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Toward the end of the movie, it’s treated as a bit of a revelation that The Goldfinch was Theo’s mom’s favorite painting, whereas it’s right there in the early parts of the book. Thanks so much Louloutheshamed, I feel very relieved now that I know! The Goldfinch is a 2019 American drama film directed by John Crowley, written by Peter Straughan, and adapted from the 2013 novel of the same name by Donna Tartt.The film stars Ansel Elgort as Theodore Decker, whose life changes after his mother dies in a terrorist bombing at a museum and a dying man convinces him to take a famous painting called The Goldfinch from the museum. I can't make my mind up. And you'll never see this message again. Most often, the answer is that the movie, even at two-and-a-half hours long, can’t fit in as much as does the 800-page novel, forcing director John Crowley and screenwriter Peter Straughan to pare down a bit on details, characters, and plot. Yes me too- when Boris told himThe painting was gone I though brilliant, that's it, problem solved and was very relieved! Parents: Set preferences and get age-appropriate recommendations with Common Sense Media Plus. Do you think Theo is resilient or a survivor -- or is that the same thing? High school students drink beer, vodka, smoke cigarettes, take various drugs -- including a scene in which it's demonstrated how to intensify a high by cutting a pill into a powder and then snorting it. I'm a bit late to your comment, but I want to tell you that the end of the book after Theo finds out Boris took the painting is much more drawn out. Thank you for your support. Log in or link your magazine subscription, The movie is too artful to deserve outright rejection, but too arty to keep you from saying, “What did I just see?”. Overall, most of the performances are lacking—Kidman is wasted to an upsetting degree—with the possible exception of Wright, one of the few cast members who seems to be playing character more than plot. Crowley and the screenwriter, Peter Straughan, take a measured pace that heightens Theodore’s trancelike state in the wake of trauma. © Common Sense Media. Couples kiss, and an engaged couple is seen waking up in the same bed. All rights reserved. My neighbour had her house egged and floured last night for reporting a party to the police. All contents © 2020 The Slate Group LLC. “We were surrounded by Secret Service and police and internal security.”. The movie also skips the part of the book where Theo and Boris’ relationship gets strained because Boris gets a girlfriend, Kotku, but in both cases Theo doesn’t realize that Boris has stolen The Goldfinch from him. I loved Hobie, he is a wonderful character. Wodehouse), but that’s the intent: Theodore has sunk into himself, his deliberateness a protective shield. The costumes, the lavish interiors, even the score by Trevor Gureckis—it’s all designed to give the impression of a high-class, serious drama—sometimes called “prestige,” or, less kindly “awards bait.” And Crowley knows how to frame a shot—he certainly proved that in the excellent “Brooklyn.” But the desperate grandiosity of “The Goldfinch” eventually makes it sterile, draining the story of its humanity, and the audience's potential to have empathy for the characters' traumas. There's not too much sexual content, but you can expect plenty of strong language ("f--k," "s--t"). THE GOLDFINCH is based on Donna Tartt's 2014 bestselling, Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name. Talk widget showing discussions of the day & trending threads, Subscribe to Mumsnet emails direct to your inbox. The other is James "Hobie" Hobarth, who becomes Theo's companion and mentor; he sees beat up, neglected items as beautiful objects of value that he lovingly restores to pristine state. If all of this sounds like deep, philosophical material, much of it is in Tartt’s book, but Peter Straughan’s incredibly frustrating screenplay diminishes almost all of the character detail from a book that’s dense with it. One is the mother of a classmate who takes him in, nurtures his artistic interests, advocates for him. I also didn't really like Theo so wasn't particularly rooting for him. In the book, Theo does heroin while holed up in the hotel in Amsterdam, distraught about coming so close but failing to recover the painting. © 2020 Vox Media, LLC. The Goldfinch is a real painting that's currently on display at The Hague. Slate is published by The Slate Group, a Graham Holdings Company. The pilfered masterpiece is kept under wraps, out of sight. In the book, Theo thinks about killing himself or turning himself in, but Boris interrupts him before he does anything; in the movie, Theo takes enough pills to kill himself, but Boris finds him in his hotel room and rescues him. While there's a reverence for antique furniture labels/designers, such as Chippendale, no modern-day brands are given a focus (although a container of Morton Salt is positioned prominently in one scene). Of course it would have been as good a story of it had ended there! Also loved Hobie, Pippa and Popchyk. I saw only opportunities blown. Like the novel, the movie starts strong, in the aftermath of a tragedy that killed a young boy’s mother — the details of that disaster meted out only gradually, to keep you turning pages (or remaining in your seat). But there’s even more! You can’t build up to an action sequence and then get all moody and withholding. With his mother dead and his father MIA, young Theo becomes a part of two worlds—that of an upper-class family that takes him in, led by a matriarch played by Nicole Kidman, and the antiques shop run by Hobie. Las Vegas is where we meet the Ukrainian teen Boris, a budding gangster played first in weirdo-emo mode by Finn Wolfhard, and later by a relatively centered Aneurin Barnard. Overall I thought it started well, but could've been a lot shorter (and I usually love long books). Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Wonderful adaptation of classic book; some scary moments. and decides to hand himself in, confessing to murder as well as the art theft.Just then Boris reappears (on Xmas day) with a caseload of money. Remember, we’re going through the whole movie and the whole book, so don’t say we didn’t warn you about spoilers.

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