the devil's messenger raven

..almost daily ,a large group of them circling above different buildings downtown ….the location seems to change daily ….also there was a raven in a tree on my street who seemed to be being harassed by two crows …in response it was “clacking” its beak and the feathers beneath it’s throat were displayed was also making that “flute “type sound, The flock of Ravens is called an unkindness of Ravens. I was wondering if this means anything? My children and I were sleeping on a that side of the house, and decided to move from there because they were talking. I’ve tried to do my own research into it, but I’ve never been a particularly spiritual person, so I’ve had trouble understanding the majority of it. I sat down and noticed a thimble sized bell. Then he came back, flying fast and landing right before me and handed me a love letter. This feeling was so strong and i could hear the sound of the fluttering. Raven symbolism is also associated with divination and prophecy. he just dropped it and left. K As it’s flying around in circles, it all of a sudden turns into a ball of energy, keeping the color black, so it was like a black ball of moving energy. For those who follow the Norse pantheon, Odin is often represented by the raven—usually a pair of them. I fed it bread and named it Jack. I have always felt I had a strong connection with ravens and spiders always have seem attracted to me as well. You can see them at I don’t know if this helps but that is what I feel. It could be a sorcerer who turned herself/himself into a raven. Raven people will not give up easily. My spirit animal is a black jaguar (panther), she has always been my guardian, I just can’t wait for the new posts on the panther/jaguar! Ravens are very intelligent birds. We can all be afraid of our own personal Power, not just for the reasons that I’ve already mentioned but because our mind, that small part of our understanding of the world, of the universe, cannot envelop all that Ka’shatsténhshera, which seems to contradict our narrow definitions of who and what we are, and what we can be. All this while the owners drive Lexus’s, have several properties, several homes and can send their kids out of stated to the college of their choice. Next day my mum told me, she dreamt about a 1WW soldier standing at an iron gate and by him was the raven. , If wise beings such as crows, Ravens and Hawks swooped down and knocked me over the head, I’d take a good look at my life and ask myself what it is I’m neglecting to see. With all that being said, two days later on my day off i am doing yard work in my parents front yard and as i look up and go to trash a load of leaves and weeds, a large raven is standing there in my path. As you work with Raven, you may be called to examine your deeper, subconscious (Raven territory!) Raven can also mimic the sounds of other birds. I prayed the Lord’s Prayer and simply stated, “Jesus will you help me?” This enabled Jesus to begin the process of extricating the devil from my life. Raven symbolism and meaning is one of the most powerful in the Animal Kingdom, making this animal your guide to unleashing your inner magic. The raven flew past me twice and on the third time it landed on my head. I was in front of 3 ravens. It was so majestic as the feather swayed back and forth until it landed softly on the grass. Open your intuition to the wild kingdom and set your true self free! Anyone know what the meaning of seeing 2 ravens lurking around my front lawn and near my car and 2 or so more across the street? It was sitting in an apple tree in my mothers yard. This came to me when some of my premonitions fulfilled themselved one after another in a short period of time, and Im certain there is some greater meaning behind it.

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