contest at the general election. The Country Liberals won 8 seats, a gain of six from their landslide loss in the previous election, whilst 2 independents and 1 Territory Alliance candidate were elected. The CLP regained a number of seats in traditional heartlands that it had lost to Labor in 2016, with the party winning back Braitling, Brennan and Katherine from the ALP. Elections. [4] When the counting of votes concluded, Labor finished with 14 seats, enough for a two-seat majority on the floor of the Assembly. Members were elected through full preferential instant-runoff voting in single-member electorates, after the optional preferential voting system introduced for the 2016 election was abolished by the Electoral Legislation Amendment Act 2019 in April 2019. The 2020 Northern Territory general election was held on 22 August 2020 to elect all 25 members of the Legislative Assembly in the unicameral Northern Territory Parliament. With Mills' presence in the Assembly, the new Territory Alliance held one seat. Labor held 16 seats at the dissolution of Parliament. [31], There were 111 candidates who nominated for the election—the second-highest number of candidates in a Territory election, just under the 115 who nominated in 2016.[38]. Elections. The by-election was held on 29 February 2020 and was won by Labor candidate Joel Bowden, who claimed 52.6% of the two-candidate preferred vote. Estimate by Antony Green based on the 21 seats with a two-party count between Labor and CLP, with estimates for Araluen, Goyder and Nelson. ABC election analyst Antony Green called the election for the Labor Party nearly three hours after the polls closed. The NT Labor Government is blaming coronavirus for delays in the delivery of its 2016 election promise of $300,000 upgrades for 189 NT schools. Successful candidates are highlighted in the relevant colour. *Due to boundary changes, Namatjira was notionally CLP at the time of this election. It retained Port Darwin and Drysdale, two seats it had only won once before 2016, while gaining Blain, a seat it had never won before. Arafura Primary votes: Lawrence COSTA (ALP) 1,269 : Gibson ILLORTAMINNI (CLP) 1,041: Tristan James MUNGATOPI (Ind) … [27], At the time of the election, eight parties were registered with the Northern Territory Electoral Commission (NTEC). Northern Territory election: Labor claims victory but majority hangs in the balance . From 11 seats at dissolution (and 16 after the 2012 election), the CLP suffered the worst election performance in its history, winning only two seats. The links below lead to full displays of results for the 25 seats, updated live. [10], At the 2016 election, the one-term incumbent Country Liberal Party (CLP) minority government, led by Chief Minister Adam Giles, was defeated by the Labor Party Opposition, led by Opposition Leader Michael Gunner. Both incumbent independent MLAs running for reelection, Yingiya Mark Guyula and Kezia Purick, retained their seats, but long-serving independent Gerry Wood was succeeded by a CLP candidate in Nelson. The map on the right shows the final two-party preferred vote result by electorate. [5] The new Gunner Ministry was sworn in on 8 September 2020.[6].

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