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Fortunately, the boys already have the rings for War and Famine when they learn this. As his powers begin to wear off of the trio, he says "It doesn't matter. Bacteria have one purpose: divide and conquer. At the beginning of the episode, Pestilence is revealed to be hiding in a retirement home, posing as a "Dr. Green". Family Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He states that his power is "pure" and "single-minded." When a minion warned him they were under orders not to harm the brothers, Pestilence raised his voice to a demonic level and stated if the Devil wanted them so badly he could glue them back together after he was done with them. His brothersLucifer Portrayed by Brady eventually relents and gives up Pestilence's location to Crowley, Sam, and Dean. In Two Minutes to Midnight it is shown that the Horsemen cannot be properly filmed, as when Dean and Sam are watching a camera for Pestilence, they find him because his face and ring are hidden with a static-like distortion. Crowley offers to help Sam and Dean find Pestilence by tracking down and cutting a deal with Brady, who he calls "the Horsemen's stable boy." The Four Horsemen were assumed to have been resealed afterwards. Immortality – As a force of nature, Famine will always exist. Very pure, single-minded... bacteria have one purpose - divide and conquer. Despite this, Anna has stated they have \"day jobs\" they carry out around the world.The Horsemen have a very slanted view of humanity, and some see themselves as just bringing out the evil that is already in hu… Pestilence rides in a green '72 AMC Hornet wagon, which represents his green horse, his Nevada license plate reads "SIKN TRD" ("sick and tired"). He then proceeds to give her chicken pox. War seemed to have last manifested a long while ago, the other Horsemen (except Death, who had to be freed) trotting behind him. Dean notes that the timing of the outbreak coincides with when "those statues started crying." The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are a group of evil beings, who are the personified concepts of forces of destruction. Realizing that they cannot kill War (as the only way to do so is to eliminate all war in the world), the Winchesters instead cut off his ring finger, breaking the spell he cast over the town and forcing him to depart. Each us… The first part of the plan was for Pestilence to start a swine flu epidemic, which set the stage for the second step: mass nationwide distribution of the Niveus vaccine which contains the Croatoan virus. And I saw since he had risen, they too shall rise, and from him and through him.". It's ridiculous... and all I can do is show Him He's wrong, one epidemic at a time. Members His ring, along wit… Despite this, he can be very hard on them, particularly when they fail to meet his expectations. When in the disguise of an ill traveler, he tells the clerk he still has "a lot of driving to do", implying he has many more tricks up his sleeve. His ring is silver with a black stone. In The Devil You Know, Brady reveals that the Winchesters have reduced War and Famine to near catatonic states. Biography. Goals Pestilence prefers diseases to people, claiming that belief of disease being a bad thing is just because of sick people, and he can never understand why God has such love for humanity. Both War and Famine have said humans "only need a little push" in order to do horrible things, and both have surprisingly shown a level of disgust and contempt toward how easily corruptible humans are, and what they can do. They cannot be killed unless somehow their attributes cease to exist. For example, Pestilence wanted to kill the brothers in revenge for what they did to War and Famine. He spreads some disgusting mucus over everything. He buys some flu medication and leaves. It's too late," before vanishing. Sam and Dean are on the trail of Pestilence, posing as CDC agents at a hospital hit with a swine flu outbreak. Brady, for example, has been overseeing Pestilence's Croatoan Virus trials while the Horseman himself has been setting the stage for the virus's release. The Horseman of Death in The Book of Revelations - "And through the fire stood before me a Pale Horse, and he who sat atop him carried a Scythe. His ring is silver with a white stone. In spite of this, he deliberately attacked Dean and Sam knowing that he was under strict orders not to harm Sam, Lucifer's vessel. StarvingCorruptingKillingInfecting people This was best seen with Brady, as he criticized him for not hurrying on his distribution of disease. He is freed from the confines of a cell in "Abandon All Hope..." with a ritual and his presence is felt at times, but doesn't physically appear until "Two Minutes to Midnight". Pestilence's license plate reads "SIKN TRD", which translates to "sick and tired". Also its the only ring that does not have a stone in it. Pestilence The Horsemen are mysterious beings that exist in creation, each representing a different attribute. Pestilence also had a habit of hiding his feelings, and appearing calm and even friendly, then revealing his true feelings in explosive outbursts. When he is alerted by a demon posing as a female nurse that t… Like his brother War, he too possesses a ring that allows him to focus and direct his powers. Pestilence mocks him for being a powerless occupied vessel, noting that "there's not a speck of angel in you." DeathWarFamine & PestilenceThe White HorsemanThe Red HorsemanThe Black HorsemanThe Green Horseman Death seems to be the only Horseman who is actually killed, the others were depowered. – Pestilence, 5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight. Pestilence was powerful in the Black Death disease, where Ruby sold her soul to become a demon because of the disease. Lucifer states in Abandon All Hope... that the Horsemen (Death in this case) are very demanding and require certain rituals and agreements to stay happy and compliant. He greets the Winchesters as they stagger towards his room, suffering from Pestilence's powers and has the demon nurse bring them into the room. Hostile Species After Lucifer rises from his cage in Hell, he takes command of the Horsemen (seemingly through the use of a binding spell to compel them to comply with his orders) and directs them in enacting his Genocide against humanity. War's ring is gold, does not have a stone, and appears to be a wedding ring. Using this form, he drives a red sports car (a mustang fastback from the late 60's to earlier 70's model) as his "red horse." Pestilence professes allegiance towards War and Famine, showing anger when he learned of their defeat. He also has a low view of humans, not caring how many he kills and even doing so casually, much like an experiment, considering them as a Petri dish.

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