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Red Bull Media House First, they trigger consumer engagement through inspirational videos and activities. It’s great to convince your target audience to follow your brand but why stop there? Tous droits réservés. Red Bull content marketing 5. Or as you can see, Red Bull is creating projects and ways to engage with people on the way their audience wants. Their captions are short but at the same time, captivating. Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect, un jeu de course sur glace particulièrement…. These athletes are sponsored by Red Bull or participating at events sponsored by the company. However, Red Bull didn’t stop at extreme sports and outdoor activities. Red Bull asked its followers to vote with a “like” emoji for the next photo. Is there something you might want to add to this list? Now you can check out their milestone and see everything they’ve done since 1987. We’ll learn about what makes them a great media company but first, let’s start with some basic facts and learn a few things about the company and the brand. Comme nous vous le rapportions cette semaine, Helmut Marko a fait de la reprise du programme Honda F1 l’option n°1 de Red Bull Racing et AlphaTauri pour poursuivre l’aventure en Formule 1 après le retrait du constructeur japonais. Red Bull Media : Tous les jeux vidéo édités ou développés par la société Red Bull Media sur Gameblog For example, they launched Red Bull TV that is a digital video service that features the world of the brand in live global events. The more history a company has, the easier is to market the brand and grow awareness on it. What started as a simple slogan for the active people, „Red Bull gives you wings”, has become through the years a straightforward call to action, a reality. The Red Bull brand is one of the leading media companies in today’s context and one of the most reputable brands. Let’s not forget that Red Bull spent over $2 million on a movie called The Art of Flight, a huge investment in content from a company but still, another proof of their commitment to sharing their stories with the world. These activities lead to videos and images that sometimes become viral. What makes Red Bulletin stand out from the crowd is not only the quality and value of the published content but also the fact that it follows the same stories and ideas that are the core of Red Bull’s marketing strategy. It has the highest market share of an energy drink in the world, with more than five billion cans sold every year. Everything they do is brand related through carefully placed products and slogans. The chosen metaphor can inspire us to imagine whatever we want but at the same time, it gives a straightforward message. C’est la boisson énergisante qui pèse 4.93 milliards d’euros de chiffre d’affaire.Tout ce qui est fait par Redbull est synonyme d’énergie, de force et d’endurance, mais aussi d’esprit et de créativité.. Sa cible étant les ados et les jeunes adultes, la marque cherche à se dépasser et à relever des défis. Red Bull has taken over the marketing industry and managed to transform the way we think about marketing and create our own campaigns and strategies. This project reaffirm and positioned Red Bull not only as a brand who is sponsoring events but also as a event creator. Ten years ago, Red Bull created their own media companies to deal with their marketing strategies and the distribution of premium digital content. 10. This is what Red Bull did over the past few years. 8. A brand that manages to inspire people is a brand that will always be associated with freedom, motivation, and action. c'est votre chaîne de jeu video 24/7 : Débats • Tests • Jeux en direct • Reportages • Coulisses • Interviews • Rétro-Gaming • A suivre sur Gameblog, l'actualité des nouvelles consoles comme la. This product is available as a window for broadcasters, as a TV App (Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chrome Cast, Kindle Fire, Xbox 360 and other Smart TV’s) and also online on their website. Thus, they made sure that when sportsmen share their videos and images from those competitions, the Red Bull brand will be present one way or another. There are always new places to show, new people and new events. It’s a brand that creates awareness of itself by through emotions and adventure. They know how to adapt to changes and how to embrace technology and turn it to their advantage. Red Bull has done an incredible job in leveraging this particular marketing strategy by relying on content published by influencer athletes such as free runners, bikers, racers, and divers. How much do you want to know about Red Bull marketing? Audience members sent the emoji in direct messages through Instagram Chat for the one that they wanted published. Their slogan is reflected in everything they share with their fans, including the amazing pictures posted on their Facebook wall. In fact, Red Bull TV, part of Media House has won this year’s Google Play Award for Best TV Experience at the 2017 Google I/O Developers Conference in San Francisco. pour se lancer ! This is an impressive number even for a big corporation but nothing is at random when it comes to this company. They know how to leverage influencer marketing as well They started by investing in sports, extreme sports and adventures but the ultimate goal was to build brand awareness that would finally lead to brand loyalty among their fans and customers. Red Bull identity 4. Some say that print is dead or about to die in the following years. Their shared content is focused on video but it is a mix of entertaining and informative content. This is a simple message that tells us everything about Red Bull brand. Whatever these dreams may be. For this article, I have chosen one of the best examples of the past decade in marketing and digital media distribution: Red Bull. However, the brand is always prominent. 6. Here, the content is based on a mix of videos and images based on speed, sports, and motion. This type of content builds trust among the consumers due to the fact that it is authentic, non-paid and not influenced by marketers, influencers or brands. „The Red Bulletin features breathtaking stories from the World of Red Bull and its playgrounds” and makes the perfect example of a content delivery platform that lately, seems to be rather ignored by marketers: the print issue of a magazine.

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