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We believe you can have it all; the house deposit, the Pilates membership, the share portfolio, the Santorini trip and, of course, the brunch dates. You can reach us using the Feedback form (, The Aftermath: Lost Colony of Roanoke & Mailbag. We’re working to build the most useful podcast information source available by providing you with as much publicly available information about each podcast in our database as we can find and keeping it as up to date as possible. Then, Ichthyologist and curator emeritus of the International Shark Attack File at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville, George Burgess, pops in to discuss.  The Game Show is a fierce, fast-paced and hilarious game show that takes on relationships, sex, breakups and all of the yummy bits in between. 10/13/20. Zane looks at what the apocalypse could look like with Ashes Ashes; Liz finds a pod that helps you through heartbreak in a sweary, care-y way with F*ck Off And Die; and Nick indulges his passion for filmmaking with the podcast full of Hollywood heavy hitters Team Deakins. The Plague. A weekly release podcast that feels like an MFM style chatty sit down with friends to talk about weird shit. Zane brought in THE MOST Liz podcast they could find: Dying for Sex. Maria Claire named The Alarmist one of the best new podcasts of 2020. "The Squiz is a fact-filled run-down of what’s making news with a teensy bit of analysis, and an eye on what’s coming next., This world feels eerily similar to the hills and hollers we’ve grown up with. Email us at No real names will be used for individuals who may have been connected to the real life inspirations for our stories. 626-604-6262  See for privacy and opt-out information. But she loves the ones where people have weird encounters, or triumph over evil motherf***ers. Then, we review all the goodness that was last week’s recommendations. Then it's reviews time from last week. From serial killers to mysterious disappearances to infamous murder cases, John and Daryn break down one murder over the course of one or two episodes, making heavy subject matter a little more palatable by not checking their senses of humor at the door. By the year 2050 we will have 10 billion people on our planet - a sixth of whom will be in India. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Dump Him! From 1989 and until the early noughties free speech went viral across the globe as new democracies tore down the walls of censorship. More importantly, do you feel like yelling about it on the internet? Some claim that the lyrics were written in response to England’s Great Plague and Black Death, and the line Ashes! Then it’s REVIEW TIME! We have merch! For both: Look technically it can be listened to out of order since it’s anthological but I think it benefits from being listened to from the start. (Seriously, we do it the same way every week, you should know this by now. While human civilization owes its existence to the unimaginable wealth that nature freely provides, our current growth trajectory is increasingly being fueled by the direct erosion of biodiversity, ecosystem services, cultural heritage, and more, effectively cannibalizing our future for the sake of short-term “progress.”. Then, she is joined by Producer Lund to discuss and possibly even change the verdict! For both: Try the Daniel Ricciardo and/or the Alain Prost eps! This week, The Alarmist (Rebecca Delgado Smith) decides who it to blame for the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky Sex Scandal that rocked the nation. Ep 9 was Liz’s fave. Then we review last week's offerings. Boe Spearim is a Gamilaraay & Kooma radio host and podcaster who lives in Brisbane. Eight episodes are available in 2017’s first season, with a second season to follow in 2018. This Audible Original also features Eugene Cordero, Baron Vaughn, Carlos Alazraqui, Arturo del Puerto, Dustin Ybarra, Aaron Abrams, Ginger Gonzaga, Greg Santos, Oscar Montoya, Roberta Valderrama, and Shulie Cowen. Spending hours on research per case, John and Daryn not only tell the narrative of each murder but also delve into compelling and little-known facts about the lives of each killer and victim. If you want to be part of the future of food and work on solutions to some of the biggest problems of our time, join the Good Food Institute’s Varun Deshpande and Ramya Ramamurthy on Feeding 10 Billion. On the board this week: Biased Legal System, Ageism Against Women, Betty Broderick, Epstein Credits and Odd Numbers at Dinner Parties. Along the way, Christy shares her own journey from disordered eater and dieter to food writer and anti-diet dietitian, and offers tips to help you accept your body and let go of guilt about food. Subscribe to receive notifications by email whenever this podcast releases new episodes. Created by Gimlet Media and winner of the 2020 iHeartRadio award for Best Kids and Family Podcast, The Story Pirates Podcast is one of the top three kids and family podcasts in the world. A story of rumors, betrayal, and one of the most misunderstood events in American