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[4] The ending was also changed, with Becky journeying to India with Joseph Sedley. Rebecca travels the home of Sir Pitt Crawley. However, Rebecca informs him through tears over the missed opportunity, that she is already married. He throws Steyne out and realizes that Becky has been taking money for months in secret without sharing with him. The British Empire flowers; exotic India colors English imaginations. Lord Steyne insists that she spend the night with him in return for all the services he has rendered her, and Rawdon, after being bailed out by his sister-in-law, walks in on Steyne forcing himself upon Becky. Rebecca continues to increase her social standing in both English and French society and achieving so many of her goals begins to make her grow bored. E. Nothing. The novel has been the subject of numerous television and film adaptations. I doubt anyone would argue that Becky is not the most interesting character in the book, and while some might admire the good little Amelia, few could actually like her. Joseph tells the others that he has found Rebecca and they initially refuse to see her until he tells them that she has said that Rawdon took her son from her. Whereas the tale seems disjointed and diverse, it is held together by the one theme: the foibles and deceptions of the inhabitants of Vanity Fair. Because of his marriage, Rawdon's rich aunt disinherits him. A look at the foibles of people and their motives. For, although citizens of Vanity Fair may have a low opinion of the morals of their leading personages, this scruple will not deter them from attending balls, dinners, or any affair where one may get a free meal or sit beside nobility. The group, including Joseph, travel to Brussels to meet up with the rest of their regiment. They're the rule breakers, the troublemakers, the ones who scoff at societal conventions. Rebecca manages to finagle a loan from Lord Steyne in order to appear that she has a lot of money during these dinner. Throughout their marriage, Isabella, unfortunately, suffered from depression and suicidal attempts. Rebecca spends her time at the height of Paris high society while Rawdon gambles away money that he does not have. The book was originally published as a serial entitled “Pen and Pencil Sketches of English Life”, and was available in illustrated pamphlets which had been hand drawn by Thackeray himself. George meets with his regiment and Amelia meets Major O’Dowd, the commander and his wife, Mrs. O’Dowd. Amelia, now living in squalor with her family, remains hopeful that George will come for her, deluding herself when she receives the gift of a piano from George's loyal friend Dobbin into thinking that it is from George himself. Rawdon demands the key to Rebecca’s locked box and inside finds love letter, jewelry and thousands of pounds. He leaves Becky and entrusts the care of his son to his older brother, the new Sir Pitt and his wife. It was thicker and longer than many a novel, but I enjoyed it the better for it. She discovers that Lord Steyne has died in Naples. He watches what they do, he hears what the author tells about them, and then with some direct prompting from the author, judges them. The Rebecca, Becky character, I just couldn't stand! or, having it, is satisfied?”. Joseph goes back to his post in India, claiming such valor at Waterloo that he earns the nickname "Waterloo Sedley." However, it would mean that Amelia would rarely get to see her son. "[10], Mira Nair, the director of the film, searched for good Indian musicians to compose a song for the album, and finally selected the trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy at the last minute. He admits that roast beef is good, although it vanishes like all pleasures of Vanity Fair. [4], Critics gave the film mixed reviews. One day while she is singing for a marquis, Little Rawdon walks into the room, and she hits him for the interruption. Dobbin finds him at the table and scolds him. Laura Regensdorf; October 14, 2020 1:35 pm. I think it is a terrifically fun and interesting novel, but there are a couple of negatives for modern readers. He also left Dobbin enough money to make him a colonel. William Dobbin – George’s best friend and fellow soldier. Excessively Long Book Syndrome: It takes ages to read and it's more than a 100 years old, therefore it must be great, right? Despite her lack of breeding, Mr. Sedley thinks that Rebecca would be a good match for his son as she would bring him out of his shell, but Mrs. Sedley is less than pleased by their potential courtship. Joseph hears news that the Duke of Wellington’s army has been defeated, meaning that Napoleon won the battle. Dobbin tries to get Old Osborne to give the child an allowance, but Osborne refuses. This book might be unique in that it not only claims to have no hero, but in fact has no hero. Sir Pitt is made the High Sheriff of the Country and decides that he wants to present Rebecca at court. and any corresponding bookmarks? She just wanted to be one of the rich and famous! He now lives in debt which was incurred by him and his father and is unable to work since it is considered impolite for a man of his station. George rejects this. Amelia’s family falls into extreme poverty as Joseph stops sending checks. Dobbin and Amelia reunite and Dobbin is overjoyed to see that Amelia did not marry the Reverend as he had heard. Rebecca sets out to endear herself to everyone in the household. He decides to leave behind his newer uniform and tells her that if he is killed she can sell off everything of his to compensate. I finish the book and wonder how to best convert the muddy puddle of my impressions into some-kind of a coherent rich picture of a review. Eventually she marries Rawdon with the expectation that he will inherit his aunt’s fortune when she dies, although things do not work out this way. He points out the duplicity, the dishonesty, the double crossing of human beings all under the guise of doing good, being neighborly, or saving souls; but actually the purpose is to get money or position or advantage. Many years pass with Amelia raising her son and Rebecca and Rawdon going from country to country, making their way up into high society and then eventually having to flee the country to avoid their creditors. By definition, vanity is either "excessive pride in or admiration of one's own appearance or achievements" or "the quality of being worthless or futile". While Rebecca is away, Lady Crawley passes away from an illness. Honesty tempers her schemes. However, shortly before the first dinner party Lord Steyne discovers that Rebecca isn’t invited after all. At the novel's end, the narrator returns to make final comments on the show. However, as she moves up in the world and meets richer men she drops Joseph and begins appealing to them instead. However, William Makepeace Thackeray's portrait of human nature isn't limited to any time or place. Rebecca and her friends move into to Amelia’s house, and Amelia immediately regrets her decision.

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