the thing from another world remake

Betancourt uncovered the novel and launched a Kickstarter to get it published. Is ‘Superman and Lois’ already erasing ‘Supergirl’? John Carpenter's Coup de Villes Music Video, The Thing from Another World (1951) - Fire Scene. More community. One thing that stands about The Thing is that it's one of the few horror films with an all-male cast. Perhaps when one truly dives into the phenomenon of 21st century beardos, we’ll all realize it all somehow pointed to a delayed appreciation for the hyper-manliness that is R.J. MacReady. Seriously, who doesn't remember "do you believe any of this voodoo bullshit?!". But his role in The Thing is perhaps his best-remembered, even if he didn't nab a majority of the screen time and disappears for a good portion of the final act. By working in an isolated environment with a small cast, each person plays a deliberate part in the story. All of this has happened before and it will all happen again.So say we all. But this time around, things are going to be a bit different. Here's what Donnes had to say. casual disregard: Jesus Farken Christ.I was just thinking the other day "what the heck else can get remade. A film about the dangers hiding in plain sight offers a lot of subtext for studious moviegoers to analyze and discuss. And the ending isn't as much of a "downer".The effects in this scene are pretty awesome. But the film’s grisly creature effects and tense story of the futility of paranoia helped make it a cult sensation among horror fans, and it is widely regarded as one of Carpenter’s finest. The Thing still looks better than any modern horror movie you'll see today. It’s also worth rewatching for the film's gruesome prosthetic effects, which are beautiful in their ghastliness, and light-years ahead of other special effects laden films of the time (more on that next). David steals nearly every scene he's in. The Essential DanMachi Moments, The Thing Remake Reportedly in the Works at Blumhouse. Now, Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures have partnered for a new adaptation that will be utilizing Campbell's full, unpublished novel titled Frozen Hell. fallingcow: FLMountainMan: Peter Watts wrote a pretty good version of this, written from the perspective of the Thing. If anything, Carpenter was actually more in-tune with Generation X, the first demographic to absorb his filmography: cynics who are distrusting of authority and institutions. That's a huge leap from the creature in the original Thing (played by James Arness), which is essentially a walking carrot. As Betancourt explains, “Frozen Hell expands the Thing story dramatically, giving vital backstory and context to an already incredible tale.” So, this already feels pretty exciting, and the author announced this week that Frozen Hell is well on its way to the big screen. Anybody ever watch any of the Andy Hardy movies or the "Let's Put On A Show To Save The School/Orphanage/Town/World" musicals of the 30's and 40s? Starring a young, bearded and incredibly on-form Kurt Russell, it was in itself a kinda-remake of Christian Nyby’s The Thing From Another World (1951) and … But that’s part of Carpenter’s and Russell’s brilliance in crafting one of the most beloved heroes in genre filmmaking.

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