the night clerk did he kill himself

Bart (Tye Sheridan) takes guest relations to a new level in The Night Clerk. So basically yes, Andrea did stab him in the back, and I think the reason he turned the video in to the police was because he didn’t want her to get hurt worse, like the original wife did. I feel like we’re missing info about how she got entangled in all this and why she was willing to help the killer. We think it was more of a character than necessarily plot driven story. Personally I think he and Andrea were working together so they could get that man in jail. He works as the night clerk at a reasonably nice hotel, in which he’s placed cameras in several of the rooms. Not a 10/10, but good none the less. News & Discussion about Major Motion Pictures, Press J to jump to the feed. I do almost think of her as an antagonist in the story because although she cared about Bart, she obviously used him at the end and had no intention of staying or helping him go to the police. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Because of this he forms a super strong bond with her in his head, whereas she can’t fully commit to it and is in this relationship with this terrible guy. He sees them sleeping together through the camera and identifies the shooter. He has locked his self in the room, But when his mother saw him, she tries to encourage him. I know this is from three weeks ago but my husband and I just finished watching the movie and I think this is a great analysis of the film! That's why some viewers maybe confused. So basically yes, Andrea did stab him in the back, and I think the reason he turned the video in to the police was because he didn’t want her to get hurt worse, like the original wife did. And I think the mall scene was really just to show that Bart had realized he couldn’t learn how to be social by watching people, he just had to go and do it. Or was Andrea really about to stab him in the back? Andrea and Bart then sleep … So I thought he killed himself too, but if you remember, the gun was on top of the envelope when John L (I'm bad with character names) comes in the basement. The crime moves the story along but it’s really just there to create characters to interact with Bart and move the plot forward. He is watchful and has cameras placed where they shouldn’t be, and that in itself is a criminal act. Another possibility is that Bart was the killer all along. I think this points back to earlier where Bart says he could be Andrea’s “lifeguard”. Natalie Cass/Saban Films Everyday life is a big mystery to Bart, a 23-year-old hotel worker who describes himself … Plus the ending when he’s in the mall. Andrea also pays him a visit to find out why he is disappeared. *on re-watch he shot the monitor, maybe he shot Andreas face? Did It Happen? She obviously uses him to get the hard drive, but how did they know he had the video, who he was, what he was like (so she’d have to be sensitive to his condition), where to find him (after he’d been reassigned to a new hotel). The Night Clerk is a 2020 American crime drama film, written and directed by Michael Cristofer.It stars Tye Sheridan, Ana de Armas, John Leguizamo and Helen Hunt, and follows a hotel night clerk who becomes the center of a murder investigation.The film was released on February 21, 2020, by Saban Films.On June 6, 2020, Netflix released the film on its platform. I feel people are seeing it as a crime movie rather than as a movie about a character with Asperger’s. When he figured that out he turned over the evidence, knowing that she would get wrapped up in the mess as well. He was probably just curious about shooting the gun like he was curious about the blood. Sorry for the long post but I really enjoyed the movie overall and these were my thoughts on it! We know for sure Bart didn't kill himself because the gun was placed on top of the letter. He works with autistic and neurodivergent students and throughout the movie was heavily connecting Bart’s portrayal and mannerisms with his that of his students. What??? What was that all about? But I don’t understand the relevance of him being in the mall at the end. This is super late but I just watched this and actually thought it was a pretty good movie. However, I’m a little bit confused on the ending. When the police arrive, Bart’s mother is in a frenzy thinking that he’s shot himself, but when they get through the bedroom door, they discover Bart is gone. I know I’m late to the discussion, but what I couldn’t figure out in the end is if Andrea was a plant to get his recordings the whole time? The Night Clerk: Ending. Bart is a tough character to analyze because his actions suggest that he is set to be the villain of the film. Why the gunshot at the end at all if he didn’t kill himself? The killer starts beating Andrea also and Bart worries that she might also be killed so he rushes to her. I just finished watching The Night Clerk and I absolutely loved it. I feel like Bart shot the computer screen because he figured out that Andrea chose the other guy over him, and then tried to frame him for the murder. If he killed himself it would have been in his hand. He tells himself, and eventually others, that he watches the recordings to learn how people interact, something he has difficulty doing because of his condition, although he does push the pretty women to his special rooms. Bart also happens to have Asperger’s, but that doesn’t stop him from loving his job and the opportunities it affords him to practice everyday conversations with the guests. However, Bart soon becomes involved in a murder investigation as one of its prime suspects. Many more things will happen, just look. It's just confusing the way how he got out of the house and nobody seems to knew. Just aiding after the fact? Perhaps it was done on purpose to trigger the viewers to investigate. Basically, I interpreted Andrea as someone who cared about Bart and understood him more than other people had because of her brother. In order to clear his own name, Bart leaves a letter to the detective along with the original copies of the tape. I think the acting, especially of Bart, was really good. The ending of the movie starts with Bart looking at Andrea with the mysterious killer of Karen. And since Andrea does use him to get the drive to give to the guy, was she always an accomplice in the murder? The story does not end yet. Was Bart and Andrea working together to frame the man the whole time? What is the ending of the Night Clerk : As we see the boy who is who works in the hotel name Bart His heart was broken when he saw Andrea with nick. In The Night Clerk, Bart Bromley (Tye Sheridan) is a graveyard-shift hotel clerk at the Mercer Hotel. But I could be wrong.. Edit: after reading some explanations on google I guess it appears that Andrea was working with the killer the whole time.. but my original theory isn’t that far fetched of an idea‍♂️. I think this points back to earlier where Bart says he could be Andrea’s “lifeguard”. He reveals to Andrea the camera and shows her Karen’s footage. I’m so clueless too!

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