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He yanks Rose outta there. Kerri, thank you! Season 5 Episode Summaries. Oh God, Lizzie. Bree agrees, but she says they have to figure out a story to tell others on the Ridge and have time to say a proper goodbye to everyone. I hope PB&J sandwiches possess the power to refuel weary hearts. Ian’s always had his suspicions about his strange Auntie Claire — he guessed fairy, which isn’t too far off — and after learning more about Otter Tooth and his opal while living with the Mohawk, those suspicions were raised once again. SO LONG, FAREWELL | The day of Bree and Roger’s departure looms. The air of levity among them dies down when they come across the smoking ruins of a house; when Roger and Jamie investigate, they find the family, killed by arrows, dead inside. After listing all the things that are weird about them and their history, he gives them Otter Tooth’s journal, which is in Latin. Ms. Gabaldon, you certainly gifted us one dynamite penultimate episode, setting in motion mighty-high finale expectations that leave this gal wondering what tricks the powers that be have up their 18th-century storytelling sleeves to surpass it. Jem says the stone is hot, which confuses Ian because to him it feels cool. I fear, however, the wound this one inflicts will slice deeper and fester longer than the former ever did. She notes he was tired, but he counters, “You could’ve raised me from the dead for this.” AND YOU DID A FEW WEEKS AGO, I write in my notes. JAMES FRASER, PEOPLE. Jamie gives an emotional speech about how though he might not ever see any of them again, they have made his life whole. Home home. I kept waiting for something to stop them from reaching the stones — because as book readers will know, this does not happen in book five, FYI — but no great obstacle comes. It was almost funny that Fergus thought Boston was too far for Bree and Roger to move. Jamie’s basically like, can’t a man just have window sex and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with silverware in peace? With the end of season 5 fast approaching, time moves quickly on Outlander now, taking us to the Autumn of 1772. My company just gave us complimentary subscriptions to the Calm app. She's a member of the Critic's Choice Association, enjoys mentoring writers, cats, and passionately discussing the nuances of television and film. With the end of season 5 fast approaching, time moves quickly on Outlander now, taking us to the Autumn of 1772. Ian canna believe what he’s seen. I come from the future. this! Suddenly, it breaks apart in Jemmy’s hand and Claire, Roger, and Bree can all hear the distinctive sound of the stones. When we do, just a little advance encouragement to get up and shake the glitter off your clothes now, that’s what you get for waking up in… well, wherever we’ll be. “Such a handsome lad,” Jamie muses. They toast to home and to family and then Bree, Roger, and Jemmy are off. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED? Our daily gal pals dig. Our daily gal pals dig in with us to celebrate the best of times and make it bearable to slog through the worst. Because a cover is nice, [9:21 p.m.] Will there ever be a time when we don’t wonder or scratch at whether Roger (or Bree) still has doubt about Jemmy’s paternity? Ian accompanies Roger, Brianna and Jem to the stones, where they put Jem between them and tie a rope around them, like a little time-traveling sandwich. S5, Ep1. By the time Jamie becomes aware of what’s happened, his wife’s whereabouts are unknown. He also knows she thinks he shot Isaiah Morton in the back during the Battle of Alamance — something he doesn’t deny — but he points out that he’s merely a father trying to get justice for his dishonored daughter. [10:01 p.m.] All the blood just drained out of me. Regardless, he is Team Time Travel now, and that seems like a win for everybody. To put it mildly, "Journeycake" gives new meaning to the term empty nesters. [9:20 p.m.] While we’re on the topic of books — this is an apt reminder to never judge a book by its cover. Kimberly Roots / [9:03 p.m.] This show often gives us shriek-and-repel-in-fear images, and this one falls firmly in that category. Kimberly Roots / They come asking Jamie to join their newly formed Committee of Safety to help protect colonists. Lord John says they are both very like Jamie, kind, courageous, and with a temper. He marvels at the “germs” and their handsomely thrashing tails, while Claire giggles and tells him he’s looking at his sperm, which she woke up in custody of. Outlander Season 5 Episode List, Summaries and Show Guide. Claire’s sitting on the empty bed with black and white sketches as the lone physical reminder of her children and grandchild is all the colorful proof I need. [9:38 p.m.] “I don’t know what to say” is a perfectly proportionate reaction when the father you never knew was your father until you were 20 now reveals you also have a brother. And, oh my gosh, aren't the twins who play Jemmy the cutest things? Then again, does the beverage really matter? She has a broken wrist and Claire intimates that this injury is caused by someone twisting it. ASHES TO ASHES | A title card informs us that it’s Autumn 1772, and we watch Brianna, Roger, Jamie and Claire returning from a shopping trip. 