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Cloudflare Ray ID: 5e40fafac8b91648 Bull Sharks have caused many deaths in murky freshwater environments, the notorious case being the New Jersey river attacks. Orca Wal Killer Whale. While swimming in the river, he was pulled to the bottom by this giant fish called "Goonch", 34 Daily Drops of New Memes and Funny Pics, 39 Forklift Memes That Are Certifiably Funny, 56 Funny Pics and Memes For a Quick Break. Added to Watchlist. 5 1 2. To avoid barracuda attacks, you need to stay away from areas with low visibility, as well as mangrove and estuarine regions; you should also refrain from spearfishing. A Killer Whale Garden. 7 6 0. Rate. Victims are seized and dragged to their deaths by the prehistoric predator, before being consumed. Top 10 Fascinating Locations Around The World, 10 Non-Horror Movies That Will Scare You Silly This Halloween, Top 10 Greatest Songs To Never Hit Number One, 10 Little-Known Facts About The Second World War, Top 10 Creepy Controversies Around Eyes Wide Shut, Top 10 Animals That Evolved To Not Need Eyes, 10 Huge Versions of Already Terrifying Animals, Top 10 Animals You Can Find In Unexpected Places, 10 Terrifying Prehistoric Relatives of Normal Animals, 10 Incredible Recently Discovered Animals, 10 Most Heartbreaking And Tragic Deaths Of Circus Animals, 10 Aberrant Avian Hunting and Feeding Methods, 10 Prehistoric Bugs That Could Seriously Mess You Up. 3 2 1. A prehistoric monster stalks the waters of the southeastern United States. However, it is so far from a typical shark that it poses threats beyond the worst nightmares, and deserves the number one spot on this list. The 600 volts released by this giant relative of catfish is capable of killing a human directly through electrocution. Great Barracudas are attracted to shiny metal objects, and will attack vulnerable creatures or sources of agitation. Killer Fish (1979) PG | 101 min | Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller. From what the locals are saying, at the Nepal and India border, one of these mysterious mutant fish recently caught and ate a … A number of deaths went unexplained in the Congo River, and were attributed to a mysterious spirit foe with dark powers – that is, until extreme angler Jeremy Wade pulled one of these horrific creatures from the depths of the river. Mistrust and betrayals happen amongst the gang in the quest for gold. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Jewel thieves attempt to recover treasure from piranha infested waters. The Great Barracuda is a living torpedo, studded with wicked-looking 3-inch teeth. Electric eels may grow to over 8 feet, and weigh up to 50 pounds. Reaching lengths of more than six feet, and weighing up to 70 pounds, these mega-fish stalk the waterways of central Africa in packs – shredding even large prey in a matter of seconds. The Bull Shark is a 7-12 foot fish weighing over 600 pounds – but with a difference. A combination of fear and pride turns to horror as you spot human feet extending from the creature’s mouth, which then growls loudly, like some kind of aquatic jaguar. These fish may reach up to 6 feet in length, and weigh over 100 pounds. 6 8 0. Killer Whale. Orca Tail Bobbing. • Deaths have been confirmed in the Eastern United States. Bettmann/Getty Images Serial killer Albert Fish claimed to have murdered a child in every state. He escaped with his life – but others may not have been so lucky. Near the Kali river, in India, it seems that a mutant fish recently appeared. Your IP: The mouth of this yellow-eyed monster fish is studded with giant, dagger-like canine teeth – each more than two inches long. Recently, a German swimmer was badly bitten, while a catfish found in Russia had an entire human body in its stomach contents. Crossing a river is highly dangerous, as the water conducts the electricity very effectively, making it comparable to swimming in a bathtub with a plugged in hairdryer. A Killer Whale Garden. The famous Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin died after being stabbed in the chest by a small ocean stingray – but that creature could not hold a spine to the Giant Freshwater Stingray. The fish are aggressive predators, and capture victims with their massive rows of razor-sharp teeth. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. It is believed that the fish acquired their taste for human flesh due to the funeral practice of burning corpses and tossing them into the river. Sea Icon Arctic. Electric eels can only be handled safely with rubber gloves. You are paddling merrily along on your first Amazonian fishing holiday, when you feel a tug on your line. The electric eel (Electrophorus electricus) is an elongated South American fish that produces a powerful electric shock to stun its prey, usually other fish. Orca Fish Penguin Enemy. Orca Wal Killer. This last fish is, technically, still a shark. 5 4 0. Related Images: underwater dolphin shark blue whale humpback whale More than 600 Awe-Inspiring Whale Pictures & Images From their breathtaking size to their astonishing grace in underwater, we've captured all the wonder of whales in this beautiful collection of high-quality images. Killer Whales Orcas Pod. But sharks aside, there are also several kinds of horrific killer fish that prowl the Earth’s freshwater and estuarine habitats. One 13-year-old girl was bitten and dragged underwater before escaping, and a capsized fisherman was badly chewed while treading water. Watch on Prime Video included with Prime. Deaths have been confirmed. Critic Reviews. This saucer-shaped monster may be the world’s largest freshwater fish, at over 16 feet in length, and with a weight of up to 2,000 pounds. A killer fish species that recently appeared in India ? The potential size of these creatures is not confirmed, and historical accounts suggest lengths of up to 20 feet and weights of over 3 tons. 9 12 2. Killer Whale Orca Whale. 7 4 0. Bull Sharks also have the strongest bite force of any living fish species. European waters may seem relatively safe – but a demonic looking killer fish, of unearthly proportions, may cause you to rethink your planned swims in Berlin Lake, Spain’s Reservoirs, or Russia’s Volga River. In other cases, a lesser shock may still knock the victim unconscious, resulting in drowning. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. The Goliath Tigerfish is a creature so horrific that it makes the feared Piranha look like a pet goldfish. The accounts that follow will inject your pre-existing shark phobia with a healthy dose of general terror – for it will be seen that more than merely sharks lurk deep within in the oceans and lakes, in which we blindly splash about.

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