history. This week The Alarmist (Rebecca Delgado Smith) decides who is to blame for the Betty Broderick Murders. It’s your shortcut to being informed. Episodes vary in length, with the shortest running 10 minutes and the longest nearly 1 hour, but on average most stories tend to range between 20-25 minutes. You can find favorited podcasts displayed on the My Profile page associated with your account (, To register, click on the “Register” button in the top right of your browser window (or visit, We’d love to hear from you. Email us at The biggest stories of our time, told by the best journalists in the world. “It’s not meant to inspire you or elicit wild meditation regimes. Every episode, she … Then Liz did her darndest to impress Nick with a podcast containing all his favourite things including boats, shipping containers, spies and intrigue with The Last Voyage of the Pong Su. Then the Castologists review their picks from last week. 396 likes. We wanna get medicaaaaal. Book reports? Call the Earios hotline! If you are a California resident, you may request: We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and serve tailored ads. Writer/performer Rebecca Delgado-Smith (The Good Place) and guests scrutinize history’s greatest disasters to figure out what went wrong, and most importantly, who’s to blame. I love this podcast and wish everyone would listen to it! NO THANK YOU.) Then we review last week’s submissions! Share your thoughts using the button below. Can’t wait for one million episodes! Jacob Mchangama guides you through the history of free speech from the trial of Socrates to the Great Firewall. Hosted by that's life! This week we have them all as Liz Brings the comedy with Dump Him (the Game Show, Nick Harks back to simpler and financially confusing days with Boom/Bust: HQ Trivia, and Zane bring in a podcast on one of his favourite topics, books! Patient Zero host Taylor Quimby knows what it’s like to experience the disease. THE ALARMIST is a historical commentary podcast hosted by comedian and non-historian Rebecca Delgado Smith. The Hosts, Matt, David and Josh, read through books chapter by chapter and give real-time commentary on the happenings. They say history repeats itself, not on The Alarmist's watch!Thrillist called The Alarmist one of the best new podcasts of 2019 saying, "It's hilarious, informative and addictive." In a matter of minutes, the Squiz Today podcast will get you across the news headlines. We’re working to build the most useful podcast information source available by providing you with as much publicly available information about each podcast in our database as we can find and keeping it as up to date as possible. And while the discovery of family secrets can initially be terrifying or traumatic, often these discoveries have the power to liberate, heal, and even uplift us. Zane loves movies, but hesitates to listen to many film podcasts, let alone recommend them, but this listener submission is one of the exceptions. Writer/Comedian Rebecca Delgado-Smith, along with a special guest, scrutinizes history’s greatest disasters to figure out what went wrong, and most importantly, who’s to blame. In ranging conversations that cover everything from the creative process to his guest’s guiltiest pleasures, Dave and a rotating cast of smart, thought-provoking guests talk about their inspirations, failures, successes, fame, and identities. at the University of Chicago) explains what makes this a "Spectator Crime," why the Supermom narrative is so dangerous and how shows like Law & Order and Criminal Minds have changed how people think about true crime and the legal system., INJECT that adamantium into your veins! In September 2009, Marc changed the podcast landscape when he started WTF with Marc Maron, featuring Marc's revelatory conversations with iconic personalities such as Conan O’Brien, Terry Gross, Robin Williams, Keith Richards, Ben Stiller, Lorne Michaels and President Barack Obama. Yeah! We have merch! It’s 1990. Samantha, a professional con artist, uses her charms to steal kidneys from bad people and get them to good ones. This week, The Alarmist (Rebecca Delgado Smith) decides who is to blame for one of the scariest (fictional) shark murder sprees of ALL TIME….JAWS! Because that's how we roll. True fun crime! In a controversial move last episode, Rebecca ruled that Betty Broderick be sent to the Alarmist Jail for the Betty Broderick Murders. Then, Fact Checker Smith and Producer Lund stop by to discuss Alyssa Smith's testimony. Then the team chat through last week's recommendations in the review section. Email us at And if we humans are alone in the universe, if we don't survive intelligent life dies out with us too. You need podcasts? What he has to say might... Was TOXIC MASCULINITY to blame for the Great White killing spree that terrorized Amity Island in the movie JAWS? How can I submit a review of a podcast episode? Discover the first woman to survive a barrel ride over Niagara Falls and the man who invented “complex marriage” in one of the most successful utopian experiments.

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