'Outlander' Season 5, Episode 11 recap: Find out what happened in 'Journeycakes.' And there’s that time-travel buzzing, too. When Claire and Jamie are in the cabin and Claire says to Jamie that it’s just the two of them again, I felt a load lifted off the series and I was so relieved and happy that we would only see the two of them from here on out. Before you know it, there is a big explosion at the Fraser’s Ridge Still. You’ll recall that, after she basically accused Lionel of shooting his daughter’s lover in the back during the Battle of Alamance, Lionel kicked Claire’s precious glass syringe to the ground and stepped on it. But suddenly, a group of men rush in. I could rant about how problematic it is to perpetuate this myth that some slaves were so happy with their lot in life, they chose to stay with their masters even after being freed (it’s a bill of goods we’ve been sold before in movies like Gone With the Wind and Song of the South), but I’ll leave it at pointing out how frustrating it is and move on. I'm not an emotional person, but Outlander Season 5 Episode 11, airing only a week before Mother's Day, was gut-wrenching. © 2020 Vox Media, LLC. Can someone please go check on her? [9:23 p.m.] Last episode I mentioned that if being an unwilling guest at Bonnet the Beast’s B&B wasn’t enough reason to go back then I don’t know what is. Ian takes the news that his aunt has traveled from the future very, very well. “The older he gets, the more he looks like his father,” John sighs. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. LEAVE HIM BE. I don’t feel their connection that well. Like, he just immediately accepts it as truth. There is more to that story, and spending less time with Bree and Roger might allow for the tale to blossom a little bit. The Browns (boo! If you’ve missed any of our Season 5 episode recaps, you can catch up with them here: Episode 5.06: “Better to Marry than Burn”. But I can't believe that both brothers are in on the savagery as it's impossible to imagine there wasn't at least a little sanity in that family, especially since they're interested in beginning a safety patrol. My journalistic heart is ever so proud. Loved the scene of Jemmy and Jaime on the horse. [9:00 p.m.] For those who thought that after last week’s bastardized beach weekend we might enjoy a few recuperative moments on the Ridge, brace for impact. Her heartfelt goodbyes might have seemed out of place, but when she said goodbye to Lizzie, it was obvious that even a move the distance of Boston could mean you'd never see each other again. Could this be a brother against brother thing into which Claire and Jamie got stuck in the middle? But this is definitive proof that Jem can travel through the stones, meaning Bree and Roger can return to the future. Why do these folks seem like the type to set cabins ablaze and kill just to give themselves a baseline justification for starting a “committee of safety.” Yes, I will continue to reference it in quotes. If it were me I’d be all, “, [9:35 p.m.] Dying. By the hinted-at looks of it, it’s nowhere any of us want to go willingly. What do you think they’re shocked to see after traveling through the stones? Seeing this, I understand why. With updated release dates where available. “What was that?” Same, Claire. Because while I get that she’s currently living in the time in which she could meet him and is leaving it, Lord John does not have that knowledge. So I was screaming at the screen with you. Back at their cabin, Roger and Bree debate what might’ve caused Jemmy to shatter the opal. Jamie teases Claire about the giant bags of peanuts she bought, but she remains steadfast in her desire to have Jeremiah taste peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at some point in his childhood. Then, while whispering to the girl that it’s going to be OK, Roger holds his handkerchief over her face until she stops breathing. And now he’s entrusted Ian as his brother to take them on their journey “home” — and clearly not just because he’s now in on the secret. LIKE A SMOKING STONE| Back at the big house days later, Ian is playing keep-away with Jem in the front yard. They decide they’ll tell people Roger got a teaching job in Boston. But Ian asks about whether or not they could stay and change things. We’ve mashed the climactic moments of a few years and two books into the final few episodes — which, if it was going to happen, how fitting that the author herself had a partial hand in it — so literally anything can happen. continue to live is the hilarity of that scene in the proper habitat of my brain… and for much longer than a week, for what it’s worth. 30 essential albums from the last 30 years, Ed Speleers on living out Stephen Bonnet's 'biggest fear' on. He wanted her to know she had more of her blood in the world. Can someone please go check on her? Later, Claire tells Jamie that Bree promised Roger they’d return to the future if Jem could travel. There should have been at least hugs before leaving in the wagon…. They all share a final family dinner, for which Claire has made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Sometimes, you pounce anyway. After the whole hot/cold stone debacle that played out in front of him, he’s finally ready to ask his aunt and uncle some questions. hiss!) [9:33 p.m.] “You could have raised me from the dead for this.” And then there’s that. Jamie finally torched the. ” I anticipated the agony of watching them offer parting words to Jamie and Claire, but fully underestimated the reserves needed to soldier through those with the likes of Ulysses or Lizzie. [9:42 p.m.] Lizzie excitedly thinks she’s going while Bree’s busy giving her the friends for a reason, friends for a season, friends for life talk and now I have a new request: SOMEONE HUG ME.

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