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I sacrificed my Torkoal to his double target into my Dusclops while KO’ing his Gengar with G-Max Smite, leaving Inteleon confused on the field with Dynamax ending. From Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity onward, Trick Room reverses any changes to Travel Speed until the player's team progresses to the next floor. After interacting with the scroll, take the arrow to the north. This left him with a decision: either he uses Parting Shot into my Hatterene which allows me to get a free switch into Dusclops, or he uses Parting Shot into Rhyperior allowing me to stay in with Hatterene. Pokémon activating Quick Claw will go first in their priority bracket. G1: Going into team preview I knew this matchup would be pretty tough because he had Lapras and Dusclops. 1 Description 2 Effect 3 Learnset 3.1 By leveling up 4 Gallery This move makes the Pokémon with the lowest Speed stats go first. Three arrows can be found near another bamboo roof. I finally won and went undefeated with the toughest schedule I have ever played at a Regionals! On the last slot I tested Protect, Healing Wish, Ally Switch and even Fake Out but decided to go for Heal Pulse to give my team more staying power and also allow me to go for the heal on my own Indeedee with Magic Bounce Hatterene. That said, sometimes I really missed a 100% accurate move on it. My thought process behind this was, “I can just Follow Me and switch into my Rhyperior the following turn, and then still get one more Trick Room turn with Rhyperior than the last game.” Without him going for Safeguard in the first turn, I freely burned his Tyranitar and used Psychic again. He used Scary Face on his own Mow Rotom to -6 Speed, but Dusclops and Hatterene were already way too slow and they finished off that game for me. Take the middle arrow to reach a Shalour Sable, then take the arrow downward to return to the previous room. G1: All I remember is that he got two pretty quick KOs and pressed Perish Song in the endgame with his Lapras. G3: He switched up leads going for Arcanine + Gothitelle. He used Max Lightning + Water Spout in turn 1 and I got up Trick Room, which allowed me to sweep him with Rhyperior. Return to the north side of the maze and enter the door behind the scroll. Trick Room teams have been very popular in Sword and Shield. Guide Pokémon How to counter Trick Room teams in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This also allowed me to avoid the Trick Room mind games and him being too passive with Alcremie and Dusclops on the field at the same time. 2 Yawn 2 Strong! With its G-Max Move confusing both the opposing Pokémon, it makes it even harder for your opponents to stall, because if they try to Protect then they may get confused and get KO’d anyway. Speak with the Trick Master in the back room to obtain Magnet. Walk over to the room on the left, then walk up a room to the north. Like before, you will be watched when you enter the Trick House. Also, during battle, the slowest Pokémon on the field attacks first. This is a more in depth discussion regarding the many different Trick Room Pokémon in the 2020 VGC meta. But I felt that team had a rough time dealing with a Tyranitar and Togekiss lead like a lot of Charizard-based teams. This gives the user a huge advantage because they are able to invest their EVs into stats other than speed while still moving first and putting fast Pokémon at a disadvantage. I was expecting Gengar + Inteleon lead from his side but not knowing his full Inteleon set was also kind of troublesome. Individual brackets are still maintained; moves in higher priority brackets still work before moves in lower ones regardless of Trick Room. My friend Yuki Zaninovich hit me up with his Oceania Internationals 11th place team and I was like, “well, it looks great, but I don’t have the time to get good with a standard team that I have no experience with.” Afterwards I spoke with him about my six and he helped me to make the last fine-tuning requirements. G2: Seeing that he didn’t bring Alcremie in game 1, I led with Butterfree this game. Walk down four rooms to find another Shalour Sable. Trick Room setter with redirection. North of the scroll is a Lumiose Galette. The Trick House is an unusual house with mazes and puzzles deep inside. He wanted to make the read and used Hydro Pump into my Indeedee and switched out his Arcanine into Tyranitar. Surviving with Indeedee from the combination of Dazzling Gleam + Max Wyrmwind was pretty crucial, as I could redirect again the following turn. Read the scroll to learn the secret code that opens the door on the northern side of the room. Generally, you should aim to have at least 3 or more Pokémon that can set up Trick Room on your team, and at least 4 or more Pokémon that can abuse Trick Room. Return to the last boulder (in the middle on the west side) and push it far left to open the path to the boulder below. Using the move when Trick Room is already set up instantly ends the effect, so it's important to take note how many turns of Trick Room … Cut the tree on the right and head left to find a Pokemon trainer. To navigate through this maze, you will need a Pokemon with HM04 Strength. I mean Eruption spam can be good as there aren’t a lot of Pokémon that are able to take more than two hits from it, but with the high Tyranitar usage and also manual weather with Dynamax which allows Pokémon to tank Torkoal’s moves quite easily, it’s a lot tougher to get it in the right position. Step on the arrow to the left to travel a short distance to the southwest. After the battle, smash the cracked boulder on the right to open a path to a Rage Candy Bar. This can be difficult, but moves like Protect, Detect, and Roost come in handy here.

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