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[7] The fictional family and performers are:[8], A starting point for the story's concept was the divorce of director Wes Anderson's mother and father, though the evolved story bore little resemblance to it. [19], The film Les Enfants Terribles (1950) by Jean-Pierre Melville partly inspired Richie and Margot's relationship. [20], The Waldorf-Astoria was used for the hotel scenes,[20] while Central Park Zoo depicted a rain forest. [114] Arrested Development creator and head writer Mitchell Hurwitz said that when he saw The Royal Tenenbaums, he already had the idea for Arrested Development in mind and thought, "Well, that's it, I can't do that anymore", but subsequently changed his mind. He works on reconciling with his children and ex-wife (Huston). Margot, who was adopted, was awarded a grant for a play that she wrote in the ninth grade. Jason Bateman, one of the show's stars, describes the show as "The Royal Tenenbaums shot like COPS". Ostensibly based on a nonexistent novel, and told with a narrative influenced by the writing of J.D. [44] Ethel is not negligent as a mother,[45] fostering her children's talents, though in dispensing money without question she may have spoiled them. [38], Film Professor Christopher Robe commented on the loss of loved ones, particularly Royal's parents and Chas' wife Rachael, having an impact on the characters' depression. [7], Some critics disagreed about the success of the film and its style. [14][15] Having read the book, Anderson said it long stuck with him. [31] Professor Claire Perkins added that in The Royal Tenenbaums, this tension regarding a possible remarriage has minor class and racial elements, with Chas refusing to call Henry by his first name and Royal calling Henry an "old black buck". [17] Film scholar Kim Wilkins also characterized lines such as "I'm very sorry for your loss. Twenty-two years later, Royal is kicked out of the hotel where he has been living. [24] Gene Wilder was also rumored to be a possible choice. [1] Distributed by Touchstone Pictures,[69] it opened in New York City and Los Angeles in December 2001. [6], Gene Hackman was Anderson's choice for Royal, with Anderson saying, "It was written for him against his wishes. It was replaced instead by one more white in color. [72] The Grand Budapest Hotel surpassed it in 2014. CNN reported that it had been considered as a possibility for nominations for Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction and Best Actor for Hackman. Eli, with whom Margot has been having an affair, tells her that Richie loves her. An estranged family of former child prodigies reunites when their father announces he has a terminal illness. [30] The owner, Willie Woods, was planning to remodel it, but agreed to delay the project for six months for principal photography. [26], Hackman's decision to star made it easier to assemble a cast of high-profile actors to appear with him. [54] Critic Amy Wallace placed it in Anderson's cinematic universe, where "the colors are brighter, the bookshelves are meticulously ordered, the bunk beds aren't just made – they look like you could bounce a silver dollar off them". [69] By February 2002, it doubled Rushmore's total gross at the U.S. box office. Basil E. 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