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Hi there, Noa! The Wave is a beautiful place. You didn’t need 4×4 when I was there. My husband has MS, and a hike my not be the best option, but we would love to see this beautiful site. Nearing the end of our journey, we caught an amazing view of The Wave from the south looking north. Reaching the Wave requires a 3-mile hike across open wilderness and through deep sand. This results in regulations to try to prevent this abuse. The hike itself is fairly easy. Enjoy your time! I can see why so many people want to make the trip out there, but I have to admit that I would be disappointed if I took a trip that way and couldn’t get my hands on a pass lol. The sandstone formations of The Wave have ridges that are just big enough to walk along. “Oh, b-but the permits are for a few people per day so it helps preserve nature!” Wrong. Hi! Hey there Melina! For upcoming hiking and survival posts, connect with me on the Your Hike Guide, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument, Thank you so much for the information. However there is no specified “trail”. The Wave landmark - Notch Unmarked trail requires situational skills. Hi Antonia, here is the link for applying for a permit: Since you were there recently, can you please let me know step by step direction from Kanab including driving direction and parking sports? Dogs are also able to use this trail. Bathrooms – Yes, located at Wire Pass Trailhead I will go back again and try the Kanab lottery and will say there is a difference between getting selected at Kanab vs online. And the sand is a killer. You will not want to leave. You do not need a permit to visit Zion National Park however. And, Also…. At this point, there is a “No Trespassing with out permits” sign. It’s helpful to have a brimmed hat, and wear light colors made of lightweight material, to help reflect some of the sun’s rays and keep you cooler. Your name can only be on one application. Thanks for your article! A few people were pissed because we just popped in and got a permit. The reason they have the permit process is to try and preserve the area. Its really detailed and helpful! From the arch, the red cones of South Coyote Butte are visible. Across the final sandy plane, the first sight of the glimmering pink and orange sandstone bands become visible between the mountains. You’ll also want sun protection and good hiking shoes. How stupid! Agreed! Finally here is what is probably a worthless tip just like “lucky” numbers for a regular lottery. Once again, to register for the online lottery, go to, You’ll want to apply for a permit for Coyote Buttes North, since that is where The Wave is located. I recommend the Garmin InReach. it was very useful and helped me prepare for my trip there next year!! The trail will climb for about a quarter-mile until you reach the top of the mesa. Get FREE email communications from Fodor's Travel, covering must-see travel destinations, expert trip planning advice, and travel inspiration to fuel your passion. There are some really awesome Youtube videos of the Wave that are shot by drone. When do the dates become publicly available in this case? He’s is going to make it so much easier for you. Due to high demand, you can only get a Coyote Buttes North permit through a lottery. You have to climb and shimmy on ledges up to 75+ feet. That’s really breath taking. The Wave’s overwhelming popularity caused the BLM to limit foot traffic to 20 people per day, so while the hike itself is a fairly straightforward 2.6 miles each way, getting the required permit can be tricky. Join us on our Wave Tour and experience this once in a lifetime hike. Back in 2013, there were 87,000 applicants for the permits. Elevation at the trailhead – 4807 feet We continued to meander around and through the site for 30 minutes or so before ever stopping for a rest. I highly recommend staying past noon – the photos are definitely worth enduring the heat. The Wave is Nature’s Sistine Chapel. I highly recommend getting some peanut butter filled pretzels. Thanks for reading Gina! Thank you! But I didnt care! I will be hiking in Sedona on Monday and Tuesday the week of my hike, so my feet will be prepared. Most people access the Wave from the Wire Pass Trailhead located in the North Coyote Buttes permit area of the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. There are volunteer rangers all over. If you are unsuccessful in the online lottery or want to spontaneously hike The Wave, your other option is to enter the walk-in lottery at the Visitor Center in Kanab UT  for the following day. Have fun its well worth it so glad we got to go. If so, what are the hours the trail opens and closes? […] is Southern Utah’s closest version of “The Wave” in Arizona. Heat stroke/sun stroke is very possible, and we were ready for that aspect of the hike. :) Most importantly, be prepared! It does not help when people who deface BLM or National Park land are given only a slap on the wrist-200 hrs comm service. After the initial climb out of the Wire Pass wash, there is virtually no trail, and your map reading skills and orientation abilities will be tested. Find the easiest path to travel up the steep slickrock. Steer toward the eastern edge of the cap rock. other than people simply not wanting to, that's not how the permits work. Length 6.3 mi Elevation gain 1,174 ft Route type Out & Back For upcoming hiking and survival posts, connect with me on the Your Hike Guide Instagram or Facebook page. In July 2013 alone, three hikers died on the way back from the Wave. On its résumé, the Wave refers to its stripes as lithified eolian laminae, but that just means rock layers made of windblown sand. Should your lottery luck provide you a permit to hike in the warm summer months, aim to start your hike early in the early morning to beat the heat and avoid hiking during mid-day. Is this a trail we can easily get lost on? The only problem that most people have is actually finding The Wave. Could you please tell me how to get a permit