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", Mouritz adds, however, that after takeoff there was nothing Qantas could have done: the explosion has since been attributed to an issue specific to the Trent 900 Rolls-Royce engines that may need to be replaced on half of the Airbus 380 fleet worldwide. This helps to explain why GermanWings received the maximum seven-stars and why Malaysia Airlines achieved five-stars. Qantas' safety issues first came to the industry's attention in 2008, after another string of incidents that included an exploding oxygen bottle blasting a hole in the fuselage of a Boeing 747 near Manila. Continue your visit to The main concern was that Qantas wasn't meeting its own safety standards. A lot of people have a fear of flying, although regular business travellers should be more desensitised. After traveling to the institution, Charlie kidnaps Raymond but then finds that Raymond will only fly Qantas. But it also highlights the flaws in trying to pick a carrier that poses the least risk. The cheek is they provide a printed menu when the entire offering for an eight hour flight is one soggy pulled beef and cheddar cheese wrap, a kitkat bar, a breakfast omeltte with sausage etc (OR fruit...what a nerve...remember the days when this meal came on a tray with cereal, juice, yogurt, toast or croissant and some fruit as well as the hot dish). One of the worst was an engine explosion on an A380 from Singapore to Sydney on Nov. 4, which resulted in an emergency landing and, later, in Qantas grounding its six A380s, two of which will be back in service on Saturday. Though there haven't been any fatal incidents in the interim, a series of close calls in the past two years has tarnished Qantas' once sterling reputation. This helps to explain why GermanWings received the maximum seven-stars and why Malaysia Airlines achieved five-stars. Of course when Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) uttered the “Qantas never crashed” line to Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise} in the movie Rain Man it was a bonanza for the marketing team at Qantas. (See pictures of the miracle on the Hudson. The inquiry was prompted in October, following a change in U.S. law that required that pilots have 1,500 hours of experience before being hired by airlines. "We are a national carrier. The list of ten airlines which received just one star is comprised of less salubrious names like Batik Airlines, Kal-star Aviation and Trans-Nusa, which even seasoned travellers might look twice at before booking. What else are we paying for in Full Service? Last year there were 560 fatalities out of 3.6 billion passengers carried, or 0.000016%. Will be great when Newcastle has an International Airport! Flew Quantas (AA From LA to Auckland, but booked through Qantas) (Qantas from Auckland to Sydney and from Sydney to Dallas) for a month long vacation trip in New Zealand and Australia. There is even a dedicated smartphone app called "Am I Going Down?" Review tags are currently only available for English language reviews. "No one cares what happens when you check in, or what happens at 30,000 feet; all they care about is whether they arrive safely and on time. Last year there were 560 fatalities out of 3.6 billion passengers carried, or 0.000016%. The survey uses a star rating system based on factors such as fatalities over the past 10 years, various safety accreditations or endorsements and, more interestingly, whether the fleet is composed of Russian-built stock (for which airlines are penalised). This is below the 10 year rolling average of 714 fatalities and well below the 1,597 deaths out of 141m passenger reported 50 years ago (still an insignificant 0.001%). I was very satisfied with there customer service and flight experience. The QF32 incident was just the start of an extraordinarily bad month for the airline. I have just flown from Sydney to Brisbane. I am almost 2 meters tall (6'4") and they comped me free exit seats on both trips! Mick Quinn, former deputy CEO of CASA, cited a lack of responsibility between Qantas and its maintenance company Qantas Engineering and Maintenance. says Barry Urquhart, the managing director of Marketing Focus, a Perth-based market-research and strategic-planning practice. What more could you ask for. Why do some reviewers object to this? (See pictures of the miracle on the Hudson. Much more sleep than usual, even enough to cope with Sydney airport. But that was before the jet age of the late '50s. He said the worst thing he has seen was a Boeing 747 with incorrectly mounted engines, which CASA let slip by. Rain Man was right The world's safest airlines. Terrorism, hijacks or pilot suicide aren't included in the Airline Rating methodology. (See pictures of the hunt for the Air France flight 447 plane.). "Last year 92% of maintenance was done onshore," says Olivia Wirth, a Qantas spokesperson. It could nevertheless take years for the company to recover its squeaky clean image. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in Canada. In September 2008, Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), which opened an inquiry into the airline, said in a safety review that the agency "has looked carefully at Qantas maintenance systems and performance and uncovered signs of emerging problems." ", When Rain Man was released in 1988, the white kangaroo of the Australian carrier's logo was synonymous with safety. "Put it this way," says Urquhart. Steve Purvinas, secretary of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers' Association, says Qantas' safety standards have become "wonky" since they have increasingly moved their maintenance facilities abroad to Asia in the past decade. Operators with the same star rating are split out by examining their accident history. Unsurprisingly Qantas topped the list for the third year running; the Australian carrier has been fatality-free during the jet-engine era (its last crash took place in 1951). Passenger safety is something that tends to grab headlines. Then Raymond offers, matter-of-factly, "Qantas. 1. "If Rain Man was made today, Dustin Hoffman would have been yelling out the name of another airline.". All rights reserved. "It went from people not putting Qantas and air-safety concern in the same sentence to them asking, 'How safe is Qantas?'" That means that for two years running deliberate acts were responsible for the majority of fatalities. And why the huge surprise at coffee being expected as well as whatever other drink is extracted....Nice staff, yes some of them are elderly but at least that suggests a reasonable employer loyalty? What amenities? which tracks the safety of carriers and routes (as Gulliver reported last year). To have so many recognisable international airlines performing well is heartening, especially for the frequent flyers that rely on them. All rights reserved. We can't afford to take any risks.". © 2019 TIME USA, LLC. Business travel Gulliver. But many budget carriers can’t apply for it as they tend not to be members of IATA, the airline association that awards the certificate. Not many airlines do this anymore. Lovely meal, small bottle of Wolf Bass wine and a chocolate. Qantas: Rain Man and I love Qantas - See 19,611 traveler reviews, 3,273 candid photos, and great deals for Qantas, at Tripadvisor. The day after, a 747 was turned back to Singapore after midair engine failure. Qantas has an exceptional record, but 148 of the 407 airlines that were rated achieved the full seven-stars. Qantas never crashed. This January, CASA responded to Purvinas' criticism on the website, by saying, "The traveling public can be assured CASA is carrying out regular audits and other safety checks of Australian airlines and the maintenance work carried out on Australian aircraft.

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