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CVC – Continental Volleyball Conference – an intercollegiate men’s volleyball conference associated with the NCAA’s Division III. Usually, your team will be placed in a pool of 3 or 4 during a tournament and play each other before the next stage of the tournament. In many leagues, the league’s season is actually simply a single round-robin format. Moody earned a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Eastern Washington University. Rainbow – A shot made deep over the defender to the open court. CENTER LINE: The line under the net that divides the entire court into 2 equal parts. All other results are considered a kill error. So if your team attacks the ball and the other team blocks it, the player who passes it to keep it in play is said to have “covered.”. This is very helpful for coaches and hitters when practicing hitting and digging drills. Home    Copyright    Blog    Privacy Policy   Site Search   Contact   About. This can be a platform pass using the underhand bump with both forearms or two open hands in a volley. Pepper – This a common drill or warm-up exercise where two players hit the ball back and forth to each other in close range. The libero doesn’t check in with the officials, she simply replaces the other player during any stoppage of play. On this site, we share everything we've learned that will help players, parents, and coaches to become the best they can be at the sport we love. Our site includes quite a bit of content, so if you're having an issue finding what you're looking for, go on ahead and use that search feature there! Antenna – The antennae are the skinny poles on each side of the net that rise up above the boundary line. The setter may do this while standing or jumping. A blocker in volleyball can't touch the net in a rally. The players’ names are listed down the left-hand column of the box and then there are columns that list attacking stats, setting stats, serving stats, and defensive stats. For every ace there will be a reception error accounted to someone. They will replace players along the back row at any point in the game. SE – Service Errors – This is an attempt to serve that results in a lost point. (April Chapple). The result of a fault is a point. Assist Percentage – This can be calculated by subtracting the assist errors from the assists and then dividing by the total assist attempts. Overhand Dig – An overhand dig is used when defending an attack. It is using your hands to deflect the ball upward, contacting the ball above your shoulders. I grew up playing volleyball and my daughter Heidie has grown to love volleyball as well. Under Hand Serve – This serve is usually used by beginners until they can master the overhand. KILL: A move or a strike that results in the gaining of a point. Seam – The space between two defenders. This is an American organization that works to create uniformity and standards in all sports at the amateur level. Attack Block: A receiver's attempt to block a spiked ball. An ace is an in-bound serve that is unreturnable, whether it hits the floor or it’s attempted to be played, but is only touched once and the result of that contact is unplayable. In an effort to be as aggressive as possible and throw off the timing of the defense, a team can mix these into their offense. This is an alphabetical list, and it covers the basic terms that will come in handy at some point or the other during a volleyball match. When the S is listed in a diagram as a position, it’s referring to the setter. Hitting Percentage – This is a column (PCT) on the box score stats sheet in volleyball. It occurs whenever a player passes, digs, or sets the ball to a teammate which is followed by a kill by that teammate. The captain or the coach will hand the line-up to the down ref (the second referee) who verifies the correct players are on the court before the game begins. USYVL – United States Youth Volleyball League – This is a league dedicated to promoting youth volleyball throughout the United States for ages 7 to 15 boys and girls. It's very unusual for a team to be penalized for a screen. Server – The player who serves the ball to begin the rally. If a fifth game is played, the team that scores 15 points first is the winner, provided there is a two-point margin of victory. ATTACK: The act of actually approaching the volleyball and hitting it, in order to gain a point. Outside – When the ball is sent out of bounds, it’s said to be “outside”. Platform – Your platform is the surface that you create with your forearms for bumping a pass. Performing a pancake is an advanced technique, you can read more about here. This is also called position #3. In the United States, the NCAA adopts the majority of the international rules but has a few changes. RE – Reception Error – This is charged to a player when a serve should have been able to be played, but results in an ace. Second, there’s what’s called a zero attack – the attack was made, but the defense dug the ball and kept the play going. So K+E+0=TA. Officials – This refers to the staff that is refereeing the game. Triple Double – When a player has earned double digits in 3 different positive stats categories. BE – Blocking Error – A blocking error is assigned to a player whenever they are called for a violation while trying to execute a block. Collapse – The act of collapsing your body by bending your knees and folding your elbows to get under the ball and pop it up. AVCA – American Volleyball Coaches Association. Co-Ed – A mixed team, one man and one woman. Sideout ScoringWhen a match is played with sideout scoring, a point is only scored by the team that is currently serving. A reception error will also be assigned to a team when an “out of rotation” violation is called. Photo by Manoosh. Any individual who wants to learn the sport or regularly watches it must be aware of these terms. Volleyball CoachA coach is the person in charge of a team. Cross-court –  Cross-court refers to attacking the ball at an angle that goes across the net toward the far sideline. DS – Defensive Specialist – This is a position on the team.

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