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Barth/Heiler Porsche 908/3 Spyder in the 1974 Six Hour. The original circuit boasted nine corners and was 4.1km long. Remembering the lost Kyalami – A superb new book about the “old” Kyalami opens a floodgate of memories. The ablution facilities will be upgraded and a new public address system will be integrated too. SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE and be the first to receive new articles directly into your inbox: There is a model in Porsche’s family line-up that receives little coverage and, as a result, it does, Over the years, there has been a lot written on the history of the Le Mans 24 Hours, a race which, I first caught sight of the Ferrari 333 SP at Kyalami in Johannesburg, South Africa, in December. This week, we flip the calendar to May 21 2015, where Brenwin Naidu delved into the history of Kyalami racing circuit, which at the time had just been saved by Porsche South Africa boss Toby Venter. In addition, the buyer will receive a CD of images and period film and video coverage making this a thoroughly enjoyable purchase. According to Porsche South Africa, the circuit is expected to reopen between August and September. Many years ago, a very useful book was published covering SA motorsport up to the early 1960s. The famous straight will gain extra length, running close to 900m. Soon, the SA Grand Prix could list names such as Hill, Clark, Moss, Bonnier, Gregory, Barth and others who were joined by some of SA’s best drivers which included John Love, Doug Serrurier, Tony Maggs among others. Kyalami does not only represent a great read, accurate results and a visual delight of photographs, it also comes with a DVD containing 80 minutes of rare footage, including the 1969 Republic Day Race, 1969 SA Grand Prix, 1975 SA Grand Prix prize-giving speeches, four laps of on-board footage with Derek Bell in a Porsche 956 and three laps with Alain Prost in a F1 Renault! We used to store our drums at a local butcher’s shop in his huge freezer. Now, a copy of Sun on the Grid easily fetches R2 000.”. That said, as a reference source, Kyalami is the real deal. Also included in the book is a history of the birth of motorsport in South Africa, dating right back to the first race in February 1903 at the Green Point Cycle Track in Cape Town. Please click here to contact us. The saviour in the story, as you probably know already, is Toby Venter, boss of Porsche South Africa, who secured Kyalami for R205-million when it went under the hammer in 2014. I promise, it wasn’t me. If you are a motorsport enthusiast, be it Formula 1, endurance racing or any other type of racing, you will find good coverage within the pages of this publication. Why not send them a copy of this great magazine each month? On 4 November 1961, the Kyalami International Grand Prix Circuit opened its doors for the first event to be held on the brand-new Johannesburg circuit, namely the Rand Daily Mail 9-Hour Endurance Race. Easing out of the final bend and into the pits, I felt bittersweet pangs in the knowledge that this would be my last experience of the circuit as I knew it. Kyalami Racing Circuit (from Khaya lami, My home in Zulu) is a motor racing circuit located in Midrand, Gauteng province, South Africa.The circuit has been used for Grand Prix and Formula One races and has hosted the South African Grand Prix many times. But as more and more international teams and drivers began to compete in South African events, so the cost of running the bigger races began to escalate and East London soon found itself unable to make the financial commitment necessary to hold a world championship. In fact, the Kyalami Ranch hotel, just a stone’s throw from the circuit entrance, became famous for the driver’s strike organised by Niki Lauda in 1982, when the drivers barricaded themselves in one of the rooms. The new owners intend getting FIA Grade 2 accreditation. “Kyalami was one of the top three circuits in the world in its original state — it has seen everything from superbike racing to Formula One and I think it’s wonderful that this home will be preserved.”, “One of the biggest highlights was when Jody Scheckter won the 1975 South African Grand Prix. Please contact us if you would like to discuss advertising opportunities on Porsche Road & Race. The crowd went mad and, on the parade lap in true South African fashion, I even had beer cans thrown at me. What a great place!” Denny Hulme. Twice Around the Clock: The Yanks at Le Mans, A Reflection on the History of the Original Circuit 1961-1987, 1180 images including B&W and colour (includes CD), 285 x 225 mm portrait, hardback with dust jacket, SA R795.00, UK £59.95, rest of world $99.00. In South Africa the traditional Kyalami had to give way (amidst severe criticism – there was no way that even the SA Grand Prix of the early nineties could race on the old Kyalami) to becoming a technical circuit. It may sound like small fry to those more familiar with the major international races, but these were still early days in a far off, small colony. He said he was looking forward to having a go on the track himself, citing his last track experience at Zwartkops as a guest of Ignition GT LapZ presenter Gugu Zulu. I blasted out of the pits, exploiting the might of that turbocharged V8. South Africa’s leading motoring magazine and website for buyers, sellers, enthusiasts and the automotive industry. During those years the international races were big; it was lovely to be a part of the scene, with all the big names there.”. During the quarter of a century covered by this book, South African motorsport grew at a very fast pace, and the Kyalami circuit would play host to all manner of motorsport competition. Apart from the racing history, the author has included ‘Memories’ by Jackie Stewart, Denny Hulme, Derek Bell, Rob Driver, Dave Clapham and Andrew Thompson. Porsche South Africa’s R205m bid for Kyalami in 2014 was the highest price paid for an auction property in South Africa. One of the big attractions of racing in South Africa was undoubtedly the weather, as international teams and drivers could compete there during the southern hemisphere’s summer months, while Europe and the UK were in the grip of winter. Notable series included the Stannic Group N production car races. The first race to be held at the new Kyalami was the Rand Grand Prix, a local series run to Formula One rules. Kyalami 9 Hour will once again be held at this circuit, reviving the popular endurance racing tradition at the southern tip of the African continent. I was hooked on the thrill of motorsport spectatorship, hopeful that one day I would be able to blitz the track too. The original circuit boasted nine corners and was 4.1km long. The fun starts with the foreword, written by Jody Scheckter: “I took the lead on the second lap and went on to win. ShowMe™ and CAR Magazine bring you some of this magazine’s top notch content right here on our site. The association sold it for R42m in 2004. His misfortune was a gentle reminder that the circuit deserves respect. The question to ask is then, should you buy one of these books? Your motorsport library will not be complete without a record of how it all happened down south, under the hot African sun. FIRST DRIVE | Putting the new Toyota Hilux through its off-road paces, CONSUMER WATCH | Ford Fiesta ST misdiagnosis results in R94k engine replacement, REVIEW | The 2020 Nissan Patrol is unapologetically old school, Fuel price should continue downward trajectory into November, LONG-TERM UPDATE 7 | Our Polo gets Thule gear — and another 3,200km. For starters, the entire circuit will be resurfaced. What made the circuit brilliant, in his view, was its technical nature. We welcome your questions, comments and feedback. World renowned drivers such as Derek Bell, Jochen Mass, Stefan Bellof, Jacky Ickx, Riccardo Patrese, Alessandro Naninni, Thierry Boutsen, Desiré Wilson, David Hobbs, and so many others, would ply their trade around this Highveld circuit. South Africa’s leading motoring magazine and website for buyers, sellers, enthusiasts and the automotive industry. In recent years, the area surrounding the circuit has developed into a residential and commercial suburb of Johannesburg. This magazine provides hot-off-the-press news, reviews, road tests and technical advice on everything a motorist would like to know. Not that today’s replacement track (built in the early 1990s) is disappointing, exactly, but those who’ve known both say it isn’t a patch on the fast, sweeping and much longer circuit of old. A number of teams decided to boycott the race. A new underpass will be built to allow easier access —and this will include a pedestrian walkway. She is the undisputed darling of South African racing circuits. Why not subscribe? Join us as we look back at some of our notable motoring activities from days gone by. Later, as my right leg steadied, I could keep both hands on the steering wheel, which made it easier to go flat out and a little bit sideways, which earned me the nickname ‘Sideways Scheckter’.”. It is just as well that he did, because race records were not always complete, and with the passage of time and with office moves, some documents inevitably get lost. But the practical aspects off the asphalt will also receive attention. It also comes with a two-sided commemorative coin and sells for R1 495. I assumed at the time that it was an act of hysterical joy and not a personal attack!”. The original circuit was demolished before I was born but I want to rebuild it for others like me who have sadly missed the magic of the real circuit. Circuit safety — which at the “old” Kyalami seemed to be lacking — will be improved. My right leg was shaking uncontrollably from nerves, so I took my right hand and pressed my leg down in order to keep the accelerator flat on the floorboards. Yes, Kyalami inspires petrolhead poetry. But he also acknowledged the low points, one being the death of Tom Pryce. The value in this publication, though, lies in the quality and depth of its contents, and here the author has left no stone unturned in his efforts to uncover the history of this famous circuit. That said, one chap did get it wrong, heading off onto the gravel trying to connect the dots on those famous Esses. Scheckter recalled, in a comprehensive history of the circuit, titled The Kyalami Book, how the track inspired his nickname. Fortunately for the reader, the author saw the writing on the wall when he heard that the circuit was to be broken up for development, and so he set about writing this book.

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