for the Waves in Arizona.? I felt cheated when I learned you need permits to hike in open nature. If coming from Page, Arizona, take US-89 north/west for 33 miles from the Glen Canyon Dam. Mother nature is usually pretty cagey about her creative process. It’s not big at all. After seeing amazing photos of this place and knowing how difficult it can be to actually see it in person I finally managed to get out there. But so worth the experience! The dinosaur tracks were incredible to see too! My friend won one for the Winter. However, many visitors that go to The Wave are foreigners, meaning they may not fully understand the descriptions of the directions, even though there are pictures. However, you may not be able to experience the Wave in solitude for much longer. Their phone number is (435) 644-1300, when i saw photos of the wave i knew i wanted to see it,reading your post made me feel like i was really there and and now i most definatly want to go there! Yes, The Wave is awesome, but remember there are plenty of other amazing things to see in the area. The heat was HORRENDOUS. You can’t stop taking pictures. Conditions vary depending on the time of the year. What does the parking look like around the park? The trail is primarily used for hiking and is best used from October until May. Some of the most extraordinary rock formations in the world are found here. You will pick three dates four months in advance for the lottery. Fab. I went in today but didn’t get a permit. Stop periodically and observe your surroundings and landmarks, to make it easier to find your way back to the trailhead. As I mentioned, be sure to grab a map since the path to The Wave isn’t well-defined like a typical hiking trail. Please call or text 360-643-1356, many thanks. Thanks for the information , realized i missed the lottery for may 2018 , is there more beautiful tracks in the area whiteout a permit ? How early am I allowed to start the hiking in the morning? House Rock Road is a pretty easy road that can be taken by passenger cars, however, do NOT take this road if it is wet. Thank you for the information, great post! It’s much more popular now. You don’t want to start the hike already dehydrated. I would encourage you to bring and use your GPS from this point of the hike forward. You will pick three dates four months in advance for the lottery. There were a few times on the way back that I felt light-headed and sick. It’s been said that as many as 30% of hikers that obtain permits never end up even finding The Wave. The hike there is very pretty, and the formations around The Wave are pretty spectacular too, so take some time to check out the surroundings. Thanks. The way hikers can visit The Wave is to get permits from the Bureau of Land Management. About 4.2 miles south of US 89 on House Rock Valley Road, you pass the Buckskin Trailhead on your left. And I agree – the lottery is there for a reason: to protect the land so that many generations can enjoy the beautiful scenery! Look around to locate many more, within 100 yards. Ten permits are handed out in person at the BLM office via live lottery, and ten permits via online lottery. I was lucky to win this in the blazing hot summer. Looking for 2 permits for 10/16 if anyone has available 618-340-0713! I’m looking forward to visiting and exploring this magnificent creation of God. You could check out Paria Canyon, spend a day at Lake Powell, see the amazing slot canyons at Buckskin Gultch, spend the day exploring Coral Sand Dunes State Park, or see the beautiful Toadstool Hoodoos, to name a few. The online lottery occurs at the first of every month, and the ten online permits for each day of that month are picked out on that day. After camping in Bryce Canyon and witnessing an incredible sunrise over the majestic hoodoos, we packed up shop and headed back to Kanab to begin our journey to The Wave. After you explore the wave, there is much more to experience up and around it. The dramatic terrain changes underneath you with each step, alternating between miles of flat and rocky sandstone ridges, followed by soft sand dunes. This may be obvious, but you want to make sure you have PLENTY of water. I have a permit hiking the wave on July 12. in another word is there is nice and similar trail in the region, Hi Dorit, the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument has plenty of sites–here is their website for more information – Plus with the heat and not having access to water being properly packed and traveling at earlier times is great advice to have. some people get it on their first try, for some it takes years. I got mine’s like that. If you win a lottery , could you add me , one young lady to your group! We headed to the top of the sandstone cliffs to the south, catching the vast landscape of the desert in all directions. Since our permit was for the following day, we took the opportunity to explore other amazing locations in Southern Utah. (“We” being myself & my dog, Raine.) Not only is The Wave beautiful, but I also have a large amount of respect for the lottery system. Depending on your guide and how you feel, I encourage you to explore a around The Wave. Those permits are good for the following day. I would call the ranger station and chat with them. Good for you! Thanks for the article, very helpful for planning our trip for next year. Stay at the Stateline Campground, a free site a mile or two further along the House Rock Road. At what time? I do have a question? if you want to be angry, it should be at the people who litter and vandalize, because they are the ones that spoil it for everyone. It’s the closest place to stay and wasn’t full when we were there at the end of April. Chances are, you’ve seen photos floating around on social media of the beautiful sandstone mountains located on the border of Utah and Arizona, also known as “The Wave”. Tiare – That’s correct. Please call or text 303-485-8885 Went a long time ago so I can't comment on current trail conditions